Monday, January 31, 2011


Heeeellllloooo pretty girls :)
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Too freakin short. ugh.

Saturday i went to lunch with Kaitlin at Jacks Urban Eats. Yummmm!
Then finished packing Misters goody box for Valentines day and shipped it out! Hooray!!
I got him THEE cutest Valentines Day card at Target! It by Papyrus, which means its for sure gonan be cute! They make the best stuff!
It has a little Tobasko Sauce bottle on the front with little hearts in it, and it says 'Hottie"
The inside says "Sweetheart, you set my everything on fire!" hahaha! Cute right?
Saturday night i went to my friends to snack on appetizers and watch some movies.
Sunday i went to church. It was our 5 year anniversary, and it was fun!
After church a bunch of us went to Chipotle were i got my usual yummy goodness, 3 soft chicken tacos, chips and fresh salsa!
I went home to change and then went over to another friends!
The boys watched the basketball game, and the girls ate the yummy Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake i brought!
Then i played UNO with the smallest deck of UNO cards i have EVER seen! lol
I got home late and thought about how much i dreaded having to go to work today.

Anyways, today i decided i was gonna start dieting and working out for spring/summer!

Before i can allow myself to get in a bikini and lay on a beach , i gotta shed some pounds, and tone up!

Im gonna start P90X tonight, and im sorta excited/sorta not.
If you havent heard of P90X (youd have to be living under a rock), its a 90 day home workout plan, with daily 1 hr workout videos/plan. and nutrition guiedes. The 90 days is seperated by 30 days phases, and you can choose with style of workout plan you want to do and what you want to achieve, like weight loss and toning, muscle building, etc. I am doing the shredding and toning. Im fine with out the muscle. lol.

Ive done P90X before, but only lasted a month. Let me tell you why. ughhh him so mad at myself still. I never work out. never. I hate it. So when i started this it KILLED ME! It was soooo friggin hard, and took me a couple times to actually get past the first day. Seriously. It is verrry hard. The beginning is always hard, but once you get past the first 2 really harrrrrd weeks, it becomes easy peasy! Once i got past the initial 'getting into a routine' period, and my body getting used to it, and my brain finally comprehending that I WILL NOT GIVE UP, and THIS WILL BECOME A DAILY THING, i actually started to enjoy it! ALOT! It gave me wayyy more energy! And just in 2 weeks, people were telling me they can tell ive been losing weight! And thats with out following a diet! I started P90X but wasnt ready to give up unhealthy eating. So i just worked out. And it still worked! The first week i was SO FREAKIN SOAR i couldnt lift my legs, and everytime i had to sit down or get out of my chair, itd seriously take me minutttttes to do it, and id have to lift myself using my arms for support, i seriously looked like those pregnant woman who stick out their bellys and slowely try to push out of a chair. You should have seen the looks i was getting at work. lol. Anyway, so after a month of LOVING P90X, and doing the videos, i got a bad case of the Monthly Bill. Dun dun duuuuun. Yep, that stinkin red army! I had horrible cramps and did not feel like doing my workouts, so i thought, well, sinceim done with my first month/phase, ill take this wk off before i move to the next month/pahse to rest and let the bill pass. YA RIGHT! After that week i lost allll of my self control, dedication, motivation, and the routine was broken. Getting back into it is the hardest! And giving that hr a day up was impossible again. Cuz lets be honest, 1 hr a day, you might not think it, but once you start this, you realize is a looooot! So that was that.
BUT NOOOOOOW, im starting again, cuz i know i can do it, and i remember how i felt while i was doing it, all the energy and etc, and I MISS IT! Im starting tonight, but this time im actually gonna do the healthy eating too! Cuz thats gotta be kicked to the curb for good.

I have 2 good friends who have done all 90 days, and have had AMAZING EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS!! Its really insane! I wish i had their pictures to show you!!! They are my motivation, and also this girl:

Awesome, right? I dont know why, but its always easier for me to relate to people who look more like me, and etc., the producers for the P90X Program have a great online community where you can sign up and get customixed meal plans, recipes, goal trackers, support, and even find yourself a coach, someone youd like to coach and mentor you thought your 90 days! :) And guess who mine is? haha, thats right, her :) Shes great! Super sweet, and very knowledgable!
Im o excite dto do this! Ive gained soooo much weight this last fall and winter, i have no idea how i let myself get so unhealthy and etc. It crept up on me, i swear! lol. Im so excited to get back to my old weight, and be bikini ready! And now that im plannin a vaca with the Mister, im excited to actually start shedding this weight!

Tonight im going to the grocery store to stock up on more veggies and healthy foods! :)

Do any of of you ladies know of any great blogs for healthy eating? I need more ideas for healthy meals!!! And i love reading cooking blogs! Because they give you tutorials/directions/pictures. PLEASE LET ME KNOW! :)

How was your weekend?
Are you in need of Bikini Season prep?
Im leaving you with this picture. Go ahead and dream ladiesss :)

xoxo Inna :)


Sophia Caris said...

I totally LOVE your inspiration! My BF does P90X sometimes...and it literally kicks your butt!! I just need to buy it and stick with it, but to be honest...that girl was skinny to begin with! But yeah...I feel ya...I always put on an extra layer in the winter but I wanna look HOT this summer. Maybe I should start my own transformation? Make sure to keep blogging about it and letting all us nosy folks know hows its can be our inspiration! Glad you had a fun weekend chica!

Sophia Caris said...

PS It's nice to have a goal like a vacation. I bought a cute bikini and have it hanging on my wall for inspiration too. I did buy Turbo Jam and had fun with that...but I think I need to kick it up a notch and go all the way with P90X...NO excuses!!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Good luck girl!! I have done the insanity system, and as tough as those beachbody videos are, they totally work!! Plus, beach season is the perfect inspiration!