Friday, April 15, 2011

My purchases!

Wow, long overdue?

I dropped by Ross and Target 2 wks ago, this is what i came out with...

And please, dont hate on my pasty-ness. I was self tanner-lesss. Ive taken care of it :p 
Annnnnd im not wearing make up. Dont judge. :p

Iris Basic Black loose top with pocket & lace detailing at the top that i LOOOOVE. The lace is gorgeous too, not the cheapy kind, annnnd its feathered at the bottom. $9

 I also fell in love with the grey one! Gorgeousss! $9

Derek Hearts Red & White striped boat neck quarter sleeve top. It was on clearance for $5, and i thought itd be cute with the skirt below. Its also super cute with super dark denim trousers, or skinny jeans. Or with light faded baggy distressed denim shorts if you wear it right :)

Paper Tee Floral Crop Top. I am in love with this top! I cant pull of crop tops really, just cuz lets face it, im not tall or thin enough, it just makes me look pregnant. But there are a few different ways i can wear it to pull it off, including with the skirt below :) I love the little detailing at the top, and that its racerback! $12

Espresso Cream Dress with lace top. Im not IN LOVE with this dress, just cuz theres nothing thaaat special about it, but its a great addition to your spring/summer wardrobe! Theres so many ways you could wear this, with belts, cardigans, scarfs, etc! Its a great neutral piece you could play up! I cant wait to wear it with some cute wedges and a belt! Its super comfy too! $9!

Trim & Film Cream dress with black detailing. I thought this dress was pretty cute, with a belt added of course! Its flowy and comfortable, and cute with black pumps, or even flat sandals! And you could also throw on a black leather jacket for an edgy fun feel! $12

New York & Company Cream Skirt. I think this is supposed to be kinda like a bandage/bodycon skirt, but its just a lil big on me, but for $6 i thought ahhh what the heck, ill take it, i can pull it off without it being skin tight, im prob doing everyone a favor too! Plus, i can mix and match it with some of the above tops! 


Mossimo White Shirt. Everyone needs a plain white shirt, and one thats a lil better quality and cuter than just a plain white cotton v neck you can get anywhere. This ones fantastic! I got it on clearance for $6!

Mossimo Black Tank. And everyone needs a plain black cute tank for layering and mix and matching, one you could dress up, like so! I love this one!

Im so excited! This past weekend i actually got to clean and reorganize my closet!

I really hate it, cuz my closet was built sooo freakin weird and inconvenient! Half of it, is deep, behind a wall, why couldnt they insert a longer door? wtf? ughhh, it makes getting stuff such a pain!

And voila! Much better! The way i organize my stuff is by dresses the furthest from dressy to casual, then jackets to sweaters, so quarter sleeve to tops to tanks. Then my dressier jeans, and scarfs and then my skirts on the right. With the back stuff thats behind the wall, i dont color coordinate, i just go by what i wear most and am gonna reach for first closest, and what i dont wear that often furthest. But the part i can see, i color coordinate. This closet drives me nuts. Its far to small. Ive got a chest of clothes, a roll out bin under my bed, and use 1/4 of my moms walk in closet for stuff i dont wear too often, such as fancy, out of season, or etc.

Ill show you how i store my purses and shoes another day soon. Thats a whole other closet haha.

Have a great day pretties!
xoxo Inna :)


Anonymous said...

im loving your purchases! so perfect for this warmer weather! i love the first top ALOT!

Michelle said...

I love ROSS and Target! Great picks! Perfect outfits for warmer weather!

Happy Friday! xoxo

Sophia Caris said...

Cuuuute stuff!! I need to go out and shop, I haven't been in forever. You are so inspiring. :)

Lilly's Style said...

Great finds girl! I'm LOVING the white dress with black trim. And especially for $12...double love :)


Andee Layne said...

those first lace trim tops are such an AMAZING find!!!!