Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blogging aint' easy!

Especially when your first starting out.
Im not exactly newwwww to the blogging, i sure as heck read enough blogs to occupy my entire work shifts ha!
I wish i were kidding...

Not new over here, but im definitely not seasoned enough to be able to get a firm grip on it. 
Ill be honest, i dont know what im doing.
Im just winging it right now..
This stuff aint easy ya'll!

If you couldnt tell,
My first issue is with finding the time to actually get on and write my own content, not reading others.
And lets be real here, im not busy.
 Just between Netflix, my nephew im glued to, siblings to harass for enjoyment, and Hell's Kitchen, i cant be bothered to actually do anything productive...
My second issue is finding something even remotely interesting to you guys to post about...i have a lot i can write about, but most of it will probably be random junk with a sarcastic edge. Because im sarcastic. And some people just DONT GET sarcasm. They dont get it, and they dont have a radar for it.
 No sarcasm radar = easily offended.
Third, not enough visuals on this ole blog. 
Pictures are HUGE in blogging. People need pictures. IIIIII need pictures. Or im bored and prob outta there before i get to the cute sign off signature.
And i hate taking pictures! So i never have any. so blank blog. 
Forth, wtf how do these snazzy bloggers master their snazzy blog designs?! I WANT A CLEAN CRISP BUT COOL BLOG DESIGN TOO! But im not breaking bank to get one. And the most ive mastered with any sort of photo shopping or design is and that couldnt even handle my skill-less-ness and had to close down. 

But what i have learned from all my blog stalking is that the most successful seem to be the ones that are random, that are true to themselves and their personality, that put down the remote and make time to update, and the ones who invest in at least a semi decent aka not my blackberry phone to take some sort of pictures to put on their blogs.

So i will try to post more. I will be me. It will be random. And it will be sarcastic. And until i get a shiny new phone, it will prob be grainy blackberry picture or pinterest stolen picture filled! :D

So tell me, have any of you ever felt like blogging WASNT a piece of cake?


XO Inna

Friday, August 24, 2012

Its been a looooooong time!

My gawd, why did i decide to write a catch up with you all at 2am in the morning?
Im exhausted...
Its been a long time, i believe my last blog post was in March! That is a long freakin time!
I dont really have a good reason as to why ive been missing on the blog for so long besides the fact that life just got in the way!

Summers are that way though, arent they?
It seems like so... Even though i have not been blogging myself, i have still kept up with reading your blogs, and i feel like ive been hearing that alot through out the blog land lately, that there is just way too much going on during the summer making it hard to keep up with blogging!

I have been reading everyones blogs, but i apologize for not commenting. You see i do all my blog reading at work, and my bosses decided to stick me with a crapola of computer a couple months that takes foreverrrr to load anything, and freezes with just about every click! Making commenting a very very frustrating extra task. <----crap excuse, i know.

In the past few months not much has changed but it has...ill just give you a bullet list of whats been going on! its easier that way :)

- I havent found a new job yet, not one thats worth leaving my stable one at least...(if you live in the Sacramento area, hook a sista up!)

- My first little nephew, Levi Matthew was born on May 16th, 2012, and he is now my favorite thing in this entire world! I swear to God it feels like im the one who gave birth to that child, i love him to much!

- Ive been doing a bit of traveling here and there, something about summer just makes you want to leave home and explore someplace new! Due to new car penny pinching i decided to skip a big beach vacation this year, and do a few smaller trips to places closer to home, San Francisco, Las Vegas, catch my drift..

- Speaking of new cars, i FINALLY GOT ONE! Its taken me forever, because of a lot of random bumps in the road, but i finally traded in my gas guzzler of an SUV for a reliable, gas efficient, compact Toyota Corolla! I should be getting it any day now, just having some minor details looked at...

-Ive also welcomed my newest baby cousin into this world! She is the most precious little girl ever! Tell me you dont agree!

- This summer i also decided to change my entire health lifestyle! I just got fed up being self conscious with my body. I took control over my body, eating, and exercising, and lost 12lbs in a month in a half, and have kept it off easy peasy! Ill blog some more about this later! :)

- Summer means anything Country to me! I listen to Country Music year round, lord knows i cant get enough of it! But theres nothing better than Country Concerts, the warm (blazing/frying) sun, and a cute summer dress!

- And the best thing thats happened to me this summer next to my presh nephew is that The Boyfriend has decided to make a move from Sin City to my city for us...but ill blog more about that later!

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer, i miss having email conversations with you guys, and just communicating with you all!
I hope to be back full time soon!

In the meantime, enjoy the last bits of summer :)
Although i have to admit, i am pretty pumped about fall approaching! ANYONE ELSE?!

Ill leave you with a this little gem of a picture!
How can anybody not adore that wittle face!!

xoxoxoxoxo Inna :)