Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goody basket?


Since me and Mister cant spend Valentine's day together this year, i wanna do something really special and cute for him!
I wanna make him a goody basket, well not really a basket, cuz thatd be hard to ship lol, but a goody box, with tonssss and tonnnnnns of goodies! 

And i mean like major tonss! I do things big when it comes to his presents lol.
I just want him to open up a huge box full of fun, yummy, silly, etc goodies!
I can already imagine his excitement! Hes gonna be like a little boy.
 I know him. hah!

Ive already got some things i wanna put in it, like the obvious stuff, edible yumminess, cologne, gift cards to his favorite places, boxers, random tshirts, DVD box sets, and this SUPER cute "I Love You" book my sweet bloggie friend Brittany told me about!

Click the link to look inside the book! suuuuper cute! Thanks Brittany!

Im also gonna be buying him a massage package, cuz his shoulders always killing him & he deserves it. 
 & these super cute pillow cases, and he better WILL sleep on it! lol

and im having a huge Red Velvet cake with a big pizza delivered to him on Valentines, cuz thats his favorite!

But i need help with more ideas for the basket box!
Because i wanna make it a large box of goodies, i need alot of stuff to fill it with! and im running out of ideas!
Oh, and i need to figure out a good place to order some wine to be delivered to him!

So ladies, id love you foreva and evaaaaa if you gave me some ideas!
Leave me a comment bellow, tellin me what to throw in the box!
Or where to order the wine from!
Big hugs in advance!

Also, check out Brittanys cute blog @
Shes a doll!

Have a super lovely day!
xoxo Inna!!


Katie said...

Umm such a cute idea! Those pillow cases are SO awesome. I wish I could help you out but I think you have it covered! Lucky guy.


Brittany said...

Danggg girl, you are spoiling him silly! Pillow cases are just too cute. Love them. I think all of your ideas are great :-) he'll love everything I'm sure!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Hey you!! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am in Sacramento, too - well, the area - I am up the 50 near Folsom! :) Okay, I am so with you on V Day... my husband, Tim, and I won't be together, either... so I have to do something cool.

An Idea for your basket... a dictionary! Highlight all the words in the dictionary that remind you of him (it's time consuming, but fun) and then write a special message like "our love is hard to define... but I tried". I did this for our first V Day a few years ago!

Good luck! xoxo

Tracy@mybestbeautybuys said...

Wow you are spoiling him big time! Maybe a CD of all your favourite songs together? Pictures and a little frame that he can change out thru-out the year? The Love book is adorable btw :)