Monday, January 31, 2011


Heeeellllloooo pretty girls :)
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Too freakin short. ugh.

Saturday i went to lunch with Kaitlin at Jacks Urban Eats. Yummmm!
Then finished packing Misters goody box for Valentines day and shipped it out! Hooray!!
I got him THEE cutest Valentines Day card at Target! It by Papyrus, which means its for sure gonan be cute! They make the best stuff!
It has a little Tobasko Sauce bottle on the front with little hearts in it, and it says 'Hottie"
The inside says "Sweetheart, you set my everything on fire!" hahaha! Cute right?
Saturday night i went to my friends to snack on appetizers and watch some movies.
Sunday i went to church. It was our 5 year anniversary, and it was fun!
After church a bunch of us went to Chipotle were i got my usual yummy goodness, 3 soft chicken tacos, chips and fresh salsa!
I went home to change and then went over to another friends!
The boys watched the basketball game, and the girls ate the yummy Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake i brought!
Then i played UNO with the smallest deck of UNO cards i have EVER seen! lol
I got home late and thought about how much i dreaded having to go to work today.

Anyways, today i decided i was gonna start dieting and working out for spring/summer!

Before i can allow myself to get in a bikini and lay on a beach , i gotta shed some pounds, and tone up!

Im gonna start P90X tonight, and im sorta excited/sorta not.
If you havent heard of P90X (youd have to be living under a rock), its a 90 day home workout plan, with daily 1 hr workout videos/plan. and nutrition guiedes. The 90 days is seperated by 30 days phases, and you can choose with style of workout plan you want to do and what you want to achieve, like weight loss and toning, muscle building, etc. I am doing the shredding and toning. Im fine with out the muscle. lol.

Ive done P90X before, but only lasted a month. Let me tell you why. ughhh him so mad at myself still. I never work out. never. I hate it. So when i started this it KILLED ME! It was soooo friggin hard, and took me a couple times to actually get past the first day. Seriously. It is verrry hard. The beginning is always hard, but once you get past the first 2 really harrrrrd weeks, it becomes easy peasy! Once i got past the initial 'getting into a routine' period, and my body getting used to it, and my brain finally comprehending that I WILL NOT GIVE UP, and THIS WILL BECOME A DAILY THING, i actually started to enjoy it! ALOT! It gave me wayyy more energy! And just in 2 weeks, people were telling me they can tell ive been losing weight! And thats with out following a diet! I started P90X but wasnt ready to give up unhealthy eating. So i just worked out. And it still worked! The first week i was SO FREAKIN SOAR i couldnt lift my legs, and everytime i had to sit down or get out of my chair, itd seriously take me minutttttes to do it, and id have to lift myself using my arms for support, i seriously looked like those pregnant woman who stick out their bellys and slowely try to push out of a chair. You should have seen the looks i was getting at work. lol. Anyway, so after a month of LOVING P90X, and doing the videos, i got a bad case of the Monthly Bill. Dun dun duuuuun. Yep, that stinkin red army! I had horrible cramps and did not feel like doing my workouts, so i thought, well, sinceim done with my first month/phase, ill take this wk off before i move to the next month/pahse to rest and let the bill pass. YA RIGHT! After that week i lost allll of my self control, dedication, motivation, and the routine was broken. Getting back into it is the hardest! And giving that hr a day up was impossible again. Cuz lets be honest, 1 hr a day, you might not think it, but once you start this, you realize is a looooot! So that was that.
BUT NOOOOOOW, im starting again, cuz i know i can do it, and i remember how i felt while i was doing it, all the energy and etc, and I MISS IT! Im starting tonight, but this time im actually gonna do the healthy eating too! Cuz thats gotta be kicked to the curb for good.

I have 2 good friends who have done all 90 days, and have had AMAZING EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS!! Its really insane! I wish i had their pictures to show you!!! They are my motivation, and also this girl:

Awesome, right? I dont know why, but its always easier for me to relate to people who look more like me, and etc., the producers for the P90X Program have a great online community where you can sign up and get customixed meal plans, recipes, goal trackers, support, and even find yourself a coach, someone youd like to coach and mentor you thought your 90 days! :) And guess who mine is? haha, thats right, her :) Shes great! Super sweet, and very knowledgable!
Im o excite dto do this! Ive gained soooo much weight this last fall and winter, i have no idea how i let myself get so unhealthy and etc. It crept up on me, i swear! lol. Im so excited to get back to my old weight, and be bikini ready! And now that im plannin a vaca with the Mister, im excited to actually start shedding this weight!

Tonight im going to the grocery store to stock up on more veggies and healthy foods! :)

Do any of of you ladies know of any great blogs for healthy eating? I need more ideas for healthy meals!!! And i love reading cooking blogs! Because they give you tutorials/directions/pictures. PLEASE LET ME KNOW! :)

How was your weekend?
Are you in need of Bikini Season prep?
Im leaving you with this picture. Go ahead and dream ladiesss :)

xoxo Inna :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am soooo ready for yooou!

Mister and I decided we're gonna take a mini vacation this summer! 
It'll be our first :D
I wanted to go to Mexico! Cuz i went last year and didnt wanna go home! I absolutely loved it! Kaitlin & I  made SO VERY many friends, probably because we were too little american blond girls, they loved us there! 
hahahah, we got so many free things, it was 'dope'! hahah! And the people were super nice!
We skipped the usual, Cabo and Cancun, and went to Mazatlan! Not very touristy with americans, but thats where ALL the Canadians go! And trust me, we wernt complaining, have you seen Canadian boys? All nice hair, nice clothes, nice bodies, nice to look at ;) haha.
Anyways, i wanted to go to Mexico, but the Mister talked some sense into me...We both made financial goals this year we want to achieve, and we're stickin to em! Thank God for him, he helps knock some sense into me, when i need it haha.
Yes, i promised this year was gonna be the year i get on top of some financial goals ive been wanting to achieve for the past 2 years, like a new car, and moving out, and its gonna be hard, cuz im sooo not a saver, but im gonna do it, and i wont regret it when im in my own place and a new car :D
Sooo we're being good and decided we're gonna go some place in California!
Which i dont mind cuz all i want is a beach anyway! I want my swimsuit, maragaritas, yummy food, the sun, and no work! :D 
BUT there are sooo many places to choose from! Bleh!
Im indecisive. Youll learn that. :)
I originally wanted to do San Diego, but when i really thought about it, i didnt want the crowds. Those places are great im sure, but once they get crowded, i think they become overrated. I didnt wanna lay on the beach snug between 2 complete strangers like a sardine. I wanted someplace touristy, but not to that extent! I wanna walk the streets holding my Misters hand and window shop and lay on a beach and tan n read a book and eat yummy food in places that wont have a 2 hour wait. I wanna enjoy my time with my handsome :D So i started looking at a few places along the coast and came across Capitola. 
I remembered when Kaitlin & I went to Santa Cruz for the weekend and had stopped by Capitola for the day! I FELL IN LOVE! Its the prefect beach town with excited happy families but also a younger crowd! They  have an amazing Esplanade with waterfront restaurants, lovely beaches and super cute shops!
I showed Mister and he loved it aswell! 

Isnt it cute? What i like about this town is that its very beachy, but also has a very upscale (not pictured above) new, ritzy area too, so you get nice resteraunts to go to dinner at and etc :)

I already found a super cute little hotel right on the Esplanade, across the street from the beach, that i wanna stay at if we decide on Capitola!

Im in love with this little beach town, but im definitely still gonna look around at many more places, and am OPEN TO YOUR SUGGESTIONS! If your know of any cute place by the water, PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW! :D

Thinking about our mini vaca got me all excited about swimsuits too! So i had to check out Victories Secret. I gotta say, so far im not too impressed. 
Here are a few i liked:

(Id prob buy a plane set of bottoms for this one, i dont really like the super teeny weeny tennis looking skirt bottom)

And how freakin cute is this cover up? I WANT IT!
(Although i could prob just buy a lace top and go afew sizes bigger and get the same exact look)

Im ready for relaxing in bed with a few of my favorite shows!
Have a great weekend ladies!
xoxo Inna :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi Ladies!

Im just on to let you know of 2 super fun giveaways my lovely bloggie friends are having!
I love both of them, and read all their posts!
You should check their blogs out and follow if you like!
Also take advantage of the cute giveaways!
Natalie Merrillyn, a sweet newlywed with great little posts


Then I Got To Thinking...a felow blogger from my neck of the woods! :)

I cant wait to do a giveaway of my own! Once i get more followers i shall! :D
Today sucks.
Cuz i keep missin the Mister.
Im jealous of all you girls who have boyfriends/husbands you can see everyday!

I just had to do mailers at work. All 500 letters had to be sealed. I just took a wet sponge to those babies!

Also, what do ya'll think of Spray Butter? My friend whos on a health kick told me she uses it on almost everything shes eating these days, cuz not all healthy foods have alot of flavor, so she just adds the spray butter for some flavor! It has 0 calories and 0 fat.
So i went out and bought myself some, and i have been dowsing it on everything! haha!
My bagels, my baked potatoes, my rice, and all my veggies! Im trying to eat healthier, so lately for dinner ive been eating a plain baked potato with some pepper and butter, some veggies, the past 5 days its been asparagus, cuz i can inhale that yummy goodness, and sometimes some baked chicken breast, seasoned with just some butter, garlic salt, and other random stuff.
And to be honest, because of the butter, i can eat this plain bland meal forever! Im not getting tired of it! Its yummy!
So my question to you is, what are your thoughts on spray butter? I love it, but my family has been telling me that its disgusting, to think that im spraying butter, and that it cant be good for you, if its liquid butter. What do ya'll think?
Its been good to me!

Im sooo happy its Thursday! Im ready for the weekend!

tootalu :p

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

I am loving my new picnic blanket! Its not really a blanket, its a tablecloth i got at Target for a STEAL after Christmas! I decided itd be my picnic blanket because its red and white checkered! Now i need a picnic basket! This perfect picnic blanket will give me an excuse to actually have picnics! :D

I am loving that i started this post this morning and only got to the post above. And im finally getting back to this. I think its hilarious. Im a lazy bum today.

I am loving the Frank Sinatra playing in the backround as i work. <----pshhhh hahahaha. this is working for me. :p
I just turned it on for the old people. "Straaaaangers in the niiiiight....." Oh Franky, how i love you :)

I am loving that i could do this at work.

I am loving that i went to Traget lastnight and stocked up on TONS of Valentines Day goodies for the Misters Goody Basket!
Some of which included chocolate tools like a saw, hammer, etc., Red CHEESY silk boxers with red hearts on them, as a joke ladies hahaha, Beef Jerket, & Wine :)
I am loving that my boss just left and i dont have to minimize this screen with these red silk boxers anymore hahahahhaha.

I am loving my sweet followers and all their sweet emails and comments i get everyday!

I am loving that the weather is Springy lately! I am ready for the lake, small loose clothing, yummy food on reteraunt patios and vacations :)

I am loving all the cute sweet texts i get from the mister everyday through out the day. We text from morning to night :)

I am loving that one of my best friends now lives in Seattle and i have an excuse to cgo visit her and enjoy Pikes Place Market! I love their markets, the ferry, downtown!

I am loving that im staying strong ladies and not spending my money on clothing/food/whatev as much lately cuz im savign for a car!

I am loving my new Hard Candy Tinted Moisturizer that only costs $8!

I am loving Law & Order SVU.

I am loving ASPARAGUS so freakin much lately! Ive been eating it for the past 5 days! haha!

And I am LOVING and missing :'( my bestfriend and boyfriend!

Have a great Wednesday night pretty ladies!
xoxo Inna :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CLING to the Y!

 Saturday night i went to dinner with my friend for a girls night at PF Changs. 
Usually its 3 of us, and we try to get together about once a month, for chit chat and drama unload and whatnot. Usually its them unloading, me listening. haha. But this time one of my friends decided to flake. Which irks me to no end. Let me tell you why. Because of a stinkin boy. 

Do you have one or two of those friends, who always makes the dude, any dude, top priority, in fact, thee only priority? The one who disappears once a male with an attachment is in their life? But seems to always find her way back for mothering and consoling once hes used and abused her? Yaaaaa, ive got afew. Her being one. Let me tell you, the last guy she dated, she dated for 2 years, I swear to God, in those 2 years not one of her friends including me heard from her. We all assumed she had moved away and got married? Because her number was disconnected, and she didnt bother notifying any one of us with the new one. 
One day i was at a baby shower and i see the door open and look who walks in, low and behold, its L. No ring on finger. Im happy to see her of course! Hug Hug while in my head im thinking woooow, took this one a  wee bit longer then most to get past the lovey dovey spend every second with you stage..until she tells me they broke up. The only reason im seeing her at this very moment is because she doesnt have a man to cling to anymore. Thats when i knew, she was one of thooooose girls...
Whatever, i dont hold grudges. Im one of those people, ill get mad/upset with you, but by the next day or two, im over it, and prob have forgotten. I just cant stay mad. Dont believe me? Ask the boyfriend lol. He knows very well. hahaha.

Anyways, so back to what happened. My friend now has a new boyfriend. For the past month and a half. We had planned on this Saturday from a month before. She didnt forget. She was aware of it. She text me Monday asking if wer still on for Saturday. We were supposed to go to San Francisco for the day, shopping and eating. Fun right? She texts me Saturday morning saying, honey, do you mind staying in town today? We can just go out for dinner and drinks tonight! Cuz she said she was low on money And come on, i understand that, been there, i know how she feels, i consult my other friend, and we decide we'll do dinner and drinks tonight, and SF some other day. She texts me 2 hours before dinner to ask if her bf can come. lol. lol. Like my other friend said, uhhh, kinda awkward? but whatever, what are we gonna say, no? we cant say no, too rude. but what im curious about is, why the friggin heck would her BF wannnnnnaaaa come?!?! hahaha. Good question friend! Why? Sp he can sit and listen to 3 babbling girls gossip all night? no guy in his right mind would ever wanna come to a girls night. My bf would refuse lol. So anyway, i reply saying sure, why not, and then ask her why he isnt going to the guys night the boys have been planning for months. A guys night on the town. 25 or so family and friends hes grown up with and never sees, i know this cuz i know him actually. Hes related to me. She replies because he wants to hang out with me. Wtf? really now? you guys see each other every single day, and have been since you started dating., You told me so yourself. Your there from morning to night, unless your working, then youll come over after till 3am. ladies, she told me this herself. Give each other a breather!!! My golly! My friend and i are thinking he wouldnt have minded going to the guys night, but she prob didnt wanna leave him. Girl is clingy. CLING - Y! She texts an hour later saying she wont be coming to the girls night that wev had panned a month in advance, because she wants to hang out with him. I didnt even bother to reply. I had nothing to say.

We do this about once a month, because we can never get all 3 of our schedules to work, me with work, her with the guy, and the other friend with a lil daughter.

 I didnt expect it from a 28 year old. My friend and i have barely had a chance to talk to her in the past month and a half because she never replies to texts or etc anymore. See her at church, shes on the run to meet him. 
Her boyfriend lives with his brother, his brothers wife and their little baby, and she told me that the brother is starting to complain to the bf that shes over ALL THE TIME, and that he and his family cant enjoy being comfortable in their own home, cuz shes always there. She told me she doesnt get why hes so rude for no reason. I woulda kicked her out ages ago, hes nto being rude lol.
She then told me that her family wont talk to her because theyr mad that shes been ignoring them. Including her sister, who shes a maid of honor for, and hasnt been helping. She said she thinks theyr being silly. 
Now her friends are pissed. 

Honey, i really dont think its a coinkadink, that everyone but you, finds your behavior wrong. 
Sorry for the MAJORRRR vent. And major being an understatement. sheeesh inna!
I just cant stand friends who are only their when they need you, like to bring the ice cream when theyv broken up w a boy. But never when you need them. What kinda friendship is that> Plus, a mature relationship is one that has balance. 

Anyways, me and my other friend decided on PF Changs for dinner. When we got there at 6, we found out the wait was 2 stinkin hours!!! We were both set on PF Changs, and new all the other places in the area would also have a wait, so we decided wed have drinks at the bar till the buzzer does its thannng and buzzes! Plus, its first come first serve. 
Ya riight!!! You shoulda seen the bar area! All the people who were looking for a bar seat, or cocktail table
were like sharks! WE BECAME LIKE SHARKS! I mean we had to FIGHT for a spot! hahaha! With no luck. It got down to strategic planning such as standing in front of cocktail tables and staring at people, waiting for them to get creeped out and decide to leave. Yes, we planne don stalking people out of there. Harassing them. lol. Afew other ideas were: Blocking other peoples views of the bar area, with our giant selves in heels, so they cant see when a chair or tables frees up, approaching people at tables and telling them to scram! and alot of observing. wed talk, but kept our eyes on peoples tables and hands. Watching for a wallet, our cue that they were going to be leaving. Yes, we are crazy blonds. Ok, maybe all we did was the blocking of the bar area, and the observing for wallets, and plates being cleared. But if one of the nice ladies who had apparently been watching us for an hour desperately trying yo get a table, hadnt offered us hers, because she said they were done, and felt bad for our poor legs being stuffed into 5ish inch heels, we would have resorted to the SCRAM and stalking plan! :p Afffter an hour wait, and we finally get a cocktail table and order our appetizers and drinks to tide us over until we get seated for dinner, THATS when PF Changs decides to serve all the people waiting at the bar area for a seat free samples. omfg. shoot me. 
at 8:37, 2 and a half hours after we got there, we finally get seated, and decided to be assholes and stay there until they closed. Fine, until after they closed lol. We were last out. But i had so much fun, everything that night was worth it! Plus, the food is always AMAZING!

Sunday was slow.

Sorry for the really long post ladies! Once i start typing, i cant stop!!!
Have a super duper great day darlins! 

xoxo inna :)


You know what irks me?
I have this coworker, named Joseph.
Hes a creeper.
Thisssss guy, thissssss guy told me today that he was gonna make he his wife.
3 hours later, he comes to my desk to tell me about a certain fuzzy feeling in his tummy. 
He says:
"I have to tell you something"
"What is is Joseph.." (i have to talk to his this way now, cuz he annoys me. 
"i dont know if i can.."
He walks away...2 mins later he returns..
"Ok, im just gonna say it, even tho i dont know how to."
me: sighhhhhhh
"Everytime i look at you....(this is where i roll my eyes and try to block him out"...i get this feeling in my stomach, and my heart starts beating faster and faster"
"annnnd your the most amazing girl ive ever met! your the perfect girl!"
"Joseph, what about your gf? the one you LIVE with!!! and WORKS WITH US!"
"I just cant help it!"
Thats when i really tune him out, i have no idea what he said after that, he eventually left.
30 mins later i get a Facebook msg from him.
Hes not even my Facebook friend! Creeper!
what does the FB msg say you ask?
yup. thats it.
What a weirdo right?
This guy has been stalking me for 2 years! Ever since i came to work there!
Hes told me he loves me. He wants to take me on a date. Im perfect.
He found out i wanted a puppy, he got me one! I told him to take it back.
He overheard me say i needed a new tv!
He told me he was buying me one!
He has a gf. Poor poor gf. stupid stupid gf. what are you doing with such a fool?
Honestly, he gives me the creeps now. Someone who takes creepin from work to home, is a serious creeper.
If this guy went home, took the time out of his evening to log on to FB, search me, and write me a random stupid msg that makes no sense, is someone whod take the time out of his evening to do other things wait for me by my car in the dark parking lot at the end of my shift. 
I told the bf. The bf hates him. When i pass msg's along to him from my bf, he leaves me alone for about a wk, then starts up again. 
I have soooo very many stories from the past 2 yrs, i can write a book!
What a nut, right?

And if your asking why i dont tell the boss, if you knew the management i work under, youd know why,
Buncha loons. 
I cant wait to get school done this yr and move on!
Hopefully he doesnt move with me. 

Do any of you ladies have any stalkers or stalker stories?
Im really curious to hear!

Sweet Dreaming sweetpeas!

xoxo inna :)

Im gonna leave you with a picture.

Monday, January 24, 2011

2 days...

Its been 2 days but it feels like forever!
Its crazy tho, ill get on to check out the dashboard during the weekend and its like silent!
A ghost town!
But during the week there are so  many posts i can hardly keep up! haha :)
Funny business.

I miss having 3 day weekends :(
I used to work Monday-Thursday and it was PERFECT!
But when my boss offered me Friday, i knew i had to take it, as much as i didnt want to :( 
I need a sugar daddy. lol.

This weekend flew by. 
I didnt do much, but it still felt like too much. ha!
A good relaxing weekend is a weekend when i pretty much dont have to leave the house.
Same for you guys or no?
I despise driving. I did alot of that this weekend and it sucked. 

Friday evening i found out my good friend was having a baby girl!!!
I personally want a boy first, but for her, i wanted a girl first! 
So i can spoil her rotten! haha :)
So Saturday i decided i was gonna make Little Adalyn or Scarlet, theyr gonna choose when shes born, little flower headbands! I adore them! And knew they couldnt be that hard to make!
See, first day, and im already spoiling her! :D
You want me for a God Mother, trust me. hahaha. :p
So when i was in Walmart later that day running errands i checked out the hair goods aisle to see if they have plain little headbands i can start with, and to my surprise, they did! Woopie! (I had checked earlier and they didnt) I then went to the craft aisle, grabbed a 3 dollar glue gun and some glue sticks, then to the floral aisle, grabbed 2 super cute flowers and i had everything i needed! So lovely. 

They turned out soooo stinkin' cute! 
They look amazing, and im deff plannin on making more! 

I made a pink one with some yellow petals in the middle, with a cream headband, and a beautiful green one, with a brown headband. I friggin looooove the combination of the green with the brown! And this picture does the green color absolutely no justice! 
Sorry for the super crappy lighting! I took these pics at night, with my light on, which makes it yellowish. ughhhh!

I also ran into Target to get a card and some tissue paper, and saw this super adorable bodysuit/onesie, whatever its called! I hadddd to get it! hahah :)

(Thats right!)

I cant waiiiit to send these to her! Shes gonna LOVE it!
Shes a military wife, so she had to leave me and move away with her husband to San Diego! Booo!

This is one of the first of many more packages im planning on sending her and lil baybay! haha :)

After Walmart, i decided to stop by Goodwill, and browse abit. I missed Goodwill. I LOVE Goodwill. I really do. haha. I love hunting for interesting things, i can clean up, repaint, refinish! Goodwill fascinates me lol.
I have a vision for one of the walls in my room, and i thought this would be a great place to look for some pieces for that wall! I plan on doing something like this. I want all the frames to be white tho, and vintagy.
So i have alooooot of spray painting and distressing to do!

My wall is a kinda bright green, due to many paint mix ups, and finally giving up and leaving it the way it is. Its easier to just try and work with it then repainting AGAIN. sighhhhh. So the white will look amazing against the green! Its really gonna pop!
Thank goodness for Goodwill, i bought tonsss of frames plus 2 extra goodies for under 25 bucks! I still plan on shopping some stores for my bigger pieces, ones with more detail and charm, but these will be great fillers!

Im gonna try spray painting them today!

The 2 extra goodies i found at Goodwill?

A huge old rusty yucky lantern and a beautiful whatever that thing is lol. Its pretty.
I have no idea what im gonna do with these, i have no plan for them yet. I just saw them, and loved them.
Im gonna clean up the old lantern, and think of something creative for it, and the other thing (tell me what its called, its for alcohol, i know, but im having a brain fart, and cant think of a name?) im probably gonna keep on a tray, with some books, and maybe a lil vase with a flower, who knows. I just know im absolutely in love with it. The lid looks like a huge diamond in person!
oooo la laaaa :)

This is what i did for the rest of the day, laid around being a bum. I have no idea why these pics are on my camera, but my cousin seemed to find this angle fascinating, cuz she took about 10 shots from it haha.

Shes weird, right? :p

Im going to spray paint now...

xoxo Inna :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday! bow chika wow!

Yay for Friday right?

This has been a very short work week for me, thank you Lordy. lol.
I cant waiiiit for the weekend. Its gonna be a good one. Im gonna try to relax and do a whole lotta nothin!
You know, i always say that. Ya...Never happens. I always end up getting  itchy for something to do, people to see, then Sunday night comes around and i wonder why the heck i didnt stick to the relax plan! Im tellin you, it goes like this every. single. weekend.
Anyone else?

I wanna try pickin up another project, somethin like my Little Black Makeup Chest, not sure what yet, but i think im gonna go on a hunt at my local Goodwill and see if they have anything project worthy :)
Maybe ill venture out for drinks or dinner w friends, since we havent really had the chance to celebrate my birthday yet, cuz the boy was in town.

Speaking of the boy, I bought him thee cutest lil card today, went and bought a gift card worth a few meals at Chipotle (his favorite), stuck it inside, and signed "your bunny". Just cause :) (im missin him)
Ya, he calls me his bunny.
Shush, dont laugh. lol.

You guys! guess what? I got my taxes done today! woot woot! Thats riiiight, this ladies got it goin on!
And i gotta say, i am very happy with my tax return this year!
It'll be a nice chunk of money to start my saving for a new car! Oh yaaaaaa :)

One of my great friends finds out if shes having a boy or girl today! Stoked! 
Since i am the godmother (i granted myself the title :p)
and i need to know if i should start making cute lil head bands and hats for a lil girl! haha!
Loveliessssssss, i neeeeeeeed to start losing weeeeeeeight for suuuuummerrrr! (not that im wining or anything)
This is always so hard. 
Since i have been feeling sick the past 2 wks, and this last wknd especially, ive actually lost some weight!
I hadnt realized until people started tellin me, saying they could see it on my face and etc.
Ya well, my appetite is starting to come back. Uh Oh...And then one of the lovely bloggers i follow had to post a post about In N Out and so i had to have a cheeseburger, and now its all goin down hill from here, i know it. haha. Darn you sweet blogger!
I complain to you all while i have a bag of Hershey bars sittin on my nightstand...Im a lost cause. lol.

What are your plans for the weekend darlin?

xoxo Inna :)