Monday, March 21, 2011

Im finishing this darn thing!

I am gonna finish this stinkin' challenge and get it over with! haha.

Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile.

This beautiful boy! My nephew Christian, he melts my heart! He is seriously the most gorgeous baby i have ever laid eyes on! Hes perfect! My babies better be this darn good lookin! He sooo little, and always so happy! I love his giggles, his mumbling, his kisses! Ill be holding him, or playing with him, and he'll randomly grab my face and pull me to him and give me a kiss! Isnt that just precioussss! A baby so young expressing love and giving hugs and kisses! Love my little love bug! <3

Day 30 - A picture of someone i miss.

I miss my friend Megan! Her husbands in the navy, so she had to move away :( boo! But we're hoping they'll move back up here in a year after hes done with his orders or wtvr. Shes having a baby girl very soon, and im so excited to be the God Mother! I am going to spoil that girl rotten! I miss doing random stuff. Laid back stuff. Just hanging out. We are always open with each other, and comfortable to be ourselves. We can both be obnoxious and loud. And we both crack each other up. I like that we are comfortable enough to just call  each other and say im coming over right now, and itd be totally fine. No scheduling, penciling in, planning. I miss her! 

Why is it so hard finding good girlfriends? Like seriously. I get along much better with guys. I have more guy friends overall. They are cooler and funner to hang out with, they dont come with drama, theyr laid back, open, and adventurous. Theres no work with male friendships lol. Anyways, girlfriends. I feel like most of my girlfriends are now engaged, married or having a baby, so they are int heir own little world. Why is it once ppl get married they drop all their single friends and only keep the couples? You guys suck. hah. And the other female friends that dont fall int hose categories are too busy in college and work, have moved away for college or are just plain boring. lol. Im sorry, im being honest. I love them, but they are blahhh. The ones im left with, after the married, or pregnant, or long distance ones, are plain boring. They dont wanna vacation, they dont wanna go out, they dont wanna spend money, they dont wanna shop, they dont wanna road trip, they dont wanna do anything really. haha. Now, im not saying i dont have some awesome friends, i do have a few really good ones, and we get together about once a month or so, depending on if their husband will babysit, or they get time off studying or work, but i feel like im still young, and i still wanna live and be spontaneous and have fun! I think i need to start making some that share my interests :)
Yes? yes. 
Itd be nice in my boyfriend lived here. But he doesnt. Little fart.

This is what i ate today, and i think im gonna make something like it again for a super late dinner.

Its a oven toasted veggie sw. I just chopped up diff veggies such as peppers mushrooms green onions, cucumber, and turkey and cheese, mixed w mayo and toast! So good! The ingredients change all the time, depending on what i have in my fridge.

Wow, today flew by. I like Mondays, cuz its my boss's day off, so we all pretty much slack all day. That means we're all on the internet, browsing the web, Facebooking, playing pranks, listening to music, and other shananigans.
Like for example. The security guy at work is sitting with me at my desk, and we're joking and etc, and he picks up my intercom phone, the one that goes into all of the residents rooms, and starts some weird heavy breathing, then is about to say  in a creepy whisper voice "im in your closettttt" but i stop him by giving him a twist pinch! How horrible is that? Horrible! Thatd give ME a heart attack, not to mention 90 yr olds! Can you imagine? Ya, me too. And im laughing. lol. Hes horrible. I dont participate in such things, i swear. This never usually happens. He must have had something before work, cuz he was hyper!

So. Monday Down. 4 more days to go!

How was your guys weekend? Mine was pretty good! 
Saturday i was up at 4am, with only 30 mins of sleep, and drove 45 mins to the girls house to do her hair. It was the easiest $$ i ever made! And in less than an hour! It went really great, and she loved it! She also said shed like me to do her hair for her wedding, but thats in August, so we'll see, since its a whiles away. I had a hard time driving cuz it was still dark and i was tired, but once i got there i was pumped and full of energy, i left and i was back to zip. Its crazy how fast my energy declined haha. I got home and slept till 2, then went shopping for some work pants. Im being so good by not feeding my shopping addiction! The jewelry i got at Forever21 doesnt count. lol. So proud of myself! Clap clap!
Saturday & Sunday i spent with the fam, my brother and sis in law, and my cute lil nephew Christian! He isnt there child, but my cousins, they were just watching him for the weekend. 
Sunday included more shopping with the sister in law! No purchases for me though.

Excuse me for looking like a huge slob!

Look at his cute jammies!

He is soooo cute!!

Im gonna go make something unhealthy to eat.
Night girlies!


Annie said...

the little guy is such a cutie pie!!!
and that open sami you made looks and sounds delicious!!
i agree, it really stinks when good friends move away. my bestie moved unexpectedly a few months back and i miss her so much.

Anonymous said...

So Christian is totally a heartbreaker! Sooo cute!

I am gonna have to try to make a veggie sandwich like that! I never would have thought to put anything on a sandwich besides lunchmeat or peanut butter and jelly! LOL!

That sucks your friend Megan moved away, but I'm happy yall continue to be close :-)

Have a great day girl!!!

Tracy D said...

Your nephew is adorable. It is hard when friends move, get married, sometimes gets in the way doesn't it?

Natalie said...

Your nephew is adorbs! So sweet!