Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another deal for ya ladies!

If you like to eat out like me, this is a fantastic deal for you!
Right now if you go to you can get $25 gift certificates for $2!!!
Go to, type in your zip code, choose a restaurant that interests you, and choose the $25 gift certificate and purchase, when it takes you to check out, type in "krazy" in the promo code box, and voila! discounted to $2!! 
Most restaurants have certain rules and guidelines you have to follow, such as dinner only or a minimum purchase of (usually $35), but if you plan on not dining alone, this certificate is HANDDDAYYY, cuz i know when i go out w the girls, our bill always totals more than $35 fo sho!

I stocked up on 8 of them and only paid $16! boooya!

I also got some for Vegas, since when i visit me and Honey looooove going out ;)
Some of my picks were:

Rare 120 @ The Hard Rock Hotel

Mood @ The Artisan Boutique Hotel

Sedona Restaurant & Lounge 

and Capos Italian Steakhouse

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ummm ok, im just on to give you thee best flight deal going on now till tomorrow night!

Southwest Airlines is having their 40 year anniversary, and to celebrate they are discounting tickets to dirt cheap!

Fly between August 23 - November 16th and...

Flights 0-450 miles are $40
Flights 451-1250 miles are $80
Flights 1250 + are $120
One Way!

I was OVER THE MOON when i found out about this! Being as im in a long distance relationship, traveling to see the beau gets PRICAYYY to say the least, so I AM STOCKING UP on tickets for one every month! Ive got tickets for August, Sepetember, October, & November!
Wanna know how much its costin me for all those round trip flights??
ONLY $320!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats insane!

I was just checkin tickets for July to go out and see the BF and one trip totalled 240! but for less than $100 more im getting 4 flights!
Thassss right! Im stoked!!
So if anyone else is in a long distance relationship, or just wants to fly out and visit me for some Cali shenanigans :p, stock up on these deals now till tomorrow night!

Heres the link!

You better love me for this ;)

xoxo Inna :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday!


Im just gonna jump right in and start with todays loooooves..

I am LOVING my boyfriend, as always. Its getting extremely extremely hard for me, to be away from him. I miss him so incredibly much, that any tiny lil thing hurts me when it shoudnt. at all. My emotions are running wayyyyyyy high these days ladies.
It. Kills.

I am LOVING my awesometastic (ya, i just made that up, so what?) followers, and the amazing girls III follow! You guys are amaaaZING! Im really loving one follower especially, Megan, at Suitcase and Stilletos, and all the emailing back and forth the past few days. Shes HILARIOUS! Oh, and we both rock crooked lips. if your confused, head over to her blog, and you shall be confused no more...

I am LOVING this song. Adele is amazing. Thats all i have to say about that!

I am LOVING that my friend Veronika is back from Seattle for the summer! We get into a lot of trouble together! lol. I will be watching the sunset with Jack in the Box on the bridge tonight with her! Sounds prettttty good to me! :)

I am LOVING that im gonna be getting a gym membership this week through work. I might actually excercise.

I am LOVING that its Wednesday, which means 2 more work days and then the wknd!

I am LOVING my boyfriend. I know i already said this, but i wanna say it again. He tickles my pickle! .....or maybe its the other way around...hahahah JUST KIDDING! Calm down ;) Ill keep it family friendly for your sake :p

I am LOVING that this video the old people were watching is now over. The music was torturous.

I am now going to pop the video out of the player.

xoxo Inna :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can it be Friday already??

HAAAAAPPY Thursday ladies!! It feels like a Friday though, and i wish it was! Im ready for a warm weekend!

I am...spontaneous.
I be sailing on a yacht.
I wish...I had endless amounts of money.
I amazing boyfriend.
I hate...having to work.
I fear...Time passing.
I hear...birds chirping!
I search...the randomest things.
I wonder...if i'll ever actually become a detective.
I regret...not going to college after high school.
I markets, flea markets, etc.
I ache...For a better job.
I always...Chew gum.
I usually...feel better after shopping.  
I am not...a runner, at all.
I dance...silly.
I sing...In the car to country music.
I never...Wake up on the first beep, I'm a snoozer. 
I sometimes...get charlie horses randomly. Like right now. Crap!
I cry...when i argue. haha.
I am not always...talkative.
I lose...Patience.  
I am nutrition. hahaha.
I need...a vacation!!!
I should...get on it!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Been a while since ive done this :)

I am LOVING my boyfriend, future husband, and baby daddy!

I am LOVING that the weather has let up! The rain was KILLING real.

I am LOVING having my brother and SIL living with us for 2/3 months! She cooks a mean meal! Last night i had Grilled BBQ Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Corn, Garlic Broccoli, & Salad! Mmmmm, i could get used to this....

I am LOVING that Fourth Of July is less than a month away! Even though ill be working :( i still enjoy the holiday! The smell of bbq & fireworks is THEE best! & ill be spending that wknd with the baby daddy either in Vegas or San Fransisco.

I am LOVING all the vacation planning ive been doing with alot of my friends! Even though the chances that they'll actually go through with it are slim to none (cuz they just suck like that), ill take it!

I am LOVING that I actually got one of my projects finished with that extra hr and a half after yesterdays post! See, there is hope for me!

I am LOVING Subway. Although i could eat a whole foot long on my own, and i probably shouldnt be telling you this...

I am LOVING that the upcoming warmer weather permits me to wear sleeveless tops! Cuz i really HATE sleeves. I dont like to feel anything under my armpits, it irritates the shizzz out of me! & maybe, mayyyybe, i can convince my coworkers im not a cave woman, always grabbing at my armpit..Doubt it...

That is all for now...
Have a great rest of your day, yoooou :D 

Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ramblings....Shoes, food, etc

Helloooooo pretty ladies!
Ive missed you all the past few weeks! I havent been blogging much at all :/
But i do DOOOO still read each and every one of your blog posts! I mean what else do i have to do at work? Actual work? Nahhh :p
I cant comment though, because for some stinkin reason everytime i try and comment it wants me to relog in, then it kicks me off your :/ ughh.

I am sooo bad. My desk is covered with 2 projects i started, got about 5 mins into, and took a 2hr and counting break to browse the web and catch up on your blogs. hahaha. This is what i do. When the boss isnt in, i take complete advantage and do absolutely no work. I havent accomplished anything since Monday, and wont until Thursday when the boss gets back. hahaha. Im being honest here w you ladies. Now im not a complete lazy mess, i work hard, and im a perfectionist and blah blah blah, but when the boss is gone, WE ALL take advantage here at work. Nobody has gotten any real work done since she left. We are savoring this lil break :D
Which reminds me, i need to start looking for a second job...yay me.

Here are some random pics from this last week.

I am loving these super cute heels i got at Burlington Coat Factory! Now i dont shop there for anything other than shoes. For a cheap store, they actually have some super cute heels for dirt cheap! I think these babies were $14.99! And the picture does them 0 justice! Ill try taking a better pic soon. Check the store out sometime ladies! Mine always has affordable cute heels, and sometimes some great knock offs! I got a pair of Yves Saint Laurent heels for $15 and my friend got the real ones for a couple hundred same color and everything! And when we wear em together you honestly cant tell the difference! Too bad i had to retire them since the Vegas trip :( RIP babies...

IIIIIIII make the best breakfast sandwhiches! And i knew youd wanna see proof ;)

And the best pasta sauce!!! Ask me for the recipe if your interested, i promise its DELICIOOOUS! Giving myself a pat on the back...

And the BF & I have been craving this ever since i got back from Vegas! Omg, it was INCREDIBLE! If you have a Pei Wei in town, TRY IT! Its basically a cheaper, yummier version of PF Changs! Too bad the closest one to me is 3 cities away :(

Speaking of BF...Ive played a cruel little joke on my FB friends & family, that he is now my fiance..
with this little photo with a nice caption that doesnt state, but implys ;) BWAHAHAHAH. This has been fun...
Now ya'll prob thinkin, how could anyone believe that huge thing is real?! Well, im known for my small midget hands, so FB prob thinks its due to that, when in reality, the fake rock issss bam big!
& i expect NO LESS! :p ;)

While we are on big.....
hahahah, oops, i just got a dirty thought/joke...
Lets just say this could have gone very very wrong lol...
well nevermind...

Your prob thinkin wth is that? Thats also what i was thinking...Because when last wk Kaitlin & I went to see Bridesmaids (WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! HILARIOUSSSSS movie!!! omg..)
this is how flippin close we had to sit!!! The only seats left were front row, and im a shortie, so i looked like a freakin kid in front of that gigantic screen! I couldnt see shiz, and my neck still hurts...

Look at all the books i took home from work yesterday! Am i pathetic that this made my day?

Or that this is what i ate in the dark in bed at 2:30am lastnight...and texted the bf to notify him of it...
Or that im gonna go home and prob do the same thing tonight?

But i swear to you, these 70 calorie Skinny Cow White Mint Truffle Ice Cream Barsa are THE BEST THING IVE EVER TRIED?!
TRY THEMMMMMM, i promise theyr to die for!

Guys, this is the first warm day in WEEKS and i have to spend it in this freezing airconditioned building, andget frost bite :(

I cant wait for more warmer weather! Ive been horrible with my eating :/ and ive been horrible with my plan to start up the tanning again :/ so im still pasty for now :/ Maybe one of these days ill actually go home and self tan...but prob not tonight! ha!

Hmmm...1.5hr of work left, im gonna try to speed this up by shifting some papers around my desk, cuz i cant wait to go home!!! A quiet house to just me, myself, and i tonight sounds fabbb! I cant wait to move out...

Ta ta, pretties :)
xoxo Inna

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long Overdue! I missed yoooou!

Ya Ya, so im 2 weeks late, shoot me :p
Here are some pics from Vegas.
We didnt take a whole lot, just cuz i was too busy either shmoozing on ma man or staring at all the lights and buildings in awe! Or limping in my stripper size heels like a fool...Ya, you read right, limping. So one of the nights the bf decides hes gonna take me to a nice steak dinner on the strip, and i decide to give up my trusty wedges for a pair of 5 inch heels..that i hadnt noticed but somehow the left heel was walked on or sanded down by the pavement wrong the last time i wore em, but it was completely crooked! I literally could not walk straight on em with out my foot giving in to the side on felt like spraining my ankle over and over, so pretty much i had to put most my pressure on the one sturdy heel on the right, and fake the left step lol. Does that make sense? It felt liek i was wearing one heel, cuz i couldnt support myself on the left heel. I tell ya ladies, that gave me such a work out, i was sweatin beads and cryin in pain by the time we barely (& with 3000 breaks) made it to the Steakhouse. But i did it like a champ! On the way back i decided to give into it and just limp the way back like a trooper (picture this please) but not before we got one shot in!

Boyfriend was a sweetheart and encouraged me to take breaks and even fetched the car to save me the extra painful steps!

Alot of our trip was spent off the strip actually. We did alot of eating out, cuz we both enjoy this very very much lol, a little shopping which i thanked my boyfriend for sticking through with me, he was uncomfortable in Forever21, i cannot tell you how many times he got hit on by the gay men working there. We went to Red Rock Canyon, watched some of the outdoor shows on the strip, and walked the beautiful hotels, drank wine at a jazz bar, played in the casino, tons and tonssssss of cuddles, and he even made me breakfast in bed! I remember waking up to him getting up early after a late night but i was too tired to ask him why and went back to bed. I woke back up to the best french toast ive ever tried!!! bacon, eggs, and strawberries :) and hes got some mad presentation skills! :) I could get used to that!!!

Here are some of the few pics we took :)

 I love how at every direction you could see the mountains! beautiful!!

 Red Rock Canyon! Beautiful!!!

We were staaaarving after, and decided on a local pizza joint called Metro Pizza! By the time we actually got our pizza we wernt so hungry anymore. We ordered a Large, each had a slice, paid the $35 tab, and decided to take the rest home. That is until boyfriend had the brilliant idea to prop it on top of some random stuff in the backseat! We hadnt even pulled out of the parking lot before it fell over face flat onto the floor, $30 worth of pizza smashed into the rug. Yes, my boys brilliant :D haha.

 BF washing dishes haha!

 BF showing me his nifty childhood spear head collection! hahaha! Hes really big on the indians :p
 BIG collection!
& his vintage mitt

 Ice cream and pretzel at Serendipity!

<3 HIM!

It was SOOOOO good to see the bf! You ladies have no idea! I missed him to pieces, and not seeing him for 4 months is NOT okay! I totally cried going home. The airport security was look at me like i was crazy. So much that i was asked to step to the side for a second search...