Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So i have to be..

the worst blogger ever. Im so inconsistent! 
Its cuz i get so busy commenting on your blogs, by the time im done going through my feed and doing so, im too tired to post my own! haha!

Did ya'll have a great weekend? I hope so!
Friday i spent with my best friend Kaitlin and our friend Jeremy! He took us out to BJs Restaurant & Brewery where we ate some yummy food and drank some mediocre drinks. Im usually a lightweight, so get like 1 drink in me and im having a ball! I had 2 drinks that did zip for me, and tasted mehh. Dont you hate that? Its like wtf? Your charging me bank for this one drink, and its got zero alcohol in it and tastes like butt! Anyways, we ended up missing our movie so opted for more drinks at Kaitlins apt! She had some more guys come over and we all just hung out! We're both in relationships btw, lol, but seem to get along better with boys! Theyr more laid back!   It was over all a pretty good night considering Kaitlin & I hung out the night before till the WEEEEE hours haha making dinner and trying out some Skinny Girl Margarita! Which sucks btw. <---Personal opinion. A few hard ciders after that and we were on our way to trouble & other shinanigans! haha!

What we made!

And pictures from my phone i took that night. I have no explanation for them..But at the time, i guess there was a reason for my attire and for snappin these! hah!
I might or might not have gone out like this!
Kaitlins pointy hood?

Verrry long night..haha.

Saturday i slept till like 3, no joke, and then went to this pretty girls bridal shower!
Courtney is honestly one of the most gorgeous people i have ever met! Like Shes talking to you and your just thinkin to yourself, dude, shes sooooo pretty! If thats not creepy of me...lol. Plus, she has an adorable lil daughter Isabell!

Her Engagement photos came out stunning! Heres my fav!

The backgrounds real!

Ill post pics from the bridal shower when i get em! There were so many cameras, i didnt feel like pullin out mine too! haha :)

Sunday i went to church, cam eback, napped, and we had some friends over, which ended up being more people than we had expected!

So many dudes! wth? lol

And there were more int he other living room and some upstairs!
Some random shots from the night:
Gorgeous Sister in Law, Anna!

Sister Vita & Daniil, her bf!

Pretty Sister Nelly

Vita again :)

Friend Ilona :)

I had a great & busy weekend!
Monday killed me.
Tuesday was great!
And tomorrows gonna suck, the boss comes back from vaca :'(

Have a great Wednesday babes!

xoxo Inna :)


love jenny xoxo said...

I'm a new follower! Cute blog, sounds like a busy but fun week!


Michelle said...

Sounds like fun! The food looks so good! I love your friends engagement pictures! They came out great!


Tracy D said...

Looks like you had a great time, curious about that outfit thou ;)

Anonymous said...

im on a mini-blog break right now ;-) so i can sympathize! good to have u back though ;-)

Annie said...

all that food from the first few photos looks beyond DELICIOUS!!! i'm so glad i'm heading to my parents soon for dinner ;)
your friends engagement pic is stunning!!! she is gorgeous!
and of course all the other pics are super cute too!! glad you had such a great weekend hun bun!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Wow those are amazing engagement photos! Stunning.

Sophia Caris said...

Ur awesome, hot, and I love you.

Fash Boulevard said...

sounds like an amazing weekend. I love BJ's. lol. that sounded so wrong. They have the best baked potatoes. Which I shouldn't be eating, but if I was going to, it would be from there. :) thanks for all the amazing pictures. Don't forget to swing by to see my latest LAX fashion post. xoxo