Friday, March 25, 2011

Ahhhhh! My own button! Greek Isles, & baby registries!

Hey tootsies!
Just letting you all know i made a button for my blog!!
You can find it over here ---------------->
Id love for you to grab it! It'll just make my day! :D
Hugs in advance!!

Also, I want to say a special thanks to this pretty girl, Katie for doing a post about how to make a button! She gives super easy and clear instructions for how to make one! She also taught me how to make a signature for comments with another post! She's super sweet, super stylish, and super gorgeoussss, go see for your self!
Thank you Katie, for watching out for us newer bloggesr that are still learnin! :)

Annnnnd, i wanted to say a quick thanks to Lindsey at The Bargain Blonde for being so sweet and giving me her input on my button! Check out her blog, shes hilariousssss! She just has a great way of writing, that gets you laughing! Shes also hosting a great giveaway right now in celebration of reaching 100 followers! Join in to win a cute bracelet of your choice!
Ladies, go check out both blogs, both girls are fantastic, and follow! Guarantee you'll love em! :)

In other news, i have been dyyyyyying for a vacation! I need to get away! Me and my friend Veronika, have been talking about saving to go island hopping in the Greek Isles end of this summer! I really hope this works out! Ive always wanted to go to Greece! After my car, im saving all my money towards this trip! :D

And the mister and i are still planning on going on vaca this summer too! Next time one of us visits, we're gonna plan it out!

Oh! Did ya'll hear the story about Ina Garten from Barefoot Contessa? Supposedly a 6 year old boy with cancer requested from the Make A Wish Foundation to cook something with her. I guess hes been watching
her in bed with his mom for years! And she said No! Why? Cuz shes too busy. Oh, and get this, she denied him twice! They asked her a year or 2 ago, and she said she was too busy with her new book, so the foundation told him he should probably pick something else, and the boy said no, hed just wait for her when shes less busy. So they asked her again this year, and she said it was a definite no. Like WTF?!
First off you brat, it is a PRIVILEGE this boy chose to use his one wish for anything he wanted, on you! How many 6 year olds wanna cook with some chef? Like none! Instead of choosing a trip to Disneyland, or something like that, the sick boy chose to cook with you!
Second, im gonna enjoy watching your rating plummet. ha! Didnt you think denying a 6 year old cancer patient a wish through? How bad does that look for you? Hahahaha.
Sorry, ranting here. Im just shocked at some people. 

Anyways, thank you God, its Friday!
Work has been so boring and so slow lately i dont know what to do with myself! Theres only so many things you can google on the web! So im ready for this week to be over. I dont have any major plans this weekend, other than a baby shower for my friend Megan on Saturday! My friend and i went shopping for the gift today! And the Target Registry sucks. Dont get me wrong, i love Target, and i love their baby stuff! But they need to figure out a better way for people to locate the stuff on the plain list they give you! Some kind of pictures or something!

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope they are more exciting than mine!

Dont forget! Grab my button! :D
and if you do, please let me know! So i can thank you :)

Have a great weekend my lovely followers!
I love you all!
No, seriously. I love your comments, and emailing back and forth!

xoxo Inna

ps. Dont forget to have the mister do the Boyfriend/Husband Tag! :)

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Katie said...

Thanks for the mention and sweet words! You are the best! Happy weekend!

XO, Katie
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