Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CLING to the Y!

 Saturday night i went to dinner with my friend for a girls night at PF Changs. 
Usually its 3 of us, and we try to get together about once a month, for chit chat and drama unload and whatnot. Usually its them unloading, me listening. haha. But this time one of my friends decided to flake. Which irks me to no end. Let me tell you why. Because of a stinkin boy. 

Do you have one or two of those friends, who always makes the dude, any dude, top priority, in fact, thee only priority? The one who disappears once a male with an attachment is in their life? But seems to always find her way back for mothering and consoling once hes used and abused her? Yaaaaa, ive got afew. Her being one. Let me tell you, the last guy she dated, she dated for 2 years, I swear to God, in those 2 years not one of her friends including me heard from her. We all assumed she had moved away and got married? Because her number was disconnected, and she didnt bother notifying any one of us with the new one. 
One day i was at a baby shower and i see the door open and look who walks in, low and behold, its L. No ring on finger. Im happy to see her of course! Hug Hug while in my head im thinking woooow, took this one a  wee bit longer then most to get past the lovey dovey spend every second with you stage..until she tells me they broke up. The only reason im seeing her at this very moment is because she doesnt have a man to cling to anymore. Thats when i knew, she was one of thooooose girls...
Whatever, i dont hold grudges. Im one of those people, ill get mad/upset with you, but by the next day or two, im over it, and prob have forgotten. I just cant stay mad. Dont believe me? Ask the boyfriend lol. He knows very well. hahaha.

Anyways, so back to what happened. My friend now has a new boyfriend. For the past month and a half. We had planned on this Saturday from a month before. She didnt forget. She was aware of it. She text me Monday asking if wer still on for Saturday. We were supposed to go to San Francisco for the day, shopping and eating. Fun right? She texts me Saturday morning saying, honey, do you mind staying in town today? We can just go out for dinner and drinks tonight! Cuz she said she was low on money And come on, i understand that, been there, i know how she feels, i consult my other friend, and we decide we'll do dinner and drinks tonight, and SF some other day. She texts me 2 hours before dinner to ask if her bf can come. lol. lol. Like my other friend said, uhhh, kinda awkward? but whatever, what are we gonna say, no? we cant say no, too rude. but what im curious about is, why the friggin heck would her BF wannnnnnaaaa come?!?! hahaha. Good question friend! Why? Sp he can sit and listen to 3 babbling girls gossip all night? no guy in his right mind would ever wanna come to a girls night. My bf would refuse lol. So anyway, i reply saying sure, why not, and then ask her why he isnt going to the guys night the boys have been planning for months. A guys night on the town. 25 or so family and friends hes grown up with and never sees, i know this cuz i know him actually. Hes related to me. She replies because he wants to hang out with me. Wtf? really now? you guys see each other every single day, and have been since you started dating., You told me so yourself. Your there from morning to night, unless your working, then youll come over after till 3am. ladies, she told me this herself. Give each other a breather!!! My golly! My friend and i are thinking he wouldnt have minded going to the guys night, but she prob didnt wanna leave him. Girl is clingy. CLING - Y! She texts an hour later saying she wont be coming to the girls night that wev had panned a month in advance, because she wants to hang out with him. I didnt even bother to reply. I had nothing to say.

We do this about once a month, because we can never get all 3 of our schedules to work, me with work, her with the guy, and the other friend with a lil daughter.

 I didnt expect it from a 28 year old. My friend and i have barely had a chance to talk to her in the past month and a half because she never replies to texts or etc anymore. See her at church, shes on the run to meet him. 
Her boyfriend lives with his brother, his brothers wife and their little baby, and she told me that the brother is starting to complain to the bf that shes over ALL THE TIME, and that he and his family cant enjoy being comfortable in their own home, cuz shes always there. She told me she doesnt get why hes so rude for no reason. I woulda kicked her out ages ago, hes nto being rude lol.
She then told me that her family wont talk to her because theyr mad that shes been ignoring them. Including her sister, who shes a maid of honor for, and hasnt been helping. She said she thinks theyr being silly. 
Now her friends are pissed. 

Honey, i really dont think its a coinkadink, that everyone but you, finds your behavior wrong. 
Sorry for the MAJORRRR vent. And major being an understatement. sheeesh inna!
I just cant stand friends who are only their when they need you, like to bring the ice cream when theyv broken up w a boy. But never when you need them. What kinda friendship is that> Plus, a mature relationship is one that has balance. 

Anyways, me and my other friend decided on PF Changs for dinner. When we got there at 6, we found out the wait was 2 stinkin hours!!! We were both set on PF Changs, and new all the other places in the area would also have a wait, so we decided wed have drinks at the bar till the buzzer does its thannng and buzzes! Plus, its first come first serve. 
Ya riight!!! You shoulda seen the bar area! All the people who were looking for a bar seat, or cocktail table
were like sharks! WE BECAME LIKE SHARKS! I mean we had to FIGHT for a spot! hahaha! With no luck. It got down to strategic planning such as standing in front of cocktail tables and staring at people, waiting for them to get creeped out and decide to leave. Yes, we planne don stalking people out of there. Harassing them. lol. Afew other ideas were: Blocking other peoples views of the bar area, with our giant selves in heels, so they cant see when a chair or tables frees up, approaching people at tables and telling them to scram! and alot of observing. wed talk, but kept our eyes on peoples tables and hands. Watching for a wallet, our cue that they were going to be leaving. Yes, we are crazy blonds. Ok, maybe all we did was the blocking of the bar area, and the observing for wallets, and plates being cleared. But if one of the nice ladies who had apparently been watching us for an hour desperately trying yo get a table, hadnt offered us hers, because she said they were done, and felt bad for our poor legs being stuffed into 5ish inch heels, we would have resorted to the SCRAM and stalking plan! :p Afffter an hour wait, and we finally get a cocktail table and order our appetizers and drinks to tide us over until we get seated for dinner, THATS when PF Changs decides to serve all the people waiting at the bar area for a seat free samples. omfg. shoot me. 
at 8:37, 2 and a half hours after we got there, we finally get seated, and decided to be assholes and stay there until they closed. Fine, until after they closed lol. We were last out. But i had so much fun, everything that night was worth it! Plus, the food is always AMAZING!

Sunday was slow.

Sorry for the really long post ladies! Once i start typing, i cant stop!!!
Have a super duper great day darlins! 

xoxo inna :)


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

flakey friends are no fun! But sometime good friends can be flakey. Ok I admit I'm flakey! But I have kids so its ok, right?


Sophia Caris said...

AIY girly, I can't keep up with ya! I've been so busy busy busy these last few days. I admit, I have been scrolling through to lurk at yur pics..I swear I will spend some time actually reading your posts! Soon!

Brittany said...

Wow, what a story haha. Regardless, you had a great Saturday night and that's all that matters!! :)