Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Black Makeup Chest :)

So for a very long time i was looking for a cute little chest of drawers to store my makeup in. I wanted my makeup to have its own storage, with separate drawers for face, eyes, lips, and brushes/etc. I had a picture in my head, of what i wanted it to look like, and every time i found something similar in stores/online, it was priced more than i was willing to pay. After reading blogs and blogs and blogs about women refinishing their own thrifty finds from Goodwill/Craigslist/etc and not having any luck finding one for a good price, i finally decided id actually brave doing it myself! So i headed out to my local Goodwill skipping away excited about bringing home a cute nightstand and gettin started on my project! Ummmm ya, i came home with nada. Why i thought itd take me my first Goodwill run to find thee perfect piece, i have no idea. Its Goodwill, you gotta be patient. and patient <------- this girl isnt. After weeks of hunting i finally found the perfect size and style piece, and for a great price too! I paid $20 for this baby!

It was in great condition! I am such a silly girl though. I had no clue how to refinish furniture, and for some reason i thought all it took was a paint brush, paint, and slappin it on. hahaha. hahahahahhahahaha. My father thought i was crazy. Thank you daddy for lettin me know that i had to sand this baby down. That would have sucked finding out after. Well, i ammmmm blond after all ;) hehehe. Anyways, this little thing took me longer than i thought to paint. All those coats! But it came out Beeee yoooou ti ful!

It was exactly what i wanted!!! I painted it black and filled the holes from the previous knobs with wood filler, and drilled another hole for these super cute crystal knobs from Target that were dirt cheap! I dont think this project cost me more than $35 total! :D
I was planning on adding a mirror for the top, yay or nay ladies?
I hope you enjoyed this post about my super cute little makeup chest!
Let me know what you think below in the comments!

xoxo Inna


Dani @ OK, Dani said...

that is super cute and i'm in awe that u did it by yourself. Very Nice.

I dunno about the mirror, but i'm sure you'd make it look incredible.

Brittany said...

Wayyy cuter than before! I love saving money and this is a great way to do so :)

diana kang said...

that looks amazing! im going to have to try this out!

$75 to swimspot if you are interested!


Inna xoxo said...

Thank you ladies for your sweet comments! i love it! but ya, i think i might skip the mirror top, i dont want it to get to be too much..

xoxoxox :)

OneTwoTwo Designs & Co. said...

What a great idea for the make up... I never know just what to do with all mine. This is a great idea!!!

Shelia said...

Wow! That's a great idea and your little chest looks so nice! You did a great job.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)