Thursday, March 10, 2011

Makeup I am loving right now...

Here is the makeup i am loving right now. I usually fall in love with a routine and do it for 2 months or so, and then change something up, and at some point it all goes in a circle and im back to routine 1. Its usually the foundation. I get tired of using one type, start another, then go back and fall in love with the previous one all over again. 

I use these products pretty much daily. Plus whatever makeup look i feel like doing that day, so eyeshadow and etc not included.

1. Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in the Light shade - I wanted a tinted moisturizer for days i didnt wanna do full on foundation, my lazy days. I wanted something with pretty good coverage too. I really liek this one cuz of the coverage, its amazing for a tinted moisturizer! I pretty much wear this as my foundation these days. The color is light and its still to dark, but i dont mind, i just bronze my neck, cuz i dont liek being this pasty anyway, so my makeup is usually a lil darker anyway. You also get a lot of product in the container! And its only $8 at Walmart, not bad, considering i was paying $22 for my last one, and it did nothing as far as coverage! I dont know why the color is weird in the pic. 

2. Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation w SPF 15 in the shade 01 Calming Alabaster - I reallllly like this foundation! It has great coverage, especially if you have a lot of redness. I decided to try this after i saw Lisa Eldridge do a tutorial using it. If you dont know who she is, shes a pro makeup artist who does lots of high end photography and magazines and etc. You can find her videos on Youtube. It costs about $23, and is a pretty small container, but you dont need alot of product. I highly recommend it. I dont use it daily, only on weekends or when im going our or events etc cuz i wanna save the product and i dont need that much coverage everyday.  

3. Studio Gear Hidden Agenda Concealer in shade Light - I bought it on a whim one day because i was at Ulta on the hunt for a concealer and didnt wanna drive to Mac. The sales girl highly recommended it, but isnt that her job? I was so disappointed when i got home and used it a few times. I mainly use concealer around my eyes cuz i have major darkness and occasionally on a red spot here or there. I was really hoping for something with much more coverage for under the eyes and didnt think this worked well. So i went and got a Mac concealer and put this one int he back of my makeup drawer. Eventually i ran out of the Mac and didnt wanna do the drive again haha. So i pulled this out again. I think i didnt like it so much cuz its a creamier feel and i was used to the tougher MAC one so i thought it didnt cover well. I eventually fell in love with this! I use it all the time, i just had to play with how i applied it. I dab this now, instead of rub or swipe, cuz its creamier, you dont wanna swipe or the product moves and doesnt cover. At least for me. Its amazing on spots and etc! If your looking for a good creamy concealer and dont need a heavy duty one, just something with medium coverage, try this one! It sells for about $15.

4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse in shade Natural Ivory Light 3 -  I LOVE this foundation! The past month my face routine has been the Tinted Moisturizer with concealer and powder, but this past week i pulled out this foundation for a change and am IN LOVE with this allll over again! Its amazing! Really, i cant stress it enough! Its ogt the lightestttttt finish, and makes my skin flawless and looks like im not wearing any makeup!  I apply it with a flat top stippling brush for a flawless finish. Holy Grail Product!

5. ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in shade Lilac Petal - I love this product! I use it to highlight my check bones, but lately have been applying it to most of the top half of my cheek along to brow to give myself a glowy dewy look and it works AMAZINGLY! i apply it after my foundation, before my powders so its not too shiny. I have been getting compliments on my dewy skin all week! Its only $1 too guys! INSANE! And ive had this lil tube for prob 3 years haha! You can get it at Target. Try it! It sonly $1!

6. Elf Blusher/Bronzer Duo - I usually use this pallet when i go for a warmer look, with brown shadow/liner. Its the perfect peach and looks great with a tan/bronzer! I love it with my Blond too! Very summery :) And only costs $3! At Target. I love ELF, if ya'll havent noticed!

7. Elf Bronzer in shade Light Bronze - It cost a friggin dollar, and i love it! I use it every day, and its the best bronzer ive tried to date! Its very pigmented, you dont need a lot, so i barely tap my brush and apply and build up if i need to. HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT. Can you tell? I hit pan!

8. Palladio Baked Blush in shade Blushin - This is thee perfect pink! And it gives you the most flawless sheen! I dont wear the Elf Facial Whip when i wear this blush, cuz it gives of its own sheen, and its perfect! Its light and buildable, and i love it! I got it at Sallys Beauty, but i think Ulta might carry too. Maybe $6?

9. Palladio Natural Rice DUAL Wet & Dry Foundation in Shade Natural Clary 403- This is my favorite powder foundation EVER! I see myself using this probably forever! Ive tried many others and have come back to this! Its amazing guys! You could also use it with a wet sponge, thats provided, for a heavier coverage. Ive used it both ways, and love it! Must try for you all! Sally Beauty for around $8-9 i think? TRY IT! HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT!

10. Almay Intense Color Eyeliner in shade Brown Topaz - I love this eyeliner. I have blue/green eyes depending on the day and i ALWAYS get compliments when i wear this liner for bringing out my eyes! I also think it looks great with my hair color and etc! Give it a try if you have lighter eyes, im sure its gonna look great!

XOXO Inna :)


Sophia Caris said...

OOOO OOOO! Girl, gettin ahead of me with all these posts! I almost this was the other beauty product and you had deleted my comment. I was about to email ya, and be like whaaaaat tha #&^@!>? Haha! But ya, I just heard about the tsunami warnings for the west coast, not sure where in north cali you are, but stay safe girly!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! You can get ELF at Target?!? What?! I always see it recommended on international blogs...and I always comment and write "We can not get that in US..which sucks". I'm freaking stoked! I will be heading there this weekend for SURE!!!! AGHHH

Have a good weekend girl!

<3 megan

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I need #2 my cheeks get really red and I never herd of Lisa I have to youtube her

Write it in Lipstick

Tracy D said...

Those ELF bronzers are totally under-rated...I love them too!