Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Summer, I miss you baby!

Im sorry guys! I have really been bummin it lately!
I havent been posting much, except the usual 30 Day Photo Challenge.
Ive been lazy, tired, and blehhhh lately.
Im a stinker, i know. lol.

I had such a busy day at work today! I was pooped half way through my shift! But at least i got all my work done for the rest of the wk! phew! Im exhausted.

I am soooooooo ready for summer!!! Gah! Its killin' me! I wanna wear thin light clothes, not heavy layering.
I want warmth! Im tired of piling on sweaters jackets scarves and when i get home, hiding under piles of blankets! I mean commoooooon, im in CALIFORNIA! The east is getting better weather than us! wtf.
I want Lake time! I miss going to the lake with my girlfriends before work almost every single day & layin out and tanning.
I miss it being light out later! Fun fact: I hate night time! I like day time, the light! I just love it!
I miss going out with friends cuz :
a. College is out. No studying.
b. More time = more work = more money to actually do things!
c. Its not freezing and you can actually do things other than eat out! ha!
Although i do plenty of that in the summer! ha! I miss outdoor patios with friends for hours!
I miss BBQs.
I miss road trips!
I can go on for dayyyyyyys!
Does all this make your eyes hurt? haha!

& I miss color! look at these pictures! Id never be able to achieve this kind of color if i took a picture in this crappy weather! Colorful nail polish, swimsuits, clothes, food, etc. <3

In other news, My friend Veronika, the one i do the most ****** up with with, wants me to go away to Italy for a year with her this fall. She went last year for a few months, and fell in love! Ive always wanted to do something like that! But im not sure Italy is where id wanna go for a year. Im thinking like Australia, or Greece or somethin :D Im also not sure how thatd work with with the mister. Itd be too too hard! But then again, if i wanna do something liek this, this is the time! Before our relationship gets even more serious!
And im afraid ill miss home/America too much! Like In n Out and our tv shows/music, and food, and people and culture! So im kinda stuck here on what to do. If shes willing to go some place other than Italy, im seriously considering going! That way i can travel all of Europe and etc! Its way cheaper once your already over there! & we can do more ****** up things there! haha!

More news:

Ladiesssss, im doing SOOOO well on saving for a new car!!! Im surprised! & so is everyone else! haha. If you knwo me, you know i cant save money for ****! I usually spend it on going out or food or other silly things! But im on a roll! I feel bad about spending like $7 for Chipotle! So i just dont! When i used to not even think about it, and swipe that plastic baby! 
Pat on the back for me! :D

I need to get my hair done. These roots are uh growin! ha!

My healthy eating habits have drastically spiraled for the bad lately. Someone please yell at me!

Quick question ladies!
Do you guys know of a good Bubble Bath brand? All the products ive tried suck. The bubbles arent big, and disappear within afew minutes! I want lotsa lotsa bubbbbbles!
And do you know of a good face mask product? I really need to work on my skin before summer, its been gettin kinda blah. I was in Target yesterday and didnt notice anything rly. I was surprised there arent very many face mask products out there! Everythings a cleanser or toner or wtvr, i think i saw like 2 face masks, and both didnt look too great. Maybe i missed something?
Please let me know girls!

Im gonna go sulk my fatty bum bum in bed with a movie.
Goooodnight pretty!
xoxo Inna :)

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Sophia Caris said...

Hmmm...I would be shocked if we had better weather than you! Not possible! See, I wish I was in Cali right now! At least So. Cal. Loooove all your pics, definitely put me in the summer mood!! Soon! The first day of spring is in a couple weeks, and then its SUMMERRR!

And uhm, YEAH! You should totally go to Italy!!! I wish I had a friend to invite me to Italy! I know you love Mister, but this is a HUGE opportunity to travel. You GOTTA do it!!

And congrats for saving up, but BOO on your for eating crappily. I'm one to talk. I havent done P90X all week!! Yikes. I know. But i have every intention of getting back on the wagon starting Tuesday.

And ya, for skin stuff, I would recommend going to Whole Foods. They have lotsa natural beauty products w/o chemicals. I use Dermae Blemish Prone skin cleanser twice a day, and I haven't had a single breakout since I started using it! I also use Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel as a toner and Alba Jasmine & Vitamin E moisture cream at night, it leaves my skin sooooo freaking soft and supple. Also recommend Alba chapstick, that stuff is the best.

What I would do it scope out the stuff at Whole Foods, and then look for it on ebay for much cheaper. Its really not weird, cuz ebay has the same exact stuff for a STEAL! That moisture cream was $16.99 at Whole Foods, but I bought the exact same thing on ebay for $13 with free shipping.

Just some tips! I gotta start getting ready for summerr too!!