Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday...

I am loving that I have so many accumulated sick hours that i took advantage of the past 2 days..

I am loving that its sunny outside. Because i always say it should either be raining and pouring and cold n gloomy out, or warm n sunshiny and bright out, not the middle, i hate when its just overcast. Pick a side Mother Nature!!

I am absolutelyyyyy loving all my followers and all the beautiful ladies you take the time to stop by my page and leave me a comment all the time, it SERIOUSLY makes my day. Ya'll are too sweet! I wish you guys lived here, so i can meet you all in person! Im sure youd make fantastic friends!!

I am loving Lie To Me. Its a fantastic show!

I am loving that Valentines Day is around the corner! Even tho i cant spend it with my lil booger :p

I am loving that i work with old people, and i can wear whatever i want, and look as nastay as i want at work today, and no one will care..(half of them cant even see me anyway haha)

And last but definitely not least, i am LOVING my boyfriend.
Im having an extremely hard time today and yesterday. 
I miss him soo very much, it seriously hurts :/

Have a great Wednesday ladies!!

xoxo Inna :) 


Brittany said...

So sorry about the bf thing :( Where does he live if you live in CA? We're missing the story on this long distance thing haha.

Ashley said...

lovvvve the top picture... just stumbled across your blog :) fantastic

Sophia Caris said...

Aww, you are so sweet. Hmm, as for me.. I am LOVING that I don't have to show up to work til 10am. :) :) :) This means I don't have to wake up until after 7am! woo hoo! And I still feel like I have a productive day. I am also loving that there isn't layers of ice all over my car and the roads. THAT is a good day! :) ALSO, loving leg warmers for my commute when I wear skirts. LOVE warm...

TupeloLove said...

Great post! I'm loving that I decided to play hookie today. :-)