Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday ladies!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Mine consisted of baby showers, birthday parties, church, & friends!

Saturday was Megan's baby shower! It was sooo nice to see her! I missed her tons! She lives in Southern California with her husband who is in the Navy, so i dont get to see her much anymore :( boo hooo :'( But anyways, the baby shower was great! They had yummy drinks, and tasty finger foods like jalapeƱo poppers, stuffed mushrooms, cheesy bread, chips and dip, wraps, and etc..and she got tonnnnns of gifts! Im happy for her! I know having a baby is EXPENSIVE! My coworker, our mutual friend (Megan used to work with us) and I split a gift, which included tons of random stuff from her Target registry.

We ate, talked, played games (dont play the candy bar in the diaper game with deodorized diapers, it makes the sniffing tricky hahaha!) and opened gifts!

You guys, seriously, this girl is friggin lucky! She doesnt look like she gained any weight! shes 7 months pregnant and still as thin as she was before, except the obvious belly, and that is even small! She says she gained 20 lbs, so the baby must be coming out gigantic, cuz there is no way those lbs went any where other than her baby belly. Jealousssss! How can she be skinnier than i and shes pregnant! wtf? haha.

(Olesya, Megan, Me, and Tere) (You cant even tell she HASSS a belly!)
We are all coworkers, or at least used to be when Megan still lived here. Tere is a hoot! She is the sassiest 65 year old ive ever met. Shes got more attitude than your average 15 year old teeny bopper haha!

You can see what i wore Saturday here!


After the baby shower i went straight to my extremely adorable nephews 1st birthday! 

How freakin ADORABLE is he with his cute little Curious George party hat?! gushhhhhhhh!

I knew he was getting to the age where he actually enjoys toys now, so i knew everyone would be buying him  tons! So i got him 2 cute spring/summer outfits that his momma would enjoy more than he, but hey, she deserves something too for creating that precious boy!

How cute are these outfits?! Ya, i know, CUTE!

I was sooooo right! After opening all his presents, he practically had a Toys R Us in there!

His party theme was Curious George! His momma made this cake herself, how amazing is it?

Which he ended up enjoying a lot! haha!
(These were taken with my cell phone, sorry for the poor quality)

Me and Christian. Honestly, i cant even tell you how much i love this little boy! Its crazy. I love him like my own!

He loves my gum. It always fascinates him! haha!

He is thee happiest, sweetest, cuddliest, cutest, playful, charming, loving baby ive ever met! His constant smiles MELT. MY. HEART.


Sunday i was POOPED! From the baby shower, straight to the birthday party, with all those kids, all that noise, i was exhausted! I went to church, came home to lunch with the fam, - daddy + sisters BF, and stayed in for the rest of the evening which was spent mostly swaddled in a blanket napping. 

Heres my Sunday Outfit :

(excuse my pantyhose, ha!)

Mossimo loose tank from Target
$6! L8ter cotton black & white striped bandage type skirt from Ross
Apostrophe black blazer style cardigan with lapels
Forever21 necklace
and i wore black Guess heels

That is it for my weekend recap!

xoxo Inna :)


Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday to your nephew. I'm obsessed with my nephew too! LOVE your Sunday outfit and what a bargain it was too!

Tracy D said...

Sounds like a great but exhausting weekend..I remember my nephew being that age, enjoy goes by so fast!

Anonymous said...

um hello hotness! love that outfit!

corrine said...

Love the outfit too!!! rock it girl! Sounds like you had an amaze weekend! :)

corrine said...

oh and I stuck your button on my page! Very cute!

Michelle said...

Aww your nephew is precious!! I love his little birthday cake (and his face after he ate it!!!)! Found you through Michelle's page (a little bit of this and that)

Have a good night!

love jenny xoxo said...

looks like a fun weekend!

And that outfit is sooo cute!! I love it!!


Katie said...

Sounds like an exciting weekend! Love your outfit in that last picture!

XO, Katie