Friday, March 18, 2011


Sorry for slacking on the posts this week. It feels like i havent posted in ages! My only excuse is that ive been wayyyy too tired to.
Has this stupid time change affected you guys like it has me? Im EXHAUSTED all day EVERYDAY! Its really quite horrible. Im yawning all day, and very sluggish. The time change and all the stuff ive had going on w family and friends all week has kept me on the run all day, and up really late. I dont know how im gonna finish the 1 hr left of work.

No big plans for me tonight except sleep as soon as i can. I should be in bed by 10, but i know it'll be more like modnight. I have to be up at 4am, and at my appointment at 5am. Im doing a girls hair for a wedding shes gonna be a bridesmaid at. So ill have to stop by the store on my way home and pick up some necessities such as bobby pins, hairspray, clips, etc...
This is what i'll be doing for her...

(Jessica Alba Oscar Look from 2008 i believe? I cant be sure..)

Now, im not a certified hairstylist, and i dont do this often. But people seem to like the way i do hair, and id say im pretty good at it. I enjoy doing it, but usually on myself, and on others who are willing to leave it all in my hands, the decisions, choices, etc, and just let me do my thang...Ill discuss Costmetology School in another post...
I usually do hair for wedding or etc for close family members, and sometimes ill do it for strangers, but not often, cuz this isnt a side business of mine, just something ill do as a favor or for some side cash if i feel like it. Like tomorrows job will cover my fees to get my taxes done and then some. Sounds good to me! I dont usually do a strangers hair, but when this one texted me saying she heard about me through so and so, i agreed cuz i didnt wanna pay out of my savings for the taxes, since ive been behaving well. The reason i dont usually agree is cuz im never really willing to give up my saturday, or waking up early, and etc..Like 5am? SO not looking forward to it!
The second reason i agreed to do her hair is cuz i found out from so and so she has a wedding of her own coming up in July, and i thought this would be a great way to make nice, and if she likes what i do, maybe ill score on her wedding. Bride and Bridesmaids = a nice hunk of extra cash, to use for a vaca or so :) See, i think ahead! Thats pretty much the reason i agreed. haha.

Well! Im having a brain fart, and really cant think of much more to say, so for now,
ta ta ladies :)
xoxo Inna!


Lindsey said...

How fun! I would totally have you do my hair for weddings if you lived closer .. I'm awful at doing anything other than straightening it or curling it. LAME!!

Katie said...

That hairdo looks fabulous! I wish I was talented enough to do that! hope it went well! 5 am is too early!

Xo, Katie
Running on Happiness

Anonymous said...

i can not keep up with teh blog challenge! lol! im loving that hairstyle, though! totally need to fly you my way to do something spectacular to my hair). i hope u had a good weekend :-)

<3 megan

Hillary said...

i would love to read up on some hairstyles! i'm always struggling to find something new to do with mine.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hope you're feeling more adjusted this week. The time change totally threw me off too!

How'd the updo go? That's what makes me the most nervous about school.. I love doing my hair, but haven't done fancy updos on others too much. I am excited to hear about cosmetology school... are you thinking of going?