Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Decor

Happy Sunday!
Hope your all having a good one.
Mine consisted of napping and tv, which im grateful for! 
I needed a relaxing day.

I cant believe its Thanksgiving this week! Omg, where in the world did the year go!
Every year i decorate the Thanksgiving table, and this year isnt going to be any different! I love it!
Im obsessed with Pinterest and have been searching for great ideas for this year!
Heres what ive pinned for inspiration! 
And FYI, most of my picture posts are picture heavy :p

Would this be an amazing Thanksgiving dinner spot or what?!

Pumpkin, leaves, and modge podge! Love it!

Im deff gonna be implementing burlap into my tablescape this year! Love this little detail!

How easy would this be to make? Just a candle hurricane, small wreath, and leaves! All things you can buy at the dollar store!

I am in LOVE with this! Its perfect if your doing flowers for your centerpiece!

Cinnamon Sticks wrapped around a candle would smell amazing!!

Love the orange runner!

Super easy to make and would add beautiful light to the room! I plan on making this and putting them all around the room for a warm glow! Just take tissue paper, fold the bottom about an inch or two, take another piece of tissue paper and do the same, and put it in the first slit, building up, until you reach your desired candle height! Did that even make sense?

Love these felt leaves! My dollar store has them. Check yours! :)

Easy! Considering most of what you need to create this look youll probably be purchasing on your Thanksgiving grocery run anyway! Grren beans, asparagus, and artichoke! If not, pick it up anyway! Very inexpensive way to achieve a nice earthy elegant centerpiece!

Also very inexpensive! Although id probably use a white candle, just to break some of the color up.

And can some one pleaseeee buy me this exact outfit for Thanksgiving? Is it not the most perfect outfit for the holiday!

Are you decorating for the holiday?
What are you planning on doing?
Have a great Monday!

xoxo Inna

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photo Overload!!

Hi girls!!
Hope your all doing well!
Heres most of the pics ive taken on my phone since i last regularly posted! (Short of a few personal ones! NOOO, dont think nudie!)
I hope they sorta sum up what ive been up to past few months! :)

1.Tanning. Im uber paranoid about skin cancer. So ive resorted to my St. Tropez this summer for a bronzie glow! Now that falls here, im staying pale. Yes, that is a Bare Minerals brush im using..It gives a MUCH better applicating ladies! Try it!
2. Nuetral eye and pink lip! 
3. Red Nails. Ive been crazy about red nails these past few months! I just think they make everything look fun but still classy! the perfect pop of color!
4. Hair bows!! Who doesnt love hair bows?

5. Ohhhh you know, just gettin ready to get my hurr did.

I got a hair cut this past wknd! My first in the past 3 years!! The long hair was just getting to boring, i wanted something with more shape and texture and ect! And decide dto go back to my old hairstylist and get the cut i used to 3 years ago, which was long with LOTS of short layers everywhere! It curls much better, and TEASES much better! which i awesome cuz i love my Texas hair, even though i dont live near Texas! ha!
Plus, much cuter pony tails! :) Excuse the roots. Need them done stat!


Lets talk about the fun crafts ive been up to lately!

1. Classy & cute diaper cake i made for my cousins baby shower!
2. Do you know how ridiculously hard it is to find a teddy bear these days?! My cousin and I went to 4 different stores before we drove to the closest Babies R Us and they had Teddy bear galore!! Target didnt even have any! WTF? Isnt that like a childhood staple? Guess not, now its all about Brats Dolls and and Creepy stuffed Monsters.
3. The green flowers had super cute pearl buttons in the center!
4. Flower hair clips i made for my BFs lil girls!! So cute!
5. One of my Girlfriends in Florida requested a bright yellow one, aswell as Pink!
6. Another request from a FB friend! Love the black with the classy diamond! The diamond is surrounded by little metal groves. If youd like to order one, i and custome make them for you, just shoot me an email! they can be added to basic/baby headbands which makes it easy to switch out according to the outfit! Or they can come attached to the headband, or hat! Let me know if your interested!

5. Pretty pretty pink with a pearl center!

And a little random shopping here and there!
1.  I go into Target for one thing, leave with a bag full! I love Target!
2. I got this concealer from Kohls for $2!! Yepp, my momma got a free $10 card in the mail, and gave it to me. The only time ive ever enjoyed junk mail!
3. I loe small boutiques. Esp when theyr going out of sale! With 50% off!
4. New ELF purchase! $3 for 6 shaddow pallet for the holidays! I admit, half the reson i got it was because of the super cute glittery box! Ill have to do a review on it for your girls!

2 months ago my sister went RED/ORANGE after being blond her whole life!! It was such a drastic change, but a fun one!! Id never have the guts to do it..

Spending time with family & friends!
1. Walking the town, joint hopping, trying to find the best Margarita! Miss this girl! Only wed cross bridges to find a damn good margarita!
2. Best past aive ever had!! In a littl ehwole in the wall place in town. Ive always driven past but never thought to stop by, just cuz of how run down it looked. But my friend had her bday dinner there and i found out its been there over 50 years and although the outside is suspect looking,t he inside is remodeled and super romantic with candles on the table and the best food ever!! yumm! If your ever in Sacramento, visit Serritellas!
3. LOVE this little bug! Hes growing up too fast, and gets into everything! He has more energy then any of us can handle! haha
4. Nothing better then driving with the girls on a hot day, windows down, music up! Unts unts unts!!

Ohhhhh mexican food & margaritassss, i love you! & Paco!

Ive also been doing a whooleeee LOT of eating! Lord knows i love my food! Please tell me im not the only one who finds this a hobby?

1. Strawberry Banana Gelato smoothie from Whole Foods!
2. Frozen Yogurt from U SWIRL in Las Vegas w the boyfriend! Chocolate and vanilla with peanut butter m&ms with berries.
3. Smore Brownie from Karens Bakery.
4. Best sweet tea ever! Gold Peak sweet tea. You can find it at your local grocery store or gas station.
5. Iced sweet back tea from Starbucks!
6. More U SWIRL! The bf and i loveeee it :) Chocolate and vanilla with peanut butter cups and chocolate chips and cookie dough!

1. Turkey Sandwich.
2. Best pasta ever!! Garlic cream with veggies pasta!
3. My mom is the best cook i know! Im salivating now...

I had a baking streak one week a few weeks ago!
1. Cinnamon & sugar donut holes.
2. Smore brownies.
3. Chocolate strawberry triffle! Best dessert ive ever had! And super easy! Whenever i make it, it goes in half a day! No joke! Ill have to do a post about it :)
4. Chocolate Hazelnut cookies :)

And we cant forget THE WORK...dun dun dun...

I had a few weeks of absolute craziness! The only way i could keep up was with regular doses of Starbucks! Some days up to 3 visits!

1. This new jumbo size they started was a God send!
2. Organizing apt keys is THE WORST!! Youve got to have alot of patience for it!
3. Yummm, Caramel Frappacino w extra caramel!
4. Hundreds of pages of work. Sucks butt.

And sometimes i have veryyy boring work days!
Am i th enext big thing or what?? :p

And now that fall is here my evening consist a whole lot of this! I loveeee this season!!
1. Pumpkin Spice Candle from Target!
2. Smores with friends! Dont you just loveee the pink marshmellows?
3. Tea with lemon, candle, and cookies!

In the beginning of October i surprised the boyfriend with a trip to come see me and visit Napa!

Its was absolutely stunning and we had soo much fun!

Ill try to do a post about that sometime soon lovelies!
I hope you guys have a great night and stay warm!!

xoxo Inna :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hi Ladies!!!!!

Hi lovely ladies!!!
OMG has it been FOREVERRRR or what??
 (was that just a lil obnoxious? ha)

I MISSED YOU GUYS! and i dont lie..not this time anyway...

Im sorry i have neglected this blog of mine for farrrr too long! What happened was i got a little busy, then when things cooled down, i was completely uninspired to write. We've all been there before ladies, right? or maybe im just a bad blogger...
I had the longest brain fart everrr and didnt know what to write about at all..Writers block, lets just say...
Ive missed emailing with some of you ladies!
And to those who wrote asking if i was alive, that was very sweet of you :)
Anyways, i can apologize forever but my excuse is really lousy so lets just move on, shall we?
How have you all been?!
Ive been good. I wish i could report all kinds of fun shinanigans that have been going on in my life but i cant..sadly. Ive been job hunting for something better for monthsssss and no matter how many resumes i send out, i either get 10x more spam the next morning or no call at all. Blehhh. This friggin sucks! I miss being able to get a job easy peasy like i used to! On numerous occasions in the past id come in to apply and get hired on the spot, or called back the next day with a job offer. I hate you freaking recession!!

Anyways, who's excited for the holidays?? EKKKKKS! <----can you tell i am?! 
Abotu 2 friggin weeks and its Thanksgivinggg! I love you orange and brown and red, and turkey and biscuits and everything else thats gonna go straight to my thighs!! And Starbuckssss! I find it funny that im not a Starbucks fan much, as i dont like anything with the coffee taste in my drinks, but once the holidays roll around, im willing to sacrifice my taste buds for the feeling of drinking Starbucks on a chilly day wearing boots n a scarf like millions of other Americans! ha!
ive decided this year im gonna help my mother out with the Thanksgiving menu! That'll be a whole other post tho..
And we've come to a decision about Christmas this year...We're doing Secret Santa with my family, that way we ALLL participate in GIVING as well as receiving! Every year we say we're all gonna get each other presents, and every year my siblings never fail to find an excuse not to participate in spending the money on getting the rest of us gifts but WILL gladly make a lengthy wish list for the rest of us. So ends up my parents and i are the only ones who ever buy anyone gifts. And because we're the only ones doing so, we always feel we gotta buy tons and tons more to compensate which results in an empty bank account on my end. Little rascals...

Anyways ladies, im glad to be back!
Im gonna ask you to pleaseeee help a sista out and let me know what you guys would like to see here on the bloggie, if theres anything youd like for me to write about, or cover.

Ill be doing a picture post soon with some random shots from the last few months that ive been MIA.

Have a snuggly evening pretty girls!

& ps. WTF happened? everyones expecting!! 
Like woah!!
Ill leave you soon to be expecting mothers with a lil somthin..

xoxo Inna