Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cooky girls, Bachelor Season what?

I finally got around to watching the second episode of The Bachelor last night...
And can we all just start out by acknowledging the fact that this season, there seems to be more women who need to be in straight jackets interestinggggg women than normal?
What is with the person pickin' these ladies? They need an intervention, cuz for sure theyr on something.
Im just gonna go off on a rant here for a few, cuz it was killing me the entire time i was watching.
Michelle, Michelle, Michelle...
What the heck went wrong?? I liked her the first episode! And its only the second! How in the world did you manage to unravel so friggin quick? Usually half way through the season the chicks become cooko, it took you 2 episodes. Your slackin girl!
If she had mentioned its her 30th birthday one more time, i woulda died. 
Buuuuut, she did give me great pointers on what questions to ask on my next date!
 Im grabbin my pencil and pad, and jotting them down!
Raichel and Mellisa
Thank goodness you were booted. Grow up. 
Thats gotta be thee most unattractive behavior ever. 
And to admit to him that your 2 days into the show and your already in a cat fight?
Mmmmm that was your mistake giiiirl! You gotta keep things like that a secret ;) heheheh.
Also, does anyone else think waxing a guys arm on a date is weird? 
ya, i had a feeling.. 
But i wanna know why SHE didnt! haha!

My favorite this season issssss.....
Drum roll ladies!

Isnt she a cutie pie? Love her!

(Just a disclaimer, i know this is just a show, and we probably dont get to see what really goes on in there, only what they choose to show us, and how they choose to patch it together, but lets just play along :p)

Have a beautiful day ladies!!! :)
xoxo Inna

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Tracy@mybestbeautybuys said...

I couldn't take another season & decided not to watch this year...sounds like I'm missing out ;) I always see them get of the limo 1st episode and think, wow they seem so pretty..wonder why they are single. And then they speak.