Monday, March 14, 2011

Concerts, food, church and friends! Weekend Recap!

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Can we all agree this one went by especially too fast?

Friday night, my sister and her boyfriend picked me up from work and he decided to take us out for Mexican food at my favorite place, Carmelitas! They have such a fun atmosphere, the waiters are relaxed and funny, and the decor is amazing, very authentic, but very nice. I wish i could have taken a picture for you, but it was a packed house that night (we ended up waiting 45 mins for a table) and i didnt wanna go snappin pics of the place blinding people with my flash while they eat haha. 
They serve thee best Mexican food EVER! Im serious. I never liked Mexican much until i tried Carmelitas! They sold me on their 1 dish $9, 2 dish combo $10 somethin, and 3 dish combo $12 somethin! What a DEAL! And they give you tonsssss of food! I always get the 2 dish combo, Chicken Enchiladas & Chicken Quesdaillas, and they dont just give you a lil of both on one plate, they bring you two big dishes of what you ordered! You could feed a family on these deals! ha!

Chips & SPICY Salsa! My mouth was burning! Yumm!

Chicken Enchilada w Spanish Rice & Beans.
I didnt have a chance to take a picture of the Quesadillas cuz they were practically inhaled by the sis and bf!

My cute sis Vita!

Vita & her boyfriend! Hes such a sweetheart! I love him :)

They have the best fried cheesecake dessert but i thought id behave and skip it. 

The rest of my night consisted of coming home to a fruit plate for dessert & catching up on some shows. 

Saturday consisted of sleeping in. Im not even gonna tell you what time i crawled outta my covers. I totally OVERSLEPT!
Ive been wanting to go to the library for months now, and get something to read. To let my imagination run wild, and to cure my boredom at work. Theres only so much you can Google...
So thats just what i did!
I love my library. Its brand spankin new, still smells good, is clean, and has so many cozy nooks to read in!

And it has tonsssss of big open windows for the sunlight! I LOVE IT! Its my favorite part :)

Saturday night i went to a Christian concert that was in town with some friends cuz tickets were only $10 at the door!
The Rock & Worship Roadshow with bands and singers such as:
Mercy Me
Jars Of Clay
Thousand Foot Krutch
Matt Maher
The Afters

Omg...Tickets sold at the door, bad idea! There were 4 lines, each one about a mile long. No kidding! When we got there an hour early and saw the ridiculous lines i was ready to go home. There was no way our arena was gonna fit that many ppl in. And i was annoyed i paid $12 for parking and prob wasnt gonna get seated. I dont have much patience...But my sister convinced me to stay with not much hope, and we walked our tired feet to the back of the line. We stood it out and by some fat chance actually made it in! To discover the mob of people trying to find seats in a stadium already full of seated people or rows of saved spots. Not fair!  I didnt come out an hour early and stand through a mile long line just to finally make it inside for you to tell me the entire row is saved for people who are gonna stroll in probably after the rush, walk straight in, no line, and get front row seats. WTF! We all split up and somehow i got lucky and scored 2 of my younger sisters and I exactly 3 seats in the nosebleed section. We should of just stood at the top of the section like 1/4 of the people, cuz the teeny boppers behind us who practiced cheer dances all night and wouldnt shut up about some sleep over screamed my ears off for the 3 hours. Eventually i got used to it and started to enjoy myself! Especially when the guy with the pony tail in front of us kept standing up and dancing/swaying. He had the biggest butt i have ever seen! haha! Im sorry guys, i couldnt help but stare! That thing was huge! It was reallllly The night smelt of sweat and feet. I think its safe to say people dont shower/change their socks as often as they should...haha. After the concert we met back up with our group of friends, and thats when they told us they snuck into one of the suite boxes. 2 sections closer to the stage than us. With no teeny boppers and big butts and funkay smells. Thanks for lettin us know guys! 

Nelly & Ella

Afterwards we went to In N Out where i ended up calling 911 on behalf of the security guard wrestling the homeless guy threatening to kill people. 

Sunday i woke up late and only had 15 minutes to get ready for church, i looked like a hott mess, and afterwards i went to lunch with some friends. We went to Panera Bread, mmmmmm. I ordered the Frotego Chicken Panini with a cup of Chicken Noodle Soup! It was incredible on a rainy day! Try it if you have one near by you!

I was exhausted afterwards and went home to take a nap, i stayed in the rest of the night talking to Boyfriend and watching TV.

What did you all do?

XOXO Inna :)


Tracy D said...

Wow I'm exhausted just reading all of this, and now I'm craving mexican food :)

Annie said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!! and now i'm starving...for mexican, panera and a burger with fries! yummy!!! ;)

Sophia Caris said...

Sounds like your weekend was much more eventful than mine! Glad you had fun! And good for you, resisting that dessert for a fruit plate (all the while....I am nibbling on a chocolate bar....). Well, I worked out all week, so I'm not gonna freak out about it. Have a superrr week!

Lindsey said...

OMG! THat food looks amazing, I love in n out and we are GETTING ONE IN DALLAS!!! I'm SO BEYOND EXCITED!!

haha, glad I'm not the only one who hates to shower. It's sooo overrated!

Marina said...

All my weekends go away too fast.. Your weekend sounds great!

Megan said...

it sounds like you had an awesome weekend! and ate some amazinggg foods! im missing mexican right now as i gave it up for lent :-(

i wish we had an in and out burger in ohio ;-)

have a great week sweetie!