Friday, July 22, 2011

Im a bit insane...

So there was this one time,
I literally had a fight with a Repo man at 2am from my second story window looking for my neighbors car.
This bozzo came around at 2am flashing lights into windows with his flashlight, creepin like a legit creeper, thinkin he was Sherlock Homes. Scared the crap outta me!
So i rolled  up my blinds, opened my window, and turned on my lights and started bustin his chops askin him what the heck he thought he was doin!
This lil punk had the nerve to give mauhhh ATTITUDE!
Thats when i blew! I told him i was comin out with a gun, and to not go anywhere cuz i wanted to make sure i got him on my property for self defense, this idiot didnt believe me, so i went and got my brothers Legit looking BB gun, and came out to have a few words with this fellow. I tell ya, the minute this boy saw me, my crazy lionesque blond hair, and my striped pjs, he ran like an olympian!

An no body knew a thing the next morning! I aught to inform my father about my security duties in the middle of the night, and demand an allowance increase!
Thats the cat woman in me ;)

The end.

Monday, July 11, 2011

How was yooour weekend?

Mine was fabbbb!
Friday i went a nd had drinks at my friends Kaitlins, nothing fancy shmancy, just relaaaaax!
Saturday i went out to dinner with my cousin at a super fab restaurant called Sudwerks right on the river with the most beautiful patio evaahhhh and best Strawberry Pina Colada i have ever tried and probably will ever try, hands down! We started at the bar, moved to the patio for dinner, got our buz on and met up with Kaitlin in Old Foslom for some more drinks! Then went over to a place nearby called The El dorado Saloon, which i am now inloooove with, as i made a few bartender/bouncer friends, which is AWLAYSSSS a good thing! haha. We met some friends there and spent the rest of our evening on the patio, havin a gooooodo time ;) We had an EPIC night! And nothing beats Ihop Funnel Cakes at 4am! Agreed?
Sunday was relaxxxxx day! BBQ & I think I watched about 5-6 movies yesterday with my SIL. Couch potato much?

Whatd you dooooo ladies?

Anyways, i know my posting sucks, im horrible at keeping up with it, so here are some random pics from the last few wks...

1. Snake at work? How the #^&^& does that happen? Ughhhhh this isnt the first time either :/
2. Beautiful Fuschia Peonies!
3. Mmmmmm, 107 degress and an Iceeee!
4. Brownie Dipped Oreos! BOMBBBB!
5. Dinner with the sisters boyfriends family thats how little she
6. My mom cooks thee best. Period.
7. Childhood best friends bridal shower!
8. More caloriessssss.
9. Lake day!
10. Sleepoversssss.
11. And she bakes thee best. Period.
12. Im not so bad either ;) Chocolate Trifle. Want the recipe? Its ahmaaaaaZING!
13. Wedding bells!
14. Sisters hair!
15. I did her makeup and hair. The humidity straightened all her curls within 10 misn tho :/ I prob used a whole can of hairspray too!
16. Yesterdays Sunday BBQ. MMMMMMMMM ;)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday...

First and foremost, I am LOVING my boyfriend. He has been camping in the middle of no where for the past 3.5 days with no phone reception and i HAVE, BEEN. DYING! I know im being dramatic, but seriously, this lil getaway of his ha showed me how much happiness he brings into my daily life, and how much i cannot live with out him! Fo real! I MISSSSSS HIM TERRIBLY!
Ill stop being a big baby and move on...

I am loving the ELF Spray and Mist i recently purchased! It has rapidly become a holy grail product! It really does keep my makeup in tact alllll day! Even my eyeshadows! I also think my makeup looks nicer on after i spray it, it gives it a nice clean dewy finish, not oily. And it looks fantastic in pictures! Its only $3, so im a veryyyyyyyyy happy girl!

I am loving all the BBQ shindigs going on now that its summer! Im actually attending another BBQ when i get off work for my cousins 27th birthday! What a big boy!!

I am loving that i finally officially have my new California Family Fitness gym membership squared away! Im excited to start working my butt off!

I am also loving this new concoction with dandelion root that i am drinking for the next 7 days! Its supposed to make you lose atleast 5-7 lbs in a wk of extra unnecessary water weight your body is holding onto, and i loooooove my sodium! Its only been day 1, but trust me ladiessss, i have been taking alot more ladies room breaks! Guess it really is flushing it all out! haha ;)
 Ill do a review in 7 days ladies!

Which brings me to my last love, I am loving that this Saturday ill be catching some rays on the Santa Cruz beach! I am wayyyy behind on my tanning, by the look sof me, youd think it was still December! I mean comooon, my sister who TRIES to stay pale, is darker than me :/

So thank God its Wednesday, half way through the work week, and im off to float in the wataaa for hourssss with a cold drink in my hand ;)

XOXO Inna :)

Monday, July 4, 2011


Your all prob like wtf are you doing blogging on 4th of July?
Well hmmmmm, i have to actually work on this fab holiday! Sooooo not happy about this...
Ya'll better be stayin safe ladies!

I now have Twitterrrr! So please send me your usernames so i can follow you all!
And you best Follow me :p

xoxo Inna :)