Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Im sorry ladies.
For taking so long with this.
Im feeling a lil better now, but i still havent gotten out of bed yet, or even eaten my Birthday cake from yesterday. Another reason im posting this so late in the day, after im a day late already, is because...
your gonna hate me...
i totally forgot my camera the entire weekend. 
(ok, lemme have it)
i dont take pictures often anymore, so im not used to carrying it with me, but i know i gotta start doin it, for the sake of my blog. i promise, ill be better next time.
So back to why im posting it so late...because i forgot my camera and dont have my own pics of the wknd, i had to google images of everything from this wknd. hahaha. funny. so heres a day by day recap of my weekend. hang in there, its gonna be a looong post haha. cuz i do all things too big, too expensive, too long, too high, too much.. i. dont. know. how. to. stop. ha!

I had a whole wknd planned of all these amazingly fun things i wanted to do, places to go, places to eat.
But when it came time, all i wanted to do was be with the BF. I wanted to just hang out. To just cuddle. To just relax. To just enjoy doing nothing. I wanted to do things a normal couple would do on a daily basis. I didnt want a schedule to stick to. An itinerary. 
You might call it lazy...haha.
So thats just what we did. 

Friday afternoon i picked up my handsome Mr. M :)

Im using this picture because this is exactly what he wore. haha!

He was hungry so we went to my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Carmelitas. Mmmmm.

Enchiladas, Tacos, and Margaritas! Yummmmay! :p

I told him i wanted to go see a movie that ive been wanting to for awhile now, there was one more showing left, so we decided to hurry and go check him into his hotel and drop his stuff off. 
(He has to stay in a hotel, because sadly, i still live at home, like the bum i am, and my daddy would kill him if he stayed with me)

By the time we got him checked in and his stuff upstairs, and hundreds of hugs later, we were too late for the movie, so we decided to cuddle in bed and watch a movie on tv.

After bumming around for awhile, i decided i wanted to shop. hehe ;) Being the good bf he is, he obliged :p
After shopping, he was hungry again. 
(The man eats like theres no tomorrow. I swear. Every 2 hours this man is hungry. I cannot keep up! Its prob cuz his metabolism is rocket fast, cuz of working out and etc, hes a personal trainer, but sheesh! It felt like by the time we leave the restaurant, hes gettin hungry again, lol. MEN.)

I promised him a big steak dinner for being so good to me, so we went to Outback Steakhouse. He loves it. It was my first time, but i was very very impressed! I dont eat much red meat at all, but this stuff amazing!

I had the Filet with Wild Mushroom Sauce..

And he had a huge steak.

ughhhhhh. im hungry now....

Their bread is INCREDIBLE! nom nom nom..

After dinner we went back to the hotel and did some more cuddling and snuggling, taking a break to go get Neapolitan Shakes from In n Out. Thee best. You guys gotta try!!!
Saturday morning we were supposed to go to San Francisco, but i wasnt really up for the drive. I just wanted to do alot of nothing. haha. lazzzzay!

So we went to Ihop for breakfast, and then makeup shopping for me hahaha. 

We were both soooo tired from the night before, we went back to the hotel to take naps.
Ordered pizza.
And inhaled it! (sorry Mister, for having to see that :p) 
Watched more tv, movies, n our favorite, Seinfeld, theee greatest show ever made.
We went out to run afew random errands, did some driving and night sight seeing, and dinner at Cheesecake Factory.
We decided to go to SF Sunday, but because we were going to bed so late the past 2 nights, we woke up around noonish, and were a lil sluggish, so we went to Old Folsom for lunch at a veryyy cute mom and pop place called Sutter Street Grill where the silverware and linens dont match, and the servers wear what they want :)

(best french toast youll ever try!)

The weather was magnificent so we ended up walking though Old Folsom and looking at all of the cute lil antique shops, and taking a walk on the trials down by the river :) It was suchhh a pretty day, and soo greeeen out, this was my bf's and i's favorite day!

The gorgeous walk..

Afterwards, i decided it was his turn, so we went shopping for the man, and got him a buncha stuff, that i chose. This has got to be one of the perks of being a gf. Dressing the man, hahahah. 

We got back and got dressed for dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant, Banderas.

I told him this was the best place hes ever gonna eat, and he agreed afterwards! :p

I had the ribs i was waiting for for dayssss, and he had sirloin. 

Thank you babe, for picking up that hefty tab :p lol

Before we get our food, wer chatting when he says non chalantly, oh baby, btw, you have a spider crawling on your neck. wtf??? i have a spider crawling on my neck? a spider i didnt even feel? that you see? and instead of quietly secretly just flicking it off or something, cuz you know im gonna freak the flip out, you decide to go with plan b, just tell me, and let me freak the flip out?? omg..i chided him. for awhile. a long while.
anyways, after he tells me, i instantly try to brush it off my neck, then run to the bathroom, strip down, shake all my clothes and hair vigorously for a good half our, before i go back out, even tho im not convinced its off me lol, looking like a mad woman who got electrocuted.  The waitresses and manager were staring at me for 20 mins before they sent my waitress to find out if i was on crack, or just having some kind of attack.
Still happy about going with Plan B babe? ughh..
Thats when he decided to tell me the spider was so and so big and green too. omg. 
So thats when i started ordering my drinks.

My bf drove back. 
The rest of the night was pretty silly. 
Im still convinced the spider is building a nest somewhere in my overnight bag with my clothes from the restaurant. eww.

Anyways, we went to bed around 4 i think. Barely got up at 6. Cleaned out the breakfast bar in the hotel lobby, (sorry other guests) and i drove sniffling all the way to the airport. Where i broke down like a little girl. 
Oh well. Long distance blows.

One of those days, somewhere in between all the rest of the stuff, we went to see that new movie with vince vaughn,  and that king of queens guy. It was okay. Channing Tatum was the funniest. and he wasnt even the main character.

Sorry if this post sucks. And for its length. 

Im leaving you with this picture of the mister, just to brag a lil, and tell you how proud i am to be his lil lady.
Even tho the weekend didnt go as i had originally planned, it turned out perfect. 
He truly is my better half.

(im swooooooning.."hey sexayyyy" :p)

Have a BEEE YOUUUU TIFULLLL night pretty ladies!
I appreciate all your extremely sweet comments from yesterday! Your amazing followers! And i love you guys :)

xoxo Inna :)


Tracy@mybestbeautybuys said...

Mr. M must be for muscles! Other than the spider (oh my gosh, dying!) it sounds like a pretty perfect weekend. I hope your next visit isn't too far away :) Thanks for sharing.

Annie said...

you and your man are too stinkin' cute!! sounds like you had more than a PERFECT weekend together!!!! lots of YUIMMY food and loads of shopping! what could be better?!
besides the spider....ICKY!!! i'd be drinking too! ha!
i'm sorry you have to be apart and miss each other :( that would be so hard! i'm guessing you have long term plans together?? living in the same state eventually?

Sophia Caris said...

Cute cute post!!I guuuuuuuuess I can forgive you for forgetting the cam. :) Holy smokes, Mr. Musc-les! Hehe. Lucky girl! You sound so happy when he is around. I know how ya feel when he's gone. :( Cherish those fab moments! My comments may be a little delayed, but I'm still around!