Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You know what irks me?
I have this coworker, named Joseph.
Hes a creeper.
Thisssss guy, thissssss guy told me today that he was gonna make he his wife.
3 hours later, he comes to my desk to tell me about a certain fuzzy feeling in his tummy. 
He says:
"I have to tell you something"
"What is is Joseph.." (i have to talk to his this way now, cuz he annoys me. 
"i dont know if i can.."
He walks away...2 mins later he returns..
"Ok, im just gonna say it, even tho i dont know how to."
me: sighhhhhhh
"Everytime i look at you....(this is where i roll my eyes and try to block him out"...i get this feeling in my stomach, and my heart starts beating faster and faster"
"annnnd your the most amazing girl ive ever met! your the perfect girl!"
"Joseph, what about your gf? the one you LIVE with!!! and WORKS WITH US!"
"I just cant help it!"
Thats when i really tune him out, i have no idea what he said after that, he eventually left.
30 mins later i get a Facebook msg from him.
Hes not even my Facebook friend! Creeper!
what does the FB msg say you ask?
yup. thats it.
What a weirdo right?
This guy has been stalking me for 2 years! Ever since i came to work there!
Hes told me he loves me. He wants to take me on a date. Im perfect.
He found out i wanted a puppy, he got me one! I told him to take it back.
He overheard me say i needed a new tv!
He told me he was buying me one!
He has a gf. Poor poor gf. stupid stupid gf. what are you doing with such a fool?
Honestly, he gives me the creeps now. Someone who takes creepin from work to home, is a serious creeper.
If this guy went home, took the time out of his evening to log on to FB, search me, and write me a random stupid msg that makes no sense, is someone whod take the time out of his evening to do other things eventually..like wait for me by my car in the dark parking lot at the end of my shift. 
I told the bf. The bf hates him. When i pass msg's along to him from my bf, he leaves me alone for about a wk, then starts up again. 
I have soooo very many stories from the past 2 yrs, i can write a book!
What a nut, right?

And if your asking why i dont tell the boss, if you knew the management i work under, youd know why,
Buncha loons. 
I cant wait to get school done this yr and move on!
Hopefully he doesnt move with me. 

Do any of you ladies have any stalkers or stalker stories?
Im really curious to hear!

Sweet Dreaming sweetpeas!

xoxo inna :)

Im gonna leave you with a picture.


Tracy D said...

Be careful, he sounds unstable. He doesn't know where you live does he?

Annie said...

i used to have creepers in my life so i know what you're dealing with.
getting married and then pregnant will remove all creepers. i highly suggest both ;) when you're ready that is. hehe!