Monday, April 4, 2011



Insert MAJOR sighhhhhhh here.

I dont wanna go to work. Not that my weekend was anything extraordinary. It was quite quiet actually!
Saturday i slept in. Went shopping for a few random things to tide me over until my next shopping trip for summer clothes in 2 months or so. Then i decided to take advantage of the FABULOUS 70 degree weather and went to the river/park with some family & friends, AND my loverbug!

Honestly, i live for this sweet boys kisses! THEY. JUST. KILL. ME! So stinkin sweet! Especially the ones he gives you himself! <3

His lil teeth are growing in! How adoooorable are they? is he?!

He is suchhhhhhh a loved little boy!

He is becoming such a big boy! Its crazy how fast hes growing! It makes me sad.. :/


We took a beautiful path to the park! Such an amazing walk! You could here the birds chirping, sooo very many butterflies, and it smelt divine! It makes you forget you live in suburbia!

This is someones actual backyard! Id die for a backyard like that! Can you imagine all the fun bbq's, picnics, the boys catch games, summer parties! This picture doesnt even do it justice, it was HUGE!

Ya...Im so ready for summer!
Saturday night we had friends come over for mexican, movies, and just hanging out.

Sunday consisted of church & lunch with a friend at Dos Coyotes, where i had a Salmon Burrito that im never gonna get again...She raved about it, so i gave it a shot..I will give them this tho, their burritos are HUGE! And the tortillas are soft! But the weird white sauce they mixed it with had me wondering with every single chew, what kind of ingredients it took to make such a funky sauce...Bad funky sauce.

And seeing lil man for a bit again. Seriously, i cant get enough of him! I could spend all my weekends with him, and id be a happy girl!
I'll show you all my small purchases from the weekend later in the week, but for now, go check out these awesome ladies with great giveaways!

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Anyways ladies, have a great Monday!
Ill be catching up on all your weekend recaps at work. Shhhh, dont tell the boss :p

xoxo Inna 


Ellie said...

It sounds like an amazing weekend! So relaxing and great to spend time with friends and family. The burrito looked fantastic at first glance, but after reading the description I opted to stick with my usual chicken burrito.
Love your blog doll, definitely a new follower!
Have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very nice comments !!!! And blogging about it!!

It looks like u had a great weekend! I think almost everyone was spoiled in the US with nice weather this weekend (one of my customers in eastern Canada just told me they witnessed snow last night...I had to laugh really hard at that).

Hope u have a great week girl!!!

<3 Megan
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Tracy D said...

Your weekend in pictures looks great! I wish my nephew lived closer and was that age again, I might add :)

Sophia Caris said...

Surprise are blogging at work. I'm telling!!!!! ahaha. jk. It was 80 HERE yesterday! And now its like, tornado-ing, lol. Weirrrrd. Hate rain. And that backyard was super nice...what were you doing there? Was it part of the park or are you just a creeper? lol :) :) Happy TUESDAY missy!