Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

Hi ladies!
Im probably one of the last ladies doing a post on my wishlist, but better late then never, right? :) 

This year the family decided we'd try doing something different. Everyone we know seems to be doing a Secret Santa gift exchange so we thought we'd give it a go and see how we like it! & we set a limit of around $50. So far, im not liking it so much..I think not buying as many gifts, and shopping and wrapping gifts for all my family, has taken away from the whole Christmas experience..It just hasnt felt like Xmas AT ALL so far this year :/ so depressing.

Anyways! I drew my moms name out of the hat, along with her wishlist.
My mom sucks. All she had on her wishlist was "Macy's or Loft gift card". LAME!! Moooooooom.
Forget that!
I decided to do something more fun!
I scheduled my mom and i a 1 hr massage, followed by a nice long lunch at a nice restaurant called Roxy.
We neverrrr have time to have a fun girls day, so this is gonna be reallllly nice, and much needed for the both! Im excited to spend time with my momma! Deff not in the $50 range, but im not good at staying within a budget :p
I also got her a box full of makeup, from mascara to lipsticks to liners to blushes to etc! <---thats my kinda gift! I know she'll love it! We're such girls :)

Moving onnnn..
Here's what i put on my wishlist!

Lordy knows i need it!! I havent had a facial in agesssss, and its showin!!

I swatched this on my hand in Nordstrom's and about died! What is this miracle cream?! Its a foundation?! But i cant even see it! 
I swatched it on my hand, blended it out, and it went on so smoothly, and blended so well, you couldnt even tell i had anything on my hand! It was that smooth and amazing! BUT it had great coverage! So odd, but so lovely! I NEED IT!

I was in Ulta, wasting money of course, and tried some of this on my hand. It was amazing! So soft, went on like a light primer but once you blend it feels more like a sheer powder. It filled in all the tiny little wrinkles in my skin, and made it look flawless! I knew i needed this! The reviews are fantastic as well! Wear it over your makeup, under, whatever! Helps minimize pores and makes your skin look flawless!

A massage.
I have been wanting and NEEDING one for months. So i guess i took care of this myself! ha!

I also put a Sephora Giftcard on my list.
Thats about it.
The older i get, the less i want for xmas, is that weird? It will take me days to figure out what to put on the list. And thats all i was able to figure out. haha. I prefer being surprised!

But ill be happy with any one of those & im excited to see what i get!

Have you ladies tried any of the above products?
Happy Thursday!
xoxo Inna

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Part 2 of Celeb Plastic Surgeries...

Here's a part 2 to this post.
Can you tell this fascinates me? Haha.

Tyra, i liked your old nose better...

She had her jaw line redone, and some chin work.

I dont think she can move her face anymore...

She looked a lot better to me before!! I actually loved her old nose.

Omg!! Its like looking at a timeline backwards!!

WOAH!! Plastic surgery gone wrong!!! :/

Lay off the lip injections honey, you look like a blowfish!

Omg!!! He looks like an elf now! Or a cartoon!

I like her old nose!


She just looks older and sick now!

Well hellooooo there Zac :p

She was so gorgeous before!!! yikes!

Hope you enjoyed these!
Im gonna leave you to your Tuesday with a plea.
PLEASE ladies, if you have a blogger or google account, UPDATE your email info!
Nothing worse then replying to a comment email with a whole paragraph, hitting send, just to realize it was sent to "" never to be seen again! Id really LOVE to reply back to you, even for the tiniest two word comment, but if your posting without an email attached to your profile, i have no way to. Ever wonder why bloggers dont reply back to your comments? Thats probably why.
GO! Do. It. Now!
Thanks :) <3
xoxo Inna

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Here's some Saturday fun for ya!

So i was reading about Christy Brinkley's skincare line on the web and came across this picture....

Woahhh, face lift much?!
I find it a bit odd that she got a face lift before she started promoting her skincare line, one which emphasizes on aging gracefully with her super dupertastic products that act like face lifts in a bottle!
What they dont say is that you actually have to go get the face lift! :p

Which then led me to Googleing all of these!
I know i did...

Definitely better.

WAMM! Deff better as well! Although her face looks kinda tight...

This girl just has major issues...She looked SO MUCH BETTER before (left side.) Her boobs are like bazookas! 

Way too butch looking its been for the better id say.

I think they did too much work on those wrinkles. Shes beautiful in both, but a lot more relaxed and sweet before. So im going with the Before. 

Chin implant. Good choice. It totally thinned her out and took her from adolescent teen girl to sexy vixen. I also like her with the darker hair.

Eeeeks. Boy needs to lay off the Botox and lip injections.

Thats pretty drastic! 

She should never go that thin. It looks like her own mouth is eating her.

Personally, ive never thought Kim was anything special. At all. She's kinda annoying looking to me. Shes not sexy, its always been her makeup. Her eye makeup is sexy. Her lashes are sexy. Her lipstick is sexy. Her bronzing is sexy. But never her her. I think shes overrated. And seeing this before picture i can now see she was once actually really gorgeous. Just a natural beauty. She looks more like a cat now. And i dont think its flattering. It looks like her whole face is pulling upwards. She reminds me of the next lady...

I know, not quite. But where shes going resembles this to me...

I think the nose job was a great choice for Ashley. I think it put her in a whole other league...

Its crazy how young she got work done...

I think shes over rated aswell. Bangin body, but the face doesnt scream supermodel to me at all. I have a lot of Ukranian friends that resemble her. A lot of Ukranians look like this actually. So i dont know whats so special about her...besides great legs and fabulous skin. Not sayin shes not pretty. Shes deff pretty. But the big deal?

Carrot Top goes to BFs gym. BF says hes an ahole.

These are all my opinions..
What are yours??
Do you agree or disagree?
And please tell me in not the only one who thinks Kim K. is OVERRATED!!

Happy Saturday!
xoxo Inna :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, how pinteresting!

Morning ladies! 
Ya'll are wakin up and im just going to bed!
Its safe to say i have THEE worst sleeping schedule ever!
Im just stoppin in with a fun link up.

I NEED this!

Happy Wednesday ladies!
xoxo Inna :)