Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today is my Friday!

Thank God, because for some reason, i just couldnt keep track of what day it was this week. Im a mess :p

Im excited for this weekend!!
Ive been waiting for it for a long time now! I havent seen my mister in afew months now! We've both been super busy!
He was supposed to come down for Thanksgiving but we pushed it to my birthday because the mister took on a new job, apt, and etc...
So it'll be nice to spend it with him!

Since 18, birthdays usually fly by me just like any other day, booooo for growing up!
But im actually excited for this one! This is gonna be a good year! I can feel it! Im gonna get my tush to work! Im planning on starting & FINISHING Cosmetology school this year. Moving out. Purchasing a new car. And planning on getting a degree in Criminal Justice :)
So i guess my birthday just feels like the beginning of this year for me! Im weird like that, i dont feel like my year renews on New Years, but on my birthday. hehe :)

This weekend we're planning on visiting San Francisco, i wanna do a little shopping there (they have thee greatest shopping there!), and mister hasnt been there yet, eating a whole lotta food, relaxing, tonsssss of cuddles, and goofiness. We're both quite silly haha.

Tonight im going to dinner with my best friend at an Italian Restaurant.
Tomorrow at noon i pick up mister from the airport and then ill take him to a nice steakhouse so he can get a big manly steak. Im buyin, cuz he deserves it for putting up with my crazy self! :p
Saturday we're heading to San Francisco.
Sundayim dragging him we're going to a historic lil town near here to check out the cute lil antique shops and relaxing with lotsa movies and fatty snacks that ill later complain to him about when im trying to get bikini ready, then dinner at my FAVORITE resteraunt for a huge rack of ribs that i WILL inhale myself :p hehehehe.
And Monday i drop him back off at the airport. Boo!

Ill try taking alot of pics for you darlins but im not sure how great they'll turn out. I had a wee bit too many colorful drinks w lil unbrellas in Mexico this summer, and got sand into camera, and since then its been taking fuzzy pictures.

(San Francisco)

(And this WILL be me on Sunday reminding the bf why he loves his lady like gf )

I hope you all have a fun and silly weekend!
xoxo Inna :)


A Wedding Story said...

OMW is that your pic of San Fran? Seriously gorgeous!

Sophia Caris said...

Have fun!! I am sort of in a long distance relationship (he lives two hours away) and it's always like a mini vacation when we get together. But this weekend, I am unfortunately flying back from Florida to DC to gear up for another work week. :(

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

I love your last picture. I'm pretty sure that's what I resembled when my husband and I stopped at a roadside BBQ stand yesterday. When it comes to BBQ, I have no problems making a fool of myself. Have a great time!

Brittany said...

I know what you mean about long distance relationships! I was in one four 4 yrs while my boy was in school! He was 2 1/2 hours a way so I only saw him every weekend or every other. He's home for good now though! Woo hoo.

I hope you guys have a blast! Happy birthday to you :)

Hope you're able to stick to all of your goals!!