Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In love...

Im back from visiting the greatest man i have ever met in Las Vegas for 5 days!
And im hating it :(
Im depressed, and lonely, and i miss him terribly it makes me wanna cry. 
I want to be in Vegas, cuddled up in bed with him, pushing him back to his side, dying of heat, and hugging his big muscley arms. haha. :(
ATM im hating my bed, my house, my job, my town! Its gonna take me a lil while to get used to this after such an amazing time with the man i love.
This trip was much MUCH needed. It was 4 months since i last saw him ,and  it was getting incredibly hard. 
Its funny, but i miss Las Vegas, the suburban area, not strip, way more than i expected! 
You see, for the time being, my boyfriend has to stay in Vegas for certain reasons, so we were always stuck as to what we're going to do in the future when we want to progress our relationship such as get engaged/married, etc. Cuz I told him ID NEVER EVER move to Vegas. I wouldn't even consider it! My idea of what Vegas was the strip and that alone, and thats not a place i wanted to live a married life and start a family.
Its been such a dilemma for us when we talk about our future.
But now that ive been, and spent ALOT of time off the strip, but in town, ive completely changed my mind!
I am IN LOVE with the city, & i actually WANT to move there! I love everything about it!
Its a fantastic city, with so very many things to do, theres something for everyone, great shopping, night life, parks, outdoors, and the man I am incredibly in love with! I CANT WAIT to move there in the future!
Boyfriend is very happy with this <3
I cried going home of course. I couldnt even look at him on Monday without crying thinking about having to leave him. Hes the sweetest, silliest, most caring thoughtful genuine gentle romantic funny ridiculously sexy loving man, and after a year i still lay in bed almost every night in awe of how im so blessed to have him! He treats me like a princess, loves my huge thighs, my yucky tummy, my teased hair (before its brushed out) my obnoxiously annoying tendencies and my bratty mood swings, and never do i ever hear spite, anger, annoyance, meaness, rudeness in his voice, ever. I can be a total meanie to him and i never see anything but care in his eyes. Its incredible :)
This trip did so many things for me. It took my love for him further than i thought possible. I thought i couldnt love this man anymore than i already did. It confirmed my desire for a future with him, one thats gonna last till im old, wrinkly, and start to grow chin hairs. 
This boy looks at me and im blown away with what i see in his eyes, Love! I dont know how the heck you see love in someones eyeballs but you do ladies! I promise! Trust me! (If im not the cheesiest slop then i dont know who is ;))

Anyways, now that ive gotten all this mush off my chest, i will be back to post the few pics we took. I know, i promised lots, but im THEE worst picture taker ever. I always misplace my camera, forget to take it, or dont bother to dig it out of my ginormous purse. We all know how that is ladies, we all have one ;)

XOXO Inna 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Im SO stoked! That tomorrow night IIIII will be flying to Las Vegas!
For 5 DAYS with the mister!
I get in late Wednesday night, & unfortunately he HAS to work Thursday from 9-3 :/ oh well, i sleep half of that anyway haha.
Then hes free till Monday ngiht when he sends me home! :)
Omgsh Omgsh Omgsh im so excited!
Ive never been to Las Vegas, so im excited to explore the city, the food, the people!
If you guys have any recommendations for Resteraunts, Buffets, Shopping, Sight Seeing you think i should have him take me see,

Im excited to just walk the city and look at all the beautiful lights!

One thing i am NOT excited for is the whole FLYING PROCESS! Im scared of flying, ive never flown alone, and airports make me nervous! So much that i dreamt THEE ENTIRE NIGHT about just being lost in the airport. I dont wanna fly alone :( Ive flown quite a few times, once even internationally for 16 hrs! but never alone :( So i feel like i dont even know the whole process. What the heck am i supposed to do once i get dropped at the airport? I never take care of that! Everyone else does for me! I just follow. lol. Knowing me, ill prob wander in circles, getting lost over and over, and have a nervous break down, cry, and live there for a year like that one movie...

xoxo Inna

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a quickie!

Im just droppin in real quick to ask ya'll a question or two! If i dont do it now, ill forget. I always do hah.

Soooo ive stopped by most of your blogs ladies, and they are super cute! I Just have a quick blog design Q, cuz i know you can help!
How in the stinkin world do i get more than one pic up on my header? ughhh. I cant move it, so i cant even align it! Help?


My hair is falling out! 
Your prob like wtf? But seriously. Ive always had nice strong hair, and it stayed in my head. & Thats where i like it. But for the past 2 weeks, its been falling out like no tomorrow! I can prob get a rug going with it or smthn! I know, too much. haha
Its getting ridiculous! And scary! I dont know what it is. Im not eating any different than i did before..ive always eaten unhealthy haha. I am using a diff shampoo, cuz i always buy diff ones, ive had this one for about 3 or 4 wks. but i dont think shampoo can cause it, can it? 
What can i dooooooo?
Id like to keep my luscious locks :p
xoxo Inna

This & That!

1. May 3rd was my misters & I's 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Clap clap! Yay! He was such a sweet tart & surprised me with flowers at work! I say surprised because we were gonna wait till i visit to do any celebrating!
I dont know how he found the florist he uses but they never disappoint! Always the most gorgeous big luscious flowers! :) 

2. I finally bought my tickets for Vegas last week! Im so stinkin excited to be visiting my hunka dunk in 9 days!!!

3. Last Friday i got to see Meryll Haggard & Trace Adtkins live in concert w fantastic seats! Thanks to my lovely best friend, who has the best lick and wins something from the local country radio station WEEKLY! 

4. Guess who made a trip to Nordstroms for a few new pairs of jeans? <----this girl! Thank you Lordy, cuz i needed em! And to celebrate, i rewarded myself:

Now this looks like the perfect day to me! <3

5. Throwing my sister a surprise birthday party this Saturday! Im sooo behind! BUT i have made my first purchase towards the party, MASON JARS! For this :
 I will be replicating these :)
A few of things on the menu are Grilled Skewered Shrimp! So if you have recipes for that, pass em on!
Corn on the Cob
Mini Hamburgers
Roasted Potatoes
& other random good food!

I know i know, the caps. Thats what 4 months does to ya! haha :)

Night tootsies!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Yes, i am alive.
Barely tho.
I got sick Saturday night, cuz the cold wind here has been a brat! 
So ive been in bed since Sunday morning, am still in bed, and plan on staying here all day, since i called off of work. Wtvr, i hear we have some kind of intestinal flu going around over there, and i want no part of that!
Now, i know my blogging has been getting horrible. It actually just plain stinks. Im not consistent. 
Consistent, whats that? :p
Im trying to recall what i did the past 2 weeks, but my memory sucks.
Ill give you the bits and pieces. 
Last Friday i went out with my friends Kaitlin & Tanya to a "hip" new pizza place downtown, paid astronomical prices for mediocre pizza & funky drinks. After the little buzz we got there, we took off to meet Kaitlins man friends at some seedy bar in the ghetto, without getting caught in crossfire or a drive by hooray! Where we ended up spending the rest of our night being repulsed and slightly amused at the trashy exhibit of "love". HA! Must you fondle your girl on a barstool in front of a whole bar full of people? And darling, didnt your mama teach you that wearing a shirt for a dress, and letting a man stick his fingers under your panties in public is just not classy? And you scoff at people staring at you...ha! Yes, we will stare at you, and your lucky i didnt let Tanya give you a few words, cuz she is one of those drunks. Give her drinks and she becomes a b****. You wanna be her friend at the bar. lol.
 Anyways, after free drinks from several lads, we decided to take it outside. Particularly after the last lad, who screamed creeper with his beady eyes, scruffy face hair, and bad BO. After about a half hour of random ramblings conversation outside, we set off back to where we left our cars, at my work. At some point in the night, we decided we were going to play a joke on my coworker Steven. Cuz Steven works the night shift as security. And you see, Steven has a crush on me.
So every time i see him, he jokes that after i leave work, i should come back later in the night, and meet him on the third floor, where there is a vacant apt. I dont need to tell you his intentions...So what i wanted to do, is go get a life size bimbo blow up doll, put a blond wig on her, and leave her on the third floor, to find when hes doing his rounds. hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahha. But we got there too late, and it was the end of his shift, i knew we wouldnt have enough time. So thats a prank for another night :D

Tanya & I

I have no idea what i did the rest of that

But these cupcake surprises at work made my day! Awwww :)

They tasted just as good as they looked! :)

This wknd was my friends birthday so she had a bbq at the park. We spent the whole day there, eating, the boys playing sports, the girls gossiping, and thats where i got sick :/
After the park i went to Carmelitas Mexican, my favvvv, for some shrimp fajitas that are to DIE for, and then went over to a friends to watch some sad movie with Colin Farell about escaping the goo-lag during the Soviet Union. Not usually my type of movie but we all ended up loving it!

I got home around 3, and by then i knew i was coming down with something :/ ive been in bed since :(

Seinfeld is the greatest show ever made fyi :)

I hope your all doing fantastic girls! I seriously do miss you all :(
Just cuz i dont rmbr what ive been doing doesnt mean i havent been busy. The past 2 weeks have actually be quite busy! I think i only had a few evenings where i was free!
Im glad to be getting my rest tho :)
Good day to you ladies!
xoxo Inna