Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love makeup. I do. Im a sucker for it. So when i came across a brand that sells most of their products under $5, i had to give it a go. Most everything is priced $1, $3, or $5!! Caaaaraaazyyyy! haha! I buy mine at Target, but you can also find them online. Its practically dirt cheap, and most of the products ive tried have been FANTASTIC!
   Makeup + Cheap + Great Quality = Heaven! 
I picked up this bronzer about a week ago for $1, and have fallen in love. I wasnt so sure about it, because even though ive tried many ELF products, and have rarely been disappointed, i am still skeptical when it comes to cheap. Im in love. It works amazing. That is all im going to say.

Their blushes are great too, and you get alot of product, these are nice sized compacts!

Look at that color, aint it gooorgeous? :)
I also recommend their Blush/Bronzer duo, if you like Benefit Blush/Bronzers, ELF makes a great dupe! Its only $3!

They sell single color eyeshadows, or pallets..

This next thing is my new favorite, their lipstains!!! Lipstains are like what $7 at regular drugstore brands, theirs are $3! The light colors i didnt like so much, i felt like they didnt really add any color at all, but the darker ones, the pinkier ones are GORGEOUS! I wear them everyday, and they last me ALL day!

I use their eyeshadow brush everyday. Its great for whatever technique your going for, and it was only $1! Their ELF Essential brushes (the black ones) are incredibly soft!

So ladies, if your strapped for cash, and on a budget, i recommend you try out this brand :) Right now their website is offering a deal if you spend $25, shipping is FREE, and for $25, you c an buy alotta stuff! Also, all their makeup brushes are %50 off till the 17th.
Just sharin the good stuff :)
Oops! almost forgot, the one product i didnt like was their eyebrow duo, it sucked. the brush was hard and prickly, and the colors did nothing for shaping my brows, its almost impossible to get the product on the brush.

Have a good day lovelies!!! 
Im off to work, bohooo :(

xoxo Inna

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Tracy@mybestbeautybuys said...

Found you thru your comments on Liz Marie's blog & am now following you. I just discovered ELF last year and I have really loved a lot of the stuff I've tried. I did a top 10 ELF post a while back if you wanted to check it out. BTW I have the first bronzer you showed & I just used it today and thought 'why don't I use this more', such strong color payoff & a nice matte dark chocolate brown.