Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I need to get ma hair did...

I had thee most boring day at work today.
Seriously, i was about to start counting the hairs on my head for entertainment. 
And it doesnt help that recently the hallway at work has been smelling like someone tooted. Multiple times. After eating some chilli.
Gross, i know. I dont get it, i cant figure out where the smells coming from! 
I mean, i work at a senior facility, it alllllways smells funny lol. But this is awkwardly stinky.
I always try to walk extremely fast, cuz i dont want anyone to come by and think i did it. 
Ughhhh, how lovely. 


Picture of the day:

(Excuse the mess, its laundry day, and the gross roots ha!)

Can you believe i got this scarf for $2?! I got it at a local ghetto discount store. The kind your afraid your gonna get mugged in front of. But i love it, and always get compliments on it! Cute!

Im also loving my new jewelry (bracelets) i got from Forever21 this weekend! I am loving wearing them with my Michael Kors watch! I mix and match the bracelets and bangles and throw em on with the watch.

Silver Bangles $5.80
Gold Bangles $4.80
Turquoise Bead Bracelets $2.80
Pink Rose Bracelets $1.50
White Rose Bracelet $1.50

(better picture)
I also got an over sized loose off the shoulder top at Ross for $7. Its pale pink, but doesnt come off that way in the picture. Its the softest material ive ever felt! So comfy!

Which reminds me, do you guys know where i can get a good strapless bra? mine sucks, slides down, and hurts..and i paid tonsss for it.

And im gonna leave you with tonights dinner:

Mini chicken tacos from Trader Joes. 

OH! And stay tuned for a Boyfriend Tag post :) This should be fun! haha.

xoxo Inna!


Lindsey said...

that food looks amazing!!!! Omg, so good! A good strapless bra is one of life's great mysteries. I've yet to find a good one EVER. I hate strapless bras with a passion. And haha, love the scarf. I know a similar place with cute stuff, but not as ghetto ... just kinda ghetto.

Brittany said...

I love the scarf!

I got a strapless bra from victoria secrets.. and its only sorta uncomfortable. I still avoid wearing it if possible, but.. it's the best one i've ever found.

Miss K said...

love the scarf and that white top!! what brand is it?