Thursday, October 18, 2012

Its Friday, Fridayyy! Letters :)

Dear work, please hire some interesting and fun coworkers for me to work with. i really want a "The Office" atmosphere. Although my boss does at times remind me of Michael, i dont have a Pam, Jim, Dwight, etc. & Id really love one of each! Dear boyfriend, your phone was stolen two days ago, so i have hardly talked to you the past 2 days, and its KILLING me. You finally got a new one today, and im sooooo excited im gonna cry. Just like i was going to earlier today when i missed you. I love that we talk every single day, all day. Like from when we wake up and go to bed. Text ofcourse. Dear new car, please hurrrrry and get finished! I know the guy fixing you said you should be painted all new and shiny and ready to go beginning of next week, but because of how last time went, i dont believe him. And im readyyyyyy! Dear healthy lifestyle, i really should be starting you again soon! As soon as my car is back! Its going to be ridiculously hard with all the baked goods going on at my house now that its fall, but im determined to try  my hardest to resist...not all..but some of you. Dear fall, speaking of you, id really appreciate some appropriate weather! WTF!!!!!!! 88 degrees is not okay. You teased us a week ago with 60 degree weather, and that was cruel. Im over summer, the heat, the clothes, the sun. I want rain! waaaaaah! (insert hissy fit here.) Dear bank account, at the end of this month, you are going to be pretty much empty. After i buy my car, pay registration ,insurance, car etc, Thanksgiving airline/hotel tickets, gym, phone, and other etc bills, so id appreciate if there was some kind of undetected computer glitch and youd be thousandssssss richer!

k, thanks :)

Have a WONDERFUL Friday pretty girls!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What im Loving and Pinteresttt!

Hi ladies,

I haven't done a link up in quite a while so i thought i'd do two today!
Lets start with what im LOVING today!!

I am LOVING my boyfriend. He is truly my rock. My best friend. Every single day i love him more and more, and appreciate him more and more. He is the sweetest, most caring, patient, and loyal man i've ever met. & i feel soooo blessed that God gave me a truly GOOD man.

I am LOVING that its fall! Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. & im so excited that its starting to get breezier and cooler here in my little part of the golden state! And i hope it stays! The weather man isnt giving me much hope...

& I am LOVING all that comes with fall! The weather, THE HOLIDAYS, the delicious food, baked goods, cute cute cute clothing! I love layering, so fall is deff my time of year! Is it crazy that ive already decided to start shopping for Christmas?! woopie!

I am LOVING that i finally got my insurance check from my old new first car that i never even got a chance to drive before it was totaled at the car shop. Now i can go get a new one! Sanity, please hang in there!
I am NOT loving that i just heard this morning that the guy who totaled my car passed away last night in his sleep :( He was in his early thirties...and they dont have a cause yet. He just went to sleep and never woke up :( I didnt know the guy at all, but it seriously breaks my heart :'( RIP stranger.

I am LOVING that God has given me 23 years on this earth, that im healthy, & that im alive <3


interesting combo, love it!

YES please!

Different, but deff fun if you can pull it off right!

Love this look for a casual fall outfit!

Im definitely doing this on Christmas Eve! 
because no doubt, ill drink gallons of hot chocolate during the holidays!

Yay! Sister agreed to make this soon! omg...i die.

and those are just a fewwwww things im loving on Pinterest lately!
To see more & follow, go hurrrrr. 
I promise, i don't disappoint ;)

xoxo Inna

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brownie in a Mug, Party in my mouth!

Im back today with the Brownie in a Mug Recipe i talked about in yesterdays post!
Its sooooo very easy, so quick, and i almost guarantee you have every ingredient thats required in the recipe.
I hate that half the recipes i repin i never make because i dont have all the random ingredients.  
This one uses basic staples. duh!

I found the recipe on Pinterest via this blog.

Its an awesome quick fix for a chocolate craving ;)

Can we just talk about Jason Aldean real quick?

Boy was caught cheating on his high school sweetheart wife.

PLEASE someone tell me your just as pissed as i am!!!!???


Monday, October 1, 2012


So come Friday all i knew i wanted to do this weekend was relax.
I wanted that to be the center of my measly 2 days off. 
I started with a Friday night in, Netflix in bed.
I woke up early Saturday thinking the family and i would be going to Apple Hill for some
 Pumpkin picking & Hot Apple Cider, but once we checked the weather for the day those plans quickly went to the crapper. It was supposed to be 98 degrees. wtf. Its end of September! 
How am i supposed to fulfill any Fall Cravings in weather like that?!
This heat is driving me insaneee! Ive been over it since may, before it even started! ha ;)
So i spent the morning and noon just hanging out with the family & my nephew. I swear, he is the center of my attention anytime hes with in my radius.
Around 5, My cousin picked me up for some dinner & a movie. I havent seen her in quite a while, so i was excited to get in some quality cousin timeeee.
We ended up at Red Robin because the previous day i had a major craving for it, and i had to feed my craving. They. just. dont. stop.

We started with drinks and i had a Freckled Strawberry Spiked Lemonade, it was amaziiiing! Try it!

There steak fries are so ridiculously good! and bottomless? YES PLEASE!
Ill take 3 baskets now please.

And anytime im at Red Robin i get the crispy Chicken Sandwich. It sounds simple but its a party in your mouth!
Anyone else do that? Always order the same thing at restaurants? Cuz im the only person i know that does. Religiously.
But if its amazing, why change it?!
And then possibly be disappointed and wish you ordered what you did last time...
See the logic here?
I do.

\After Red Robin we weren't finished with the ridiculous calorie intake, we had to get some Cold Stone!
They are few things as good as Founders Favorite from Cold Stone....very few things i tell ya...

After that we ended up shopping around a bit at H&M, World Market(ill take one of each) store, Pier One, Old Navy, & Ross and Marshalls.
We headed home after and watched Abducted with Taylor Lautner on Netflix, in my bed.

Perfect Saturday night to meee!

Sunday i spent with lovin on my nephew Levi, and running errands with my sister!
We went to Walmart, Khols, Target, Ross, and Ikea!
And stopped for goods like Starbucks and In N Out!

And the rest of the evening was spent on Pinterest, where i found a great Brownie in a Mug recipe! That doesnt take more than 1min & 40secs to microwave!

Ill be back with the recipe tomorrow!

xoxo Inna :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

This week!

Im so excited!!

This stud muffin of mine is coming tomorrowwww!

Boyfriend has never been to San Francisco, so back in July when i was in Vegas visiting him for the holiday, I decided he hadddddd to see it! There is nooo place like San Francisco!
So after work tomorrow im picking him up from the airport and for the next five days we'll be exploring San Francisco, double dating, and getting into a crap load of shenanigans together :)

To say im excited is an understatement!
Im gonna do my best to take tons of pictures!
& come back with a recap next week!
I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend!

xoxo Inna

Thursday, September 6, 2012

HOW THE FLIP does...

a new car get totaled at a car shop?!
Like seriously, a car gets totaled at a car shop....IRONIC MUCH?!

Ya....we're talking about MY car.
That same car that i mentioned a few posts ago...the BRAND NEW ONE!

You guys, you have no idea how much i cried yesterday when i found out. Like i seriously bawled my eyes out from noon to past midnight, im not even ashamed to say i totally cried at work too....

A little over a month ago, i got a new car, after being car-less for over a year!
I worked my little arse off for over a year saving up for it!
It was my perfect little car!
Everything i was looking for. 
Small, reliable, gas efficient, and cute!
I got it for an UNBELIEVABLE deal. I mean truly, it was a miracle! A real blessing!
It had some extremely minor work that needed to be done so i took it to a car shop as soon as i bought it...
Nevermind that they LAGGED on getting it done, it was finally finished..there was some paperwork that needed to get taken care of, and i could finally go get it in just a few days and it'd be home!! Like seriously, i haven't even driven it once...

And yesterday i find out that it got totaled! just days away from my picking it up! all perfect and finished with not a thing wrong with it! TOTALED!
Here's the story i got:

Some random guy ran into it in the parking lot in the middle of the night, totaling it.

1. What the ffffffff is my car doing in the PARKING LOT?! Im paying for it to be safe and taken care of! To sit behind the gates, in back, or in the shop. Not out int he front parking lot for any random hoodlum to vandalize it, jack it, take it apart, scratch it, smash it. etc.
2. Ive seen the parking lot. Its not even big enough to drive through, just to park. Its about the size of 4 parking spaces. How does someone drive through that teeny parking lot FAST ENOUGH to total a car?!
3. Middle of the night?! Really? The car shop is out in the middle of nowhere, like seriously, middle. of. nowhere. It doesnt make sense that some random guy would be there in the middle of the night.

ya....doesnt make any sense to me either.

It doesnt help that my family is soooo not understanding about this whole situation.
Insurance will cover it.
But you see, i wont be able to get a DEAL like i did for such a GREAT car again. I dont give a shit if insurance covers it and i get a check in the mail. I WANT MY CAR!!! AHHH! i want my car, that i had. that same one. that same deal.
and there's no way ill get it :(
Now ill have to get a car less reliable, more miles, crappier car for that same amount i got an awesome one for... :(
Wahhhhhh :(
Im so angry! Im gonna cry again.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blogging aint' easy!

Especially when your first starting out.
Im not exactly newwwww to the blogging, i sure as heck read enough blogs to occupy my entire work shifts ha!
I wish i were kidding...

Not new over here, but im definitely not seasoned enough to be able to get a firm grip on it. 
Ill be honest, i dont know what im doing.
Im just winging it right now..
This stuff aint easy ya'll!

If you couldnt tell,
My first issue is with finding the time to actually get on and write my own content, not reading others.
And lets be real here, im not busy.
 Just between Netflix, my nephew im glued to, siblings to harass for enjoyment, and Hell's Kitchen, i cant be bothered to actually do anything productive...
My second issue is finding something even remotely interesting to you guys to post about...i have a lot i can write about, but most of it will probably be random junk with a sarcastic edge. Because im sarcastic. And some people just DONT GET sarcasm. They dont get it, and they dont have a radar for it.
 No sarcasm radar = easily offended.
Third, not enough visuals on this ole blog. 
Pictures are HUGE in blogging. People need pictures. IIIIII need pictures. Or im bored and prob outta there before i get to the cute sign off signature.
And i hate taking pictures! So i never have any. so blank blog. 
Forth, wtf how do these snazzy bloggers master their snazzy blog designs?! I WANT A CLEAN CRISP BUT COOL BLOG DESIGN TOO! But im not breaking bank to get one. And the most ive mastered with any sort of photo shopping or design is and that couldnt even handle my skill-less-ness and had to close down. 

But what i have learned from all my blog stalking is that the most successful seem to be the ones that are random, that are true to themselves and their personality, that put down the remote and make time to update, and the ones who invest in at least a semi decent aka not my blackberry phone to take some sort of pictures to put on their blogs.

So i will try to post more. I will be me. It will be random. And it will be sarcastic. And until i get a shiny new phone, it will prob be grainy blackberry picture or pinterest stolen picture filled! :D

So tell me, have any of you ever felt like blogging WASNT a piece of cake?


XO Inna