Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frame Wall

My frame wall is not complete, but i thought id show you my progress. I still need to add a few more. Most the frames ive got up there are more subtle and plain, so i have to run by my local TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross and by some more interesting ones to make the wall more unique. Im planning on buying some of this style :
I purchased all my current frames from Goodwill for dirt cheap. I think i paid less than $15 for all of them. 

I took out the backing, the glass, and spray painted them!

I laid them out on newspaper, and went to town!

After letting them sit to dry, i sanded them down just a lil, to give them an older rustic feel.
 Heres what ive got so far! I cant wait to finish!

Oh, also, i am gonna take out the glass from the botton long one! haha, dont worry :p

And thats my frame wall! Remember, im not finished with it, but hopefully soooon :D Ill keep you updated on my further progress. 

Happy Wednesday to you my pretty girls!
xoxo Inna :)


Michelle said...

That looks awesome!!! I have a blank wall in my bedroom that I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to put there!! I might have to do this! You are so crafty!!!

Michelle said...

LOVE IT! It looks so great! You're so creative! XOXO

Miss K said...

it looks fantastic so far! i think those fancy-ish frame style will be a perfect touch

Natalie said...

Aww it looks so great! I need to try this!

Tracy D said...

I love it Inna, so inexpensive too...can't wait to copy, I mean see, the finished product ;)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

so cute my dear, what a great deal on the frames and what a cute make over for your wall.

Write it in Lipstick

Anonymous said...

it looks great!!! i love that you're doing something fun and creative like this! i suck at "projects" around the house, but im trying to get better :-)

hope ur having a good week!

Fashion Meets Food said...

How cute is this? I am definitely going to have to get creative now and give this a try. My living room wall is so boring. Hope you have a fab weekend! I am your newest follower!


augustalolita said...

i love what you did!! such a great idea for a blank wall <3 love it and i want to try it too haha!!

Sophia Caris said...

Just beeeeautiful! You are so crafty miss!

Chelsea said...

umm you are so crafty i loooove it!!