Monday, January 24, 2011

2 days...

Its been 2 days but it feels like forever!
Its crazy tho, ill get on to check out the dashboard during the weekend and its like silent!
A ghost town!
But during the week there are so  many posts i can hardly keep up! haha :)
Funny business.

I miss having 3 day weekends :(
I used to work Monday-Thursday and it was PERFECT!
But when my boss offered me Friday, i knew i had to take it, as much as i didnt want to :( 
I need a sugar daddy. lol.

This weekend flew by. 
I didnt do much, but it still felt like too much. ha!
A good relaxing weekend is a weekend when i pretty much dont have to leave the house.
Same for you guys or no?
I despise driving. I did alot of that this weekend and it sucked. 

Friday evening i found out my good friend was having a baby girl!!!
I personally want a boy first, but for her, i wanted a girl first! 
So i can spoil her rotten! haha :)
So Saturday i decided i was gonna make Little Adalyn or Scarlet, theyr gonna choose when shes born, little flower headbands! I adore them! And knew they couldnt be that hard to make!
See, first day, and im already spoiling her! :D
You want me for a God Mother, trust me. hahaha. :p
So when i was in Walmart later that day running errands i checked out the hair goods aisle to see if they have plain little headbands i can start with, and to my surprise, they did! Woopie! (I had checked earlier and they didnt) I then went to the craft aisle, grabbed a 3 dollar glue gun and some glue sticks, then to the floral aisle, grabbed 2 super cute flowers and i had everything i needed! So lovely. 

They turned out soooo stinkin' cute! 
They look amazing, and im deff plannin on making more! 

I made a pink one with some yellow petals in the middle, with a cream headband, and a beautiful green one, with a brown headband. I friggin looooove the combination of the green with the brown! And this picture does the green color absolutely no justice! 
Sorry for the super crappy lighting! I took these pics at night, with my light on, which makes it yellowish. ughhhh!

I also ran into Target to get a card and some tissue paper, and saw this super adorable bodysuit/onesie, whatever its called! I hadddd to get it! hahah :)

(Thats right!)

I cant waiiiit to send these to her! Shes gonna LOVE it!
Shes a military wife, so she had to leave me and move away with her husband to San Diego! Booo!

This is one of the first of many more packages im planning on sending her and lil baybay! haha :)

After Walmart, i decided to stop by Goodwill, and browse abit. I missed Goodwill. I LOVE Goodwill. I really do. haha. I love hunting for interesting things, i can clean up, repaint, refinish! Goodwill fascinates me lol.
I have a vision for one of the walls in my room, and i thought this would be a great place to look for some pieces for that wall! I plan on doing something like this. I want all the frames to be white tho, and vintagy.
So i have alooooot of spray painting and distressing to do!

My wall is a kinda bright green, due to many paint mix ups, and finally giving up and leaving it the way it is. Its easier to just try and work with it then repainting AGAIN. sighhhhh. So the white will look amazing against the green! Its really gonna pop!
Thank goodness for Goodwill, i bought tonsss of frames plus 2 extra goodies for under 25 bucks! I still plan on shopping some stores for my bigger pieces, ones with more detail and charm, but these will be great fillers!

Im gonna try spray painting them today!

The 2 extra goodies i found at Goodwill?

A huge old rusty yucky lantern and a beautiful whatever that thing is lol. Its pretty.
I have no idea what im gonna do with these, i have no plan for them yet. I just saw them, and loved them.
Im gonna clean up the old lantern, and think of something creative for it, and the other thing (tell me what its called, its for alcohol, i know, but im having a brain fart, and cant think of a name?) im probably gonna keep on a tray, with some books, and maybe a lil vase with a flower, who knows. I just know im absolutely in love with it. The lid looks like a huge diamond in person!
oooo la laaaa :)

This is what i did for the rest of the day, laid around being a bum. I have no idea why these pics are on my camera, but my cousin seemed to find this angle fascinating, cuz she took about 10 shots from it haha.

Shes weird, right? :p

Im going to spray paint now...

xoxo Inna :)


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

haha! Sounds like you had an eventful weekend. How cute that she is having a girl, and you are so creative! I love that onsie! :)

I also want to do a similar thing eventually with picture frames in our bedroom, but it is so hard to get started!

Brittany said...

LOVE the headbands you made! They're adorable :)

I always hear people talking about goodwill. I really need to go there!

My walls are bright green too. Like BRIGHT green lol. I love it though :)

Cute idea for your walls!

Tracy@mybestbeautybuys said...

For an uneventful weekend you accomplished a ton! LOVE the headbands and your friend will too. Also that is a great room inspiration picture!

Brittany said...

I looooove that scarf you're wearing . Goodwill is the best.. I love when I find the perfect little gem that someone gave away!