Thursday, March 10, 2011

Products im loving right now...

I have been using the same products for about the past 3 months, some longer.
Simply because i love all of it, and its working great for me so far. 
Some of these products are my holy grail products. 

1. Noxzema Hydrating Makeup Remover Wipes - I love these makeup wipes. First off, you get about 30 wipes, and usually i use just half of one, cuz they are quite large, and on work days i dont wear too much makeup. So i can usually cut some in half and get 2 uses out of them. So you get 30 large wipes for $3 something. Id say thats a great deal! They are inexpensive, and work very well. I like that the wipe itself has texture, i feel like the grainy texture of it helps scrub my makeup off better. These are the only wipes that work well for my eyes too. You obviously have to rub a bit, but they work much better then the Nuetrogena ones, where you use the whoel wipe for one eye. But i have to warn you, if your big on flowery fragrances in your face products ans such, this is deff not it. It actually has a more medicated smell. Something like Vicks Vapor Rub or so..If you knwo what i mean. I personally prefer that, it makes me think because it smells medicated it must be very good for my skin lol. And it is! Ill be honest with you, I hate washing my face with cleansers and yadda yadda, so i only do that about 3 times a week. Every other day i use just the wipes, and they work splended! My face feels clean, and never breaks out! Holy Grail Product.

2. Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream - Same goes with this cream as the wipes as far as the smell. Medicated. But i love that smell. Mmm lol. This lil tub is pretty huge, and is aloooot of product, and will last you a longgg time. This usually lasts me a few months, 3 or so, and i use it maybe once a week in the shower. I put it on like a mask, and let it sit for afew minutes. You feel it tingle, and open up your sinuses. Its amazing for my skin. I do this to clean and open up the pores usually on the weekends after a week of yucky makeup everyday. This does the trcik. This is also in expensive for the amount! I think its around $4-$5! Crazy. Love it! I get mine at Target or Walmart. Try this brand! 

3. Suave Hairspray in Touchable Finish - I just got this about 2 weeks ago, after using Dove hairspray for a year or so. I wanted something more light, and something that wouldnt make my hair feel and look crispy, as sometimes i use a lot, cuz i curl and tease my hair often. I also wanted something that DIDNT smell like hairspray. So far so good, im loving it! Its smells AMAZING, i could prob wear it as perfume, hah! And i love how light and misty it goes on.

4. Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo - I love dry shampoo. I have really reallllly long hair, down to my lower back/bum area. So washing and blow drying my hair is TORTURE. I HATE it!! Ask the boy, theres nothing i complain about more! It takes forever. So i try to get away with out washing it as long as i can, usually 3 days. And not washinng my hair doesnt mean i dont shower. Settle down over there lol. So in between washes i like to use a dry shampoo, i use this one all the time, and it gets the job done, i also like that it doesnt leave white powder by your roots and doesnt make my hair feel chalky like most do. I think it costs around $6 at Walmart.

5. Treseme Dry Shampoo - Another dry shampoo. I use this one when i need something more heavy duty haha! I dont recommend it to those who have darker hair tho, as it leaves white dust at your roots. My sister has light brown hair, and pulls it off, but no darker than that, or you'll deff see it. And because this is so chalky based, the nozzle that sprays can get clogged. Mine did. boo! Overall a good product of you need a quick fix for 3-4 day hair! I actually like this product currently cuz im sportin roots atm, gross, i know, and cuz of the chalkiness, it lightens my roots a shade or two, and makes them less noticeable. hah!

6. Burts Bees Orange Extract Facial Cleanser- This stuff is ah-mazing! Your face will feel so soft and moisturized after, its incredible! I deff recommend everyone try this! 

7. Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorant in Burst Nectarine & White Ginger Scent - This is the best deodorant i have ever tried! It works great and smells delicious! Ive even had people ask me what fragrance im wearing! haha! Holy Grail Product.

8. H20 Moisturizer - I have no idea where i got this, its been awhile, cuz it lasts a long time! A little goes a long way! This is the best moisturizer i have ever used and prob will ever use. That is how amazing it is. It feels like a splash of water on my face! Its really light, really refreshing, it feels like water, and its not oily. I LOVE it! It hydrates my skin for hours! Try finding it online, i PROMISE you, you wont regret it! HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT!

I hope ya'll give these products a try! Im gonna continue being a fatty and eat my homemade Cookies & Cream Cookies with Hershey Kisses. In Bed. 


xoxo Inna


Megan said...

i am going to have to try this deodorant!!! i use secret now with conditioners...and it works well, but im dying to try this dove for the scent!

have an awesome thursday girl!

<3 megan

Ms. Emily Ann said...

I am always on the lookout for new makeup remover, I can't wait to try out these wipes! And I have been meaning to buy dry shampoo forever, but still haven't tried it... thanks for the info :) Enjoy those tasty treats!!!

PS... my email is :)

Annie said...

going to the store tonight so i'm going to have to sample some of these products!! :)
hope all is wonderful pretty girl!

Sophia Caris said...

GIRL! I was just gonna do a post on my favorite products too!! Are you in my mind???? Creepy... And ya, totally agree with you about Burt's Bee's Orange face cleanser, that stuff is awesome! And I hate washing my face too, especially with all those many products out there, its hard to know whats best. You seem to know exactly what works for you, thats a great thing!

Tracy D said...

Love the smell of Noxzema too! I use the Tresemme dry shampoo & I have dark hair, I just let it dry and then brush it thru and that gets rid of any residue :)