Monday, March 7, 2011

I hate thongs.

Im doing horribly with the 30 Day Challenge, especially around the weekend, i know.
I'll get to it, i promise!
Heres something until then!

A-Age: 22. I seriously feel like my life is over already. Im pathetic, i know. Im also very very paranoid about wrinkles, not that that stops me from rubbing the heck outta my eyes with my makeup remover wipes. 

B-Bed Size: Queen. And it isnt large enough...

C-Chore you hate: I hate unloading the dishwasher. No, i DESPISE it. I would rather hand wash everything then unload the dishwasher in order to put the dirty ones in.

D-Dogs: I want one. But we live in a rental.

E-Essential start to your day: Pshhh, Pleaseeee, nothing i do ever wakes me up.

F-Favorite Color: Hah! Thee rainbowwwww :D

G-Gold or Silver: Both, thats hard to really say. I dont like granny gold jewelry, but i do like gold jewelry, as long as it doesnt look tacky. So then theirs silver. Silvers fine, But i usually think its a bit boring, and theres just something about it, that im not totally in love with. Ehh i dunno.

H-Height: 5'3ish.

I-Instruments you play: zip! I wish i could play the piano. I dont know why the guitar is so fascinating to everyone these days. Its aight. I dont think it can move people quite like a piano can.

J-Job Title: Receptionist/Concierge. Meaning i do anything and everything but dont get paid enough.

K-Kids: I want some! I want a boy first. I just like them better. I think they are funner, and easier im sure. I dont want all boys, id like a lil girl too, but id be happy with 3 boys and a girl! :)

L-Live: There are so many places id like to experience living in! Like a beach town, also a gorgeous southern town with green lawns and white colonial homes, a busy city in a brownstone or loft, and suburbia. We'll see where i really end up...

M-Moms name: Maria.

N-Nickname: You really think you can make my name any shorter? I dont think so. Its as easy as it gets, 4 letters & simple to pronounce (e-nuh). Mister calls me a lot of various pet names. Babycakes & bunny seems to be his favorite. Im not gonna give you the explanation he gave me for that one. Youd die. hahahaha.

O-Overnight hospital stay: None. Thank you God.

P-Pet Peeve: When people take hours to reply to a text, or just dont at all. And it'll be like in the middle of a conversation. I get impatient while driving quite often, but im deff not as bad as i used to be! Flakers too, i have alot of friends like that lol. There are many, but those should be good for now.

Q-Quote from a movie: Brain fart...

R-Right/Lefty: Right handed.

S-Siblings: Eddie 23, Vita 20, Nelly 18, Mark 16, & Ella 13.

T-Time you wake up: Im way too embarassed to say on here.

U-Underwear: Boy shorts all the way. I hate thongs. I rarely wear one! I dont think ive worn one in years! Although the boy prob prefers i do. hah!
V-Veggies you dislike: I dont really dislike any veggies. Atleast none that i can think of right now...

W-What makes you run late: Procrastinating. And usually finding something to wear.

X-X-RAYS youve had: Teeth?

Y-Yummy food you make: I have to say, i make thee best quesadillas, sandwiches/paninis, omellets ever :D

Z-Zoo animal: Id like to own a cute monkey :)

Alrighty, Back to work!

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Sophia Caris said...

Haha, nice list! And I love that you blogged this at work! Just make sure to leave no trace! lol You almost make me want to fill out this little questionnaire thingy, but I just don't think people are all that interested in me. But you, you are interesting and funny! PS and yeah...i don't wear thongs either. Can you say butt floss!!? Boy shorts all the way! You and I are like twins separated at birth, i swear!