Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am soooo ready for yooou!

Mister and I decided we're gonna take a mini vacation this summer! 
It'll be our first :D
I wanted to go to Mexico! Cuz i went last year and didnt wanna go home! I absolutely loved it! Kaitlin & I  made SO VERY many friends, probably because we were too little american blond girls, they loved us there! 
hahahah, we got so many free things, it was 'dope'! hahah! And the people were super nice!
We skipped the usual, Cabo and Cancun, and went to Mazatlan! Not very touristy with americans, but thats where ALL the Canadians go! And trust me, we wernt complaining, have you seen Canadian boys? All nice hair, nice clothes, nice bodies, nice to look at ;) haha.
Anyways, i wanted to go to Mexico, but the Mister talked some sense into me...We both made financial goals this year we want to achieve, and we're stickin to em! Thank God for him, he helps knock some sense into me, when i need it haha.
Yes, i promised this year was gonna be the year i get on top of some financial goals ive been wanting to achieve for the past 2 years, like a new car, and moving out, and its gonna be hard, cuz im sooo not a saver, but im gonna do it, and i wont regret it when im in my own place and a new car :D
Sooo we're being good and decided we're gonna go some place in California!
Which i dont mind cuz all i want is a beach anyway! I want my swimsuit, maragaritas, yummy food, the sun, and no work! :D 
BUT there are sooo many places to choose from! Bleh!
Im indecisive. Youll learn that. :)
I originally wanted to do San Diego, but when i really thought about it, i didnt want the crowds. Those places are great im sure, but once they get crowded, i think they become overrated. I didnt wanna lay on the beach snug between 2 complete strangers like a sardine. I wanted someplace touristy, but not to that extent! I wanna walk the streets holding my Misters hand and window shop and lay on a beach and tan n read a book and eat yummy food in places that wont have a 2 hour wait. I wanna enjoy my time with my handsome :D So i started looking at a few places along the coast and came across Capitola. 
I remembered when Kaitlin & I went to Santa Cruz for the weekend and had stopped by Capitola for the day! I FELL IN LOVE! Its the prefect beach town with excited happy families but also a younger crowd! They  have an amazing Esplanade with waterfront restaurants, lovely beaches and super cute shops!
I showed Mister and he loved it aswell! 

Isnt it cute? What i like about this town is that its very beachy, but also has a very upscale (not pictured above) new, ritzy area too, so you get nice resteraunts to go to dinner at and etc :)

I already found a super cute little hotel right on the Esplanade, across the street from the beach, that i wanna stay at if we decide on Capitola!

Im in love with this little beach town, but im definitely still gonna look around at many more places, and am OPEN TO YOUR SUGGESTIONS! If your know of any cute place by the water, PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW! :D

Thinking about our mini vaca got me all excited about swimsuits too! So i had to check out Victories Secret. I gotta say, so far im not too impressed. 
Here are a few i liked:

(Id prob buy a plane set of bottoms for this one, i dont really like the super teeny weeny tennis looking skirt bottom)

And how freakin cute is this cover up? I WANT IT!
(Although i could prob just buy a lace top and go afew sizes bigger and get the same exact look)

Im ready for relaxing in bed with a few of my favorite shows!
Have a great weekend ladies!
xoxo Inna :)


Brittany said...

How fun! I want to go on vacation with my boy :)

Love the red and black bathing suits! so cute.

Tracy D said...

Planning a holiday is sometimes just as fun as the trip itself! Enjoy...oh and I like swimsuit #2 the best. Capitola looks perfect. And yes Canadian men are awesome :)

Amanda Lynn said...

Capitola is so much fun! But my favorite beach town is Carmel, and the shops and restaurants are exquisite! You should give it a look see =)
I love all the swimsuits, Target has all their swimsuits out right now too, and they have some very cute ones that are a little easier on the budget too =)

jacin {lovely little details} said...

whoa those are great bathing suit finds!!

lovely little details {blog}