Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catch up..

Hi pretty girls!
I just had the urge to write handsome ladies, just to see how you'd react.
Because you know, back in ze day, they used to use that phrase for men AND women?!
If someone called me that today, id smack them with my purse. And it'd hurt you know, because ive perfected the swing of my purse to face.
I kid. sorta.

Anyways, wanna hear a tale from tonight?

I just tried to make hot chocolate with water. I added the cocoa powder, tasted, and about died. gross. add another spoon of cocoa. taste, and gamble my life again, add another spoon of cocoa, and wtheck another half, because at this point im annoyed that it didnt transform to wonderful hot choc the minute i put the first spoon in, taste, wtheck is wrong with this, scan the kitchen counters, oooo whats this? adding a spoon of sweet condensed milk, taste, not good enough, a pump of caramel goes in, taste buds still mad at me, another spoon of condensed milk and 2 more pumps of caramel, taste, and now my taste buds are hyper and im pretty sure im now diabetic. What is wrong with me? What sane person would allow all that sugar to enter their body even if it was only a tea spoon, let alone i drank half the cup..

And if your wondering why the font is so funky and small, its because i posted this little story on Facebook and then copy and pasted it. Because i AM that lazy. Now my font is all screwed up. great. 

Bare with me while i work through this. 
This looks about right, right?
Wait, lets check this real quick, no, too Tiny.
I give up.

Anyways, if your wondering what happened since my last post about that job interview, i didn't get it :(
Those suckers.
I really really wanted it! But they told me they ended up going with another candidate, which is off, because the position says its still open on their website, and you can still apply for it.
They better have went with someone else. That way i know it wasn't me. 
Oh gawddd, maybe i left some red lipstick on the glass of water i demanded during the interview? that'd be embarrassing. You think that was it?
Hey, maybe if i applied again and didn't wear red lipstick to the second interview they wouldn't notice they already interviewed with me? 
I'm nuts...I really am.
Not because of thinking this, but because i'm actually really considering it. 

Listen, i want that job!! Its a great starting pay, especially for that position!! Not to mention the quarterly bonuses that range between 4 and 10% of your salary! Omg!!! yes, please.

But alas, they didn't want me. Although to be honest, i think it had more to do with them then me. They were such slackers through out the whole process before and after, that i can honestly see them not hiring anyone just because they didn't feel like doing it. Which my mom reminded me that isn't someone i wanna work for, because before i know it, ill be doing their jobs for them while receiving a smaller salary. Which is pretty much the situation i'm in now.
I mean, for peets sake, i have to constantly remind my boss to get back in her office and finish this and that and so. While i'm busy helping her with her budget reports, which i technically have no business seeing...
It honestly reminds me of The office with Pam and Michael. No joke.

And i hope you ladies don't take me for some kind of lazy dead beat worker with no work ethic and prob doesn't do jack, because of the griping i do here online about my job. Because this is a place to vent for me, which doesn't mean there isn't any good at my work and business. I love my job, i really do. Sometimes you just need to let off steam. And what better place then here, correct? Much better than there :p

I am actually a hard worker. I'm one of those people who thrives off stress, responsibility, and hard work. I ENJOY it. Its therapeutic to me. And after 3 years, my job just doesn't offer me that anymore. I'm a loyal employee, when i get a job, i stick with it, i'm not a job hopper, i assure you, but i know what i'm capable of, and i believe in myself. I know i can do something that challenges me more, and actually enjoy it, and i'm ready to do that! I'm ready to spread my wittle wings and flyyy!
(cue r. kelly @ i believe i can fly)

I have dreams to be a boss, to make decisions, to put this tough head of mine to work, and do great things with it. To really really use my brain. And all that these wonderful 23 years have acquired. Not just go through the motions, like i feel i'm doing at my current job.

So all ive been doing the past 2 months and a little more is applying to tons of jobs, daily. 
But where i live, there really isn't a grand amount of job opportunities, and all that i apply for on CareerBuilder i usually don't hear back from, and Craigslist, is usually a scam, because the next day i wake up to like 40 more messages containing "GO BIGGER" in the subject line. Ughhhh. Comeonnnn, they really aught to start filtering job posts on Craigslist, like make people provide the company name for verification, and it can be anonymous to the reader, just do it!! 
Or Craigslist, if your reading, i can do it for you, for a decent salary :p
See?  I never stop looking for a job :) haha.
If any of you ladies live in Sacramento, and know of any job opportunities, LET ME KNOW!

So yes, ladies this is for the most part what i have been up to lately..
that and playing Mah Jong.

I'm also busy planning my sister in laws baby shower, for end of this month! 
 Levi Matthew
 is due beginning of May, so we're getting it out of the way sorta earlier, to make her last few weeks as relaxed as possible :)

I highly recommend Pickle Doodle Designs on Etsy if your looking for super cute invites!
I went through them for the baby shower invites and couldn't have been happier!! Lizzy Hastings was so very helpful, and patient with all of my indecisive changes and she works quickly! :)
Here's how the invites turned out!

They yellow is looking off here, but its actually a much lighter yellow rather than this mustardy yellow.

I am in love with them!! :)

Anyways ladies, i quickly scrolled up this post and freaked at how long this post already is so i'm leaving it at this until next time!! :)

Btw girls, im trying to use my Twitter daily now, just to make it easier to stay in touch with ya'll on a daily basis! Follow me at xoxonessak!

Have a great Tuesday, handsome girls :p

xoxo Inna