Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Boyfriend Tag!

So anytime i mention The Mister on my blog, i get questions about him. 
And then i realized, if this blog is about me, my life, and he is a big part of it, you should get to know him a little better! It only makes sense, that ya'll get familiar with the boy who has my heart :)

Now i dont know about ya'll, but im quite nosy, so i loooooove to hear about your girls' boyfriends/husbands/relationships! Thats the fun stuff to me! haha! I also dont think there are many days/subjects/link ups devoted to that special man in our life, so i decided id make this a lil link up with out the linking up!
 If that makes any sense...its 3:42am, and im also blond, so it just might not. hah.

Ill do something boyfriend related for example a survey or etc periodically and you guys can join in too! Cuz i wanna know moooore! Nosy, remember?

I requested the Mister do this and he finally got to it tonight after excuse some of his bland answers. Hes actually quite witty, ill have to prove it by making him do the next one not after a 19 hr work day. Poor babyyy.

Questions are in black, his replies in blue, my replies to his replies in pink.

The boyfriend/Husband Tag
Lets see how well he knows you!

1. Where did we meet?
 We met on Facebook through "mutual friends". We then met in person after i was in town for a bodybuilding competition.
After chatting back and forth on Facebook we exchanged numbers, and started talking on the phone everyday! I mean comooon, how could i resist this? :p

2. What was our first date?
 I consider the full three days we were together when we first met our first date. It was so much fun baby!
I consider our first real date at a steakhouse we went to that night.

3. Where was our first kiss and how was it? 
We kissed in the car minutes after we met. Haha. It was good but I could tell she were nervous. :)
Are we crazy or what? Minutes? that point (talking on the phone everyday etc.) we were major crushing. But that boy isnt shy. Lol. And heck ya, i was nervous! Its was MINUTES after we met!

4. Did u know that i was the one?
 I do now :)
Great, we're on the same page! lol

5. First impression?
 I immediately loved her personality over the phone. Very flirtatious.
Im a huge flirt. I cant help it. Often times i dont even mean it, and dont try. And hardly ever realize im doing it.

6. When did u meet the family?
Haven’t yet. Kinda dreading it. lol
I come from a very conservative Ukranian family. Lets just say my parents want me to marry my own kind...Ya, it sucks.

7. Do we have a tradition?
 Our good morning texts, and being excited when either one of us gets off of work.
Every single morning we send each other super cute paragraph texts full of shmoozy fuzzy things to kick start our day! haha. And anytime one of us gets off work, the other will congratulate the person for surviving! Its like a big celebration. lo

8. What was our first road trip?
 Havent taken a real road trip yet.
But we will this summer! Woot woot!

9. Who said i love u first and where were we?
 I said it first over the phone. I think I was parked in the gym parking lot.
And i freaked out. haha! I told him i couldnt say it back. Poor guy.

10. What do we argue about the most?
Certain beliefs/opinions pertaining to religion comes up once in a while.
There are a few little things we disagree on. But very little things. We always agree to disagree lol.
11. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
 Definitely me! Lo:)
Now whos awake!He even used an exclamation point! hahaha! I bet he loved this question! HA to him! He knows we both do.

12. If im sitting in front of the tv what am i watching?
 Law and Order

13. What dressing do i get on my salad?

14. Whats the one food i don't like?
Hmmm. Well I know you don’t like Italian restaurants like Olive Garden.
This is true.

15. We go out to eat what do i get to drink?
A martini of some kind, or depending on the occasion maybe just a soda.
I hardly ever drink. Only once in a while. And i quit soda monthssss ago, and he always 
tells me how proud of me he is for it. So i dont know whatttt hes smokin. lol!

16. What size shoe do i wear?
 I dont even know how women shoe sizes run. lol
He really doesnt. But i made him aware after this. I also made him aware that he can feel free to buy me a pair :p

17. If i was collecting anything what would it be?
Old furniture, and restoring it.
Yeppity yep!

18. What is my favorite type of sandwich?
 The one you get at panera bread. I don't remember the name of it.
I really like any sandwich. But yes, the Panera one is amazing!

19. What would i eat everyday if i could?
 Ice cream.
Ok, i think hes getting really tired at this point, cuz i dont eat ice cream often, and dont want to. lol.

20. What is  my favorite cereal?
 Fruit loops of course :)
He says o fcourse cuz its both of our favorite cereal. Thats actually the subject of our first conversation. haha!

21. What is my favorite music?

22. Whats my fav sports team?
 Your not really into sports.

23. What is my eye color?

24. Who is my best friend?
 Me of course :) ♥
Most definitely baby!

25. What is something that you do that i wish you didn't?
 Pay better attention so Im not asking you the same questions over and over again like I sometimes do.
It drives me nuts. lol.

26. What is my heritage?

27. You bake me a cake for my birthday what kind do you make?
 A chocolate cake.

28. Did i play any sports?
I never played soccer lol.

29. What could i spend hours doing?
 Reading or talking to me.
This is true.

30. What is one unique talent that i have?
 Ummm your ability to make a man voice. lol
hahahahahahaha! Dont ask.

I hope you enjoyed this pretty girls!
I REALLY hope you do this tag!
Im really interested in reading your boyfriend/husbands replies! haha!
Just grab the logo and post!

I hope you all have a great day! 
Im finally off to bed!
Xoxo Inna :)


Annie said...

this was a fun read! you two are too cute!!!

Miss K said...

such a cute idea! you 2 are a great couple!

Tracy D said...

Adorable ;)

corrine said...

I like how he thought you played soccer! hahaha that's cute and funny !