Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sorrrryyyy..(insert puppy eyes) + sad news...

I suck, i know. 
Ive been slacking BADLY on this whole blogging thing! Ive been either busy or lazy. One of the two has kept me from posting the past few days.

 But i did take pictures of the lil shopping i did last wknd! So a post on that will be coming up this week, promise!
I didnt do anything even worthy of its own post this weekend. 
Just a whole LOT of spring cleaning and organizing, that includes my closet, which is always tough, cuz i know i should part with more than a few things in there but never do! Ugh..anyone else like that? You say ohh, but what iffffff the week after i give it away i actually FINALLY end up needing just that..Which never happens of course, but im a nut, so wtvr...

And Sunday i actually got out for Church and pizza with a ton of friends, but then went back home to clean and organize some more. Bleh.

On Friday my close friend who also happens to be married to my cousin lost her baby 2 days before due date. Its been very hard on all of us, especially her father. Id say hes taking it the hardest. Its sooo very sad. She was due Sunday with her second daughter, but had gone to the hospital on Friday cuz her water broke, when she got there and they went to find the babies heartbeat they couldnt. She kept asking what was taking them so long, and they had tried to keep her calm by saying ohhh nothing, she just must be in a weird position where we just can quite hear her heartbeat, give us a few more minutes, but after another 20 minutes and seeing the panic on the staffs face, she knew something was wrong. They then told her theyr going to take an ultrasound, which just confirmed that something was very very wrong, she kept asking what was going on and they wouldnt tell her anything, after the ultrasound and everything, they had broke the news to her that she had lost her baby, 2 days before...and had she carried the baby another day or two, she wouldnt have made it herself, and that now she had to deliver this baby..She kept her eyes closed the entire delivery, just tears streaming down her face, over how she wasnt going to meet the angel she carried for 9 months, whose heartbeat she heard many times, who she felt moving inside her, who she sang to, whos nursery her husband slaved over for months trying to make it perfect for his lil girl, who had a little sister waiting for her at home, who she was excited and ready to love and hold any day now. My heart breaks for her...
The doctors said they rarely ever ever see this. A baby who dies for an unknown reason. They have no idea what went wrong. They offered to do an autopsy to try and see if it'll give them any idea, but my friend wanted her little baby to rest in peace, and refused to an autopsy. They are going to have a very small burial on Thursday. 
Its crazy, cuz I actually saw her the night before (Thursday night) and she was soooo very excited to meet her little girl! I asked if i could feel her tummy to maybe feel the baby move, and she said "I dont think your gonna feel anything, its weird, but shes been a very calm lil peanut the past 2 days! she must be resting knowing her big day is coming hahahah!". It makes me tear up knowing that neither one of us knew that night that she wasnt resting, but she had actually already gone to heaven...
I cannot believe it. The shock from hearing this made me depressed for a few days. We were all excited to meet her. They had also moved to a new bigger home for their second baby. She had quit her job to stay at home with her, and her other daughter. No body ever expected anything like this...
RIP sweet girl <3

Im sorry for the sad post, ya'll prob didnt wanna read all this, but i just wanted to share whats been going on lately...That was pretty much my weekend..

Lets pick this up to a lighter note cuz i dont wanna depress you all, Im so excited to be visiting The Mister next month! Its going to be our 1 year anniversary on May 3rd, and we're officially celebrating it on the weekend of the 20th!
Originally we were going to do a little weekend getaway to Carmel or Napa or something, but the poor mister ran into some financial bumps i.e. a $1,300 ticket! eeeeeks! So i said id just come visit him! This is going to be my first time visiting hiiiim, he always come here, and it'll be my frist time in Vegas too! Sooo very excited! :) I havent seen him 3 months!! And skype doesnt count! yikes!

1 year is big for me, and he knows it too! haha! We even celebrated our 6 months big! Cuz thats BIG to me! Let me tell you why..Anyone who knows me, knows i cant stay in a relationship. My longest before The Mister has been 3 months..ya, pathetic i know. Its cuz i get annoyed, am very independent, start to feel suffocated, annoyed, repuuuuulsed and simply bored with guys. Rather quickly. I like the chase, thats the hting with me, once i have them, i. do. not. want. em! Bleh! hahaha. And im a HUGE flirt! I cant help it, i really cant! Cuz i dont even realize i flirt! I dont think iiii flirt! But apparently i do. So this has been my dilemma with boys. Before the Mister that is. Lucky boy! :p haha.

Hmmm, what elsee..I actually finally started P90X yesterday! We're all very proud of me, It only took me 2 months. And im SOOO soar! Half an hour into the video i was ready to give up, heeving and puffing and so i did lol. I was starting to feel nauseous. Thats how pathetic i am..I dont know how i ever did P90X before, after 3 weeks i was barely breaking a sweat! Hmmm, i wanan be there again! Wish me luck laydayyys!

I should get to bed. Its 2:27am. Booo!
Have a great Tuesday!
XOXO Inna :)


Sophia Caris said...

Oooo yaya! Good luck with p90x...i quit a while ago lolol. I'll start up again one of these days, ha! And CONGRATS with the Mister miss! Better than MY boy situation...check out my blog for my latest post serrrriously....no more boys for me for AWHILE. Haha, but its allllllll goood, I can't complain, life is fabulous!!!! But I do think all this rain we r getting shud let up, like now. Okay thnx. But yeah, you are like me when it comes to boys....I guess I am like a boy, getting so bored after awhile, plus I can't even find one who is honest and straight up with me...uhhhhggggg loooong story. Read my blog! lol Happy Tuuuesday, hope you aren't dragging cuz u were up so late! Haha, but so I was I so no worries! lol xo

Anonymous said...

Ohhh man :-( I am really sorry to hear about the baby girl :-( That is very disheartening and sad for everyone. I really don't know what to say...

But I am happy you're celebrating your one year! CONGRATS!!! It is a big deal! And soooo happy you get to go to Vegas (you better blog about this!).

Hope you have a great Tuesday :-)

Tracy D said...

So sorry for your friend's loss, I hope they are somewhat comforted by the support of friends and family.
Excited for you about the anniversary, take lots of pics!

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry for you friends loss!! That is heartbreaking! My prayers are with them through this difficult time!

I'm happy for you! That's awesome! Can't wait to hear more about your anniversary celebration!