Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wish i was here...

I wish i was floating on clear blue water with no worries, and the sun :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday ladies!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Mine consisted of baby showers, birthday parties, church, & friends!

Saturday was Megan's baby shower! It was sooo nice to see her! I missed her tons! She lives in Southern California with her husband who is in the Navy, so i dont get to see her much anymore :( boo hooo :'( But anyways, the baby shower was great! They had yummy drinks, and tasty finger foods like jalapeƱo poppers, stuffed mushrooms, cheesy bread, chips and dip, wraps, and etc..and she got tonnnnns of gifts! Im happy for her! I know having a baby is EXPENSIVE! My coworker, our mutual friend (Megan used to work with us) and I split a gift, which included tons of random stuff from her Target registry.

We ate, talked, played games (dont play the candy bar in the diaper game with deodorized diapers, it makes the sniffing tricky hahaha!) and opened gifts!

You guys, seriously, this girl is friggin lucky! She doesnt look like she gained any weight! shes 7 months pregnant and still as thin as she was before, except the obvious belly, and that is even small! She says she gained 20 lbs, so the baby must be coming out gigantic, cuz there is no way those lbs went any where other than her baby belly. Jealousssss! How can she be skinnier than i and shes pregnant! wtf? haha.

(Olesya, Megan, Me, and Tere) (You cant even tell she HASSS a belly!)
We are all coworkers, or at least used to be when Megan still lived here. Tere is a hoot! She is the sassiest 65 year old ive ever met. Shes got more attitude than your average 15 year old teeny bopper haha!

You can see what i wore Saturday here!


After the baby shower i went straight to my extremely adorable nephews 1st birthday! 

How freakin ADORABLE is he with his cute little Curious George party hat?! gushhhhhhhh!

I knew he was getting to the age where he actually enjoys toys now, so i knew everyone would be buying him  tons! So i got him 2 cute spring/summer outfits that his momma would enjoy more than he, but hey, she deserves something too for creating that precious boy!

How cute are these outfits?! Ya, i know, CUTE!

I was sooooo right! After opening all his presents, he practically had a Toys R Us in there!

His party theme was Curious George! His momma made this cake herself, how amazing is it?

Which he ended up enjoying a lot! haha!
(These were taken with my cell phone, sorry for the poor quality)

Me and Christian. Honestly, i cant even tell you how much i love this little boy! Its crazy. I love him like my own!

He loves my gum. It always fascinates him! haha!

He is thee happiest, sweetest, cuddliest, cutest, playful, charming, loving baby ive ever met! His constant smiles MELT. MY. HEART.


Sunday i was POOPED! From the baby shower, straight to the birthday party, with all those kids, all that noise, i was exhausted! I went to church, came home to lunch with the fam, - daddy + sisters BF, and stayed in for the rest of the evening which was spent mostly swaddled in a blanket napping. 

Heres my Sunday Outfit :

(excuse my pantyhose, ha!)

Mossimo loose tank from Target
$6! L8ter cotton black & white striped bandage type skirt from Ross
Apostrophe black blazer style cardigan with lapels
Forever21 necklace
and i wore black Guess heels

That is it for my weekend recap!

xoxo Inna :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Im Wearing Today...

The weather here has been going from pouring to sunshine to pouring again.
None the less, im gonna wear a springy outfit anyway! Ha! to you Mr. Rain Cloud!

Heres what im wearing to my friend Megans baby shower today...

(Guess Jacket, Love Squared Tank, White tank underneath, and Target Converse Jeans. with Black Forever21 Boots)

I love this top! Its super cute layered with a jacket/cardigan in the fall or spring, and worn alone with some daisy dukes in the summer :)

Have a great Saturday ladies!

xoxo Inna

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ahhhhh! My own button! Greek Isles, & baby registries!

Hey tootsies!
Just letting you all know i made a button for my blog!!
You can find it over here ---------------->
Id love for you to grab it! It'll just make my day! :D
Hugs in advance!!

Also, I want to say a special thanks to this pretty girl, Katie for doing a post about how to make a button! She gives super easy and clear instructions for how to make one! She also taught me how to make a signature for comments with another post! She's super sweet, super stylish, and super gorgeoussss, go see for your self!
Thank you Katie, for watching out for us newer bloggesr that are still learnin! :)

Annnnnd, i wanted to say a quick thanks to Lindsey at The Bargain Blonde for being so sweet and giving me her input on my button! Check out her blog, shes hilariousssss! She just has a great way of writing, that gets you laughing! Shes also hosting a great giveaway right now in celebration of reaching 100 followers! Join in to win a cute bracelet of your choice!
Ladies, go check out both blogs, both girls are fantastic, and follow! Guarantee you'll love em! :)

In other news, i have been dyyyyyying for a vacation! I need to get away! Me and my friend Veronika, have been talking about saving to go island hopping in the Greek Isles end of this summer! I really hope this works out! Ive always wanted to go to Greece! After my car, im saving all my money towards this trip! :D

And the mister and i are still planning on going on vaca this summer too! Next time one of us visits, we're gonna plan it out!

Oh! Did ya'll hear the story about Ina Garten from Barefoot Contessa? Supposedly a 6 year old boy with cancer requested from the Make A Wish Foundation to cook something with her. I guess hes been watching
her in bed with his mom for years! And she said No! Why? Cuz shes too busy. Oh, and get this, she denied him twice! They asked her a year or 2 ago, and she said she was too busy with her new book, so the foundation told him he should probably pick something else, and the boy said no, hed just wait for her when shes less busy. So they asked her again this year, and she said it was a definite no. Like WTF?!
First off you brat, it is a PRIVILEGE this boy chose to use his one wish for anything he wanted, on you! How many 6 year olds wanna cook with some chef? Like none! Instead of choosing a trip to Disneyland, or something like that, the sick boy chose to cook with you!
Second, im gonna enjoy watching your rating plummet. ha! Didnt you think denying a 6 year old cancer patient a wish through? How bad does that look for you? Hahahaha.
Sorry, ranting here. Im just shocked at some people. 

Anyways, thank you God, its Friday!
Work has been so boring and so slow lately i dont know what to do with myself! Theres only so many things you can google on the web! So im ready for this week to be over. I dont have any major plans this weekend, other than a baby shower for my friend Megan on Saturday! My friend and i went shopping for the gift today! And the Target Registry sucks. Dont get me wrong, i love Target, and i love their baby stuff! But they need to figure out a better way for people to locate the stuff on the plain list they give you! Some kind of pictures or something!

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope they are more exciting than mine!

Dont forget! Grab my button! :D
and if you do, please let me know! So i can thank you :)

Have a great weekend my lovely followers!
I love you all!
No, seriously. I love your comments, and emailing back and forth!

xoxo Inna

ps. Dont forget to have the mister do the Boyfriend/Husband Tag! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Boyfriend Tag!

So anytime i mention The Mister on my blog, i get questions about him. 
And then i realized, if this blog is about me, my life, and he is a big part of it, you should get to know him a little better! It only makes sense, that ya'll get familiar with the boy who has my heart :)

Now i dont know about ya'll, but im quite nosy, so i loooooove to hear about your girls' boyfriends/husbands/relationships! Thats the fun stuff to me! haha! I also dont think there are many days/subjects/link ups devoted to that special man in our life, so i decided id make this a lil link up with out the linking up!
 If that makes any sense...its 3:42am, and im also blond, so it just might not. hah.

Ill do something boyfriend related for example a survey or etc periodically and you guys can join in too! Cuz i wanna know moooore! Nosy, remember?

I requested the Mister do this and he finally got to it tonight after excuse some of his bland answers. Hes actually quite witty, ill have to prove it by making him do the next one not after a 19 hr work day. Poor babyyy.

Questions are in black, his replies in blue, my replies to his replies in pink.

The boyfriend/Husband Tag
Lets see how well he knows you!

1. Where did we meet?
 We met on Facebook through "mutual friends". We then met in person after i was in town for a bodybuilding competition.
After chatting back and forth on Facebook we exchanged numbers, and started talking on the phone everyday! I mean comooon, how could i resist this? :p

2. What was our first date?
 I consider the full three days we were together when we first met our first date. It was so much fun baby!
I consider our first real date at a steakhouse we went to that night.

3. Where was our first kiss and how was it? 
We kissed in the car minutes after we met. Haha. It was good but I could tell she were nervous. :)
Are we crazy or what? Minutes? that point (talking on the phone everyday etc.) we were major crushing. But that boy isnt shy. Lol. And heck ya, i was nervous! Its was MINUTES after we met!

4. Did u know that i was the one?
 I do now :)
Great, we're on the same page! lol

5. First impression?
 I immediately loved her personality over the phone. Very flirtatious.
Im a huge flirt. I cant help it. Often times i dont even mean it, and dont try. And hardly ever realize im doing it.

6. When did u meet the family?
Haven’t yet. Kinda dreading it. lol
I come from a very conservative Ukranian family. Lets just say my parents want me to marry my own kind...Ya, it sucks.

7. Do we have a tradition?
 Our good morning texts, and being excited when either one of us gets off of work.
Every single morning we send each other super cute paragraph texts full of shmoozy fuzzy things to kick start our day! haha. And anytime one of us gets off work, the other will congratulate the person for surviving! Its like a big celebration. lo

8. What was our first road trip?
 Havent taken a real road trip yet.
But we will this summer! Woot woot!

9. Who said i love u first and where were we?
 I said it first over the phone. I think I was parked in the gym parking lot.
And i freaked out. haha! I told him i couldnt say it back. Poor guy.

10. What do we argue about the most?
Certain beliefs/opinions pertaining to religion comes up once in a while.
There are a few little things we disagree on. But very little things. We always agree to disagree lol.
11. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
 Definitely me! Lo:)
Now whos awake!He even used an exclamation point! hahaha! I bet he loved this question! HA to him! He knows we both do.

12. If im sitting in front of the tv what am i watching?
 Law and Order

13. What dressing do i get on my salad?

14. Whats the one food i don't like?
Hmmm. Well I know you don’t like Italian restaurants like Olive Garden.
This is true.

15. We go out to eat what do i get to drink?
A martini of some kind, or depending on the occasion maybe just a soda.
I hardly ever drink. Only once in a while. And i quit soda monthssss ago, and he always 
tells me how proud of me he is for it. So i dont know whatttt hes smokin. lol!

16. What size shoe do i wear?
 I dont even know how women shoe sizes run. lol
He really doesnt. But i made him aware after this. I also made him aware that he can feel free to buy me a pair :p

17. If i was collecting anything what would it be?
Old furniture, and restoring it.
Yeppity yep!

18. What is my favorite type of sandwich?
 The one you get at panera bread. I don't remember the name of it.
I really like any sandwich. But yes, the Panera one is amazing!

19. What would i eat everyday if i could?
 Ice cream.
Ok, i think hes getting really tired at this point, cuz i dont eat ice cream often, and dont want to. lol.

20. What is  my favorite cereal?
 Fruit loops of course :)
He says o fcourse cuz its both of our favorite cereal. Thats actually the subject of our first conversation. haha!

21. What is my favorite music?

22. Whats my fav sports team?
 Your not really into sports.

23. What is my eye color?

24. Who is my best friend?
 Me of course :) ♥
Most definitely baby!

25. What is something that you do that i wish you didn't?
 Pay better attention so Im not asking you the same questions over and over again like I sometimes do.
It drives me nuts. lol.

26. What is my heritage?

27. You bake me a cake for my birthday what kind do you make?
 A chocolate cake.

28. Did i play any sports?
I never played soccer lol.

29. What could i spend hours doing?
 Reading or talking to me.
This is true.

30. What is one unique talent that i have?
 Ummm your ability to make a man voice. lol
hahahahahahaha! Dont ask.

I hope you enjoyed this pretty girls!
I REALLY hope you do this tag!
Im really interested in reading your boyfriend/husbands replies! haha!
Just grab the logo and post!

I hope you all have a great day! 
Im finally off to bed!
Xoxo Inna :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I need to get ma hair did...

I had thee most boring day at work today.
Seriously, i was about to start counting the hairs on my head for entertainment. 
And it doesnt help that recently the hallway at work has been smelling like someone tooted. Multiple times. After eating some chilli.
Gross, i know. I dont get it, i cant figure out where the smells coming from! 
I mean, i work at a senior facility, it alllllways smells funny lol. But this is awkwardly stinky.
I always try to walk extremely fast, cuz i dont want anyone to come by and think i did it. 
Ughhhh, how lovely. 


Picture of the day:

(Excuse the mess, its laundry day, and the gross roots ha!)

Can you believe i got this scarf for $2?! I got it at a local ghetto discount store. The kind your afraid your gonna get mugged in front of. But i love it, and always get compliments on it! Cute!

Im also loving my new jewelry (bracelets) i got from Forever21 this weekend! I am loving wearing them with my Michael Kors watch! I mix and match the bracelets and bangles and throw em on with the watch.

Silver Bangles $5.80
Gold Bangles $4.80
Turquoise Bead Bracelets $2.80
Pink Rose Bracelets $1.50
White Rose Bracelet $1.50

(better picture)
I also got an over sized loose off the shoulder top at Ross for $7. Its pale pink, but doesnt come off that way in the picture. Its the softest material ive ever felt! So comfy!

Which reminds me, do you guys know where i can get a good strapless bra? mine sucks, slides down, and hurts..and i paid tonsss for it.

And im gonna leave you with tonights dinner:

Mini chicken tacos from Trader Joes. 

OH! And stay tuned for a Boyfriend Tag post :) This should be fun! haha.

xoxo Inna!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Im finishing this darn thing!

I am gonna finish this stinkin' challenge and get it over with! haha.

Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile.

This beautiful boy! My nephew Christian, he melts my heart! He is seriously the most gorgeous baby i have ever laid eyes on! Hes perfect! My babies better be this darn good lookin! He sooo little, and always so happy! I love his giggles, his mumbling, his kisses! Ill be holding him, or playing with him, and he'll randomly grab my face and pull me to him and give me a kiss! Isnt that just precioussss! A baby so young expressing love and giving hugs and kisses! Love my little love bug! <3

Day 30 - A picture of someone i miss.

I miss my friend Megan! Her husbands in the navy, so she had to move away :( boo! But we're hoping they'll move back up here in a year after hes done with his orders or wtvr. Shes having a baby girl very soon, and im so excited to be the God Mother! I am going to spoil that girl rotten! I miss doing random stuff. Laid back stuff. Just hanging out. We are always open with each other, and comfortable to be ourselves. We can both be obnoxious and loud. And we both crack each other up. I like that we are comfortable enough to just call  each other and say im coming over right now, and itd be totally fine. No scheduling, penciling in, planning. I miss her! 

Why is it so hard finding good girlfriends? Like seriously. I get along much better with guys. I have more guy friends overall. They are cooler and funner to hang out with, they dont come with drama, theyr laid back, open, and adventurous. Theres no work with male friendships lol. Anyways, girlfriends. I feel like most of my girlfriends are now engaged, married or having a baby, so they are int heir own little world. Why is it once ppl get married they drop all their single friends and only keep the couples? You guys suck. hah. And the other female friends that dont fall int hose categories are too busy in college and work, have moved away for college or are just plain boring. lol. Im sorry, im being honest. I love them, but they are blahhh. The ones im left with, after the married, or pregnant, or long distance ones, are plain boring. They dont wanna vacation, they dont wanna go out, they dont wanna spend money, they dont wanna shop, they dont wanna road trip, they dont wanna do anything really. haha. Now, im not saying i dont have some awesome friends, i do have a few really good ones, and we get together about once a month or so, depending on if their husband will babysit, or they get time off studying or work, but i feel like im still young, and i still wanna live and be spontaneous and have fun! I think i need to start making some that share my interests :)
Yes? yes. 
Itd be nice in my boyfriend lived here. But he doesnt. Little fart.

This is what i ate today, and i think im gonna make something like it again for a super late dinner.

Its a oven toasted veggie sw. I just chopped up diff veggies such as peppers mushrooms green onions, cucumber, and turkey and cheese, mixed w mayo and toast! So good! The ingredients change all the time, depending on what i have in my fridge.

Wow, today flew by. I like Mondays, cuz its my boss's day off, so we all pretty much slack all day. That means we're all on the internet, browsing the web, Facebooking, playing pranks, listening to music, and other shananigans.
Like for example. The security guy at work is sitting with me at my desk, and we're joking and etc, and he picks up my intercom phone, the one that goes into all of the residents rooms, and starts some weird heavy breathing, then is about to say  in a creepy whisper voice "im in your closettttt" but i stop him by giving him a twist pinch! How horrible is that? Horrible! Thatd give ME a heart attack, not to mention 90 yr olds! Can you imagine? Ya, me too. And im laughing. lol. Hes horrible. I dont participate in such things, i swear. This never usually happens. He must have had something before work, cuz he was hyper!

So. Monday Down. 4 more days to go!

How was your guys weekend? Mine was pretty good! 
Saturday i was up at 4am, with only 30 mins of sleep, and drove 45 mins to the girls house to do her hair. It was the easiest $$ i ever made! And in less than an hour! It went really great, and she loved it! She also said shed like me to do her hair for her wedding, but thats in August, so we'll see, since its a whiles away. I had a hard time driving cuz it was still dark and i was tired, but once i got there i was pumped and full of energy, i left and i was back to zip. Its crazy how fast my energy declined haha. I got home and slept till 2, then went shopping for some work pants. Im being so good by not feeding my shopping addiction! The jewelry i got at Forever21 doesnt count. lol. So proud of myself! Clap clap!
Saturday & Sunday i spent with the fam, my brother and sis in law, and my cute lil nephew Christian! He isnt there child, but my cousins, they were just watching him for the weekend. 
Sunday included more shopping with the sister in law! No purchases for me though.

Excuse me for looking like a huge slob!

Look at his cute jammies!

He is soooo cute!!

Im gonna go make something unhealthy to eat.
Night girlies!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Sorry for slacking on the posts this week. It feels like i havent posted in ages! My only excuse is that ive been wayyyy too tired to.
Has this stupid time change affected you guys like it has me? Im EXHAUSTED all day EVERYDAY! Its really quite horrible. Im yawning all day, and very sluggish. The time change and all the stuff ive had going on w family and friends all week has kept me on the run all day, and up really late. I dont know how im gonna finish the 1 hr left of work.

No big plans for me tonight except sleep as soon as i can. I should be in bed by 10, but i know it'll be more like modnight. I have to be up at 4am, and at my appointment at 5am. Im doing a girls hair for a wedding shes gonna be a bridesmaid at. So ill have to stop by the store on my way home and pick up some necessities such as bobby pins, hairspray, clips, etc...
This is what i'll be doing for her...

(Jessica Alba Oscar Look from 2008 i believe? I cant be sure..)

Now, im not a certified hairstylist, and i dont do this often. But people seem to like the way i do hair, and id say im pretty good at it. I enjoy doing it, but usually on myself, and on others who are willing to leave it all in my hands, the decisions, choices, etc, and just let me do my thang...Ill discuss Costmetology School in another post...
I usually do hair for wedding or etc for close family members, and sometimes ill do it for strangers, but not often, cuz this isnt a side business of mine, just something ill do as a favor or for some side cash if i feel like it. Like tomorrows job will cover my fees to get my taxes done and then some. Sounds good to me! I dont usually do a strangers hair, but when this one texted me saying she heard about me through so and so, i agreed cuz i didnt wanna pay out of my savings for the taxes, since ive been behaving well. The reason i dont usually agree is cuz im never really willing to give up my saturday, or waking up early, and etc..Like 5am? SO not looking forward to it!
The second reason i agreed to do her hair is cuz i found out from so and so she has a wedding of her own coming up in July, and i thought this would be a great way to make nice, and if she likes what i do, maybe ill score on her wedding. Bride and Bridesmaids = a nice hunk of extra cash, to use for a vaca or so :) See, i think ahead! Thats pretty much the reason i agreed. haha.

Well! Im having a brain fart, and really cant think of much more to say, so for now,
ta ta ladies :)
xoxo Inna!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 25, 26, 27, & 28

Thats it. I have got to be the worst at keeping up with this challenge. Sorry guys. Heres me catching up:

Day 25 - A picture of your day.

My dads home from work today, hes been gone on business for the past 2 weeks! So we're grilling steak, chicken, & veggies! I am sooo happy asparagus is back in season! Mmmmm :)
Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you.

Laughing means everything to me. Its my favorite thing to do. I absolutely love it. If you can make me laugh, you have my heart! Seriously. I love funny. A good sense of humor. Laughing so hard your abs hurt, and your eyes are leaking! haha. Thats how i pick my friends. And thats how i picked my man :)

Day 27 - A picture of you and a family member.

My sister Vita & I :) Like most siblings, we argue and butt heads often but we also get along really well when we're bothin the mood lol. We have the same sense of humor so we usually get each other laughing. haha! Im laughing just thinking about it! lol. We have been getting along really well this week. Shes been sweet and sleeping with me in my room downstairs cuz ive been having bad anxiety about earthquakes lol. I love her! :)

Day 28 - A picture of something your afraid of.

Welllllll, right now earthquakes! Sucks living in the earthquake state! And especially after all that happened in Japan! I havent been able to sleep!

xoxo Inna

Monday, March 14, 2011

Concerts, food, church and friends! Weekend Recap!

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Can we all agree this one went by especially too fast?

Friday night, my sister and her boyfriend picked me up from work and he decided to take us out for Mexican food at my favorite place, Carmelitas! They have such a fun atmosphere, the waiters are relaxed and funny, and the decor is amazing, very authentic, but very nice. I wish i could have taken a picture for you, but it was a packed house that night (we ended up waiting 45 mins for a table) and i didnt wanna go snappin pics of the place blinding people with my flash while they eat haha. 
They serve thee best Mexican food EVER! Im serious. I never liked Mexican much until i tried Carmelitas! They sold me on their 1 dish $9, 2 dish combo $10 somethin, and 3 dish combo $12 somethin! What a DEAL! And they give you tonsssss of food! I always get the 2 dish combo, Chicken Enchiladas & Chicken Quesdaillas, and they dont just give you a lil of both on one plate, they bring you two big dishes of what you ordered! You could feed a family on these deals! ha!

Chips & SPICY Salsa! My mouth was burning! Yumm!

Chicken Enchilada w Spanish Rice & Beans.
I didnt have a chance to take a picture of the Quesadillas cuz they were practically inhaled by the sis and bf!

My cute sis Vita!

Vita & her boyfriend! Hes such a sweetheart! I love him :)

They have the best fried cheesecake dessert but i thought id behave and skip it. 

The rest of my night consisted of coming home to a fruit plate for dessert & catching up on some shows. 

Saturday consisted of sleeping in. Im not even gonna tell you what time i crawled outta my covers. I totally OVERSLEPT!
Ive been wanting to go to the library for months now, and get something to read. To let my imagination run wild, and to cure my boredom at work. Theres only so much you can Google...
So thats just what i did!
I love my library. Its brand spankin new, still smells good, is clean, and has so many cozy nooks to read in!

And it has tonsssss of big open windows for the sunlight! I LOVE IT! Its my favorite part :)

Saturday night i went to a Christian concert that was in town with some friends cuz tickets were only $10 at the door!
The Rock & Worship Roadshow with bands and singers such as:
Mercy Me
Jars Of Clay
Thousand Foot Krutch
Matt Maher
The Afters

Omg...Tickets sold at the door, bad idea! There were 4 lines, each one about a mile long. No kidding! When we got there an hour early and saw the ridiculous lines i was ready to go home. There was no way our arena was gonna fit that many ppl in. And i was annoyed i paid $12 for parking and prob wasnt gonna get seated. I dont have much patience...But my sister convinced me to stay with not much hope, and we walked our tired feet to the back of the line. We stood it out and by some fat chance actually made it in! To discover the mob of people trying to find seats in a stadium already full of seated people or rows of saved spots. Not fair!  I didnt come out an hour early and stand through a mile long line just to finally make it inside for you to tell me the entire row is saved for people who are gonna stroll in probably after the rush, walk straight in, no line, and get front row seats. WTF! We all split up and somehow i got lucky and scored 2 of my younger sisters and I exactly 3 seats in the nosebleed section. We should of just stood at the top of the section like 1/4 of the people, cuz the teeny boppers behind us who practiced cheer dances all night and wouldnt shut up about some sleep over screamed my ears off for the 3 hours. Eventually i got used to it and started to enjoy myself! Especially when the guy with the pony tail in front of us kept standing up and dancing/swaying. He had the biggest butt i have ever seen! haha! Im sorry guys, i couldnt help but stare! That thing was huge! It was reallllly The night smelt of sweat and feet. I think its safe to say people dont shower/change their socks as often as they should...haha. After the concert we met back up with our group of friends, and thats when they told us they snuck into one of the suite boxes. 2 sections closer to the stage than us. With no teeny boppers and big butts and funkay smells. Thanks for lettin us know guys! 

Nelly & Ella

Afterwards we went to In N Out where i ended up calling 911 on behalf of the security guard wrestling the homeless guy threatening to kill people. 

Sunday i woke up late and only had 15 minutes to get ready for church, i looked like a hott mess, and afterwards i went to lunch with some friends. We went to Panera Bread, mmmmmm. I ordered the Frotego Chicken Panini with a cup of Chicken Noodle Soup! It was incredible on a rainy day! Try it if you have one near by you!

I was exhausted afterwards and went home to take a nap, i stayed in the rest of the night talking to Boyfriend and watching TV.

What did you all do?

XOXO Inna :)