Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 - A picture of your night.

Woopsies! I almost forgot!


I totally forgot about todays challenge. Tonight i went to dinner at Red Robin w my gorgeous friend Yelena! I had my usual! The Crispy Chicken Burger that comes with their amaaaazing bottomless fries! I LOVE Red Robin! Im deff a burger & fries kinda girl!
After dinner we went to see a movie! We saw Just Go With It! Suuuuuch a good movie! I loved it!
I got a bag of chips and this is what i got!

This is a brand new bag, chips untouched! wtf? Thats like 1/5 of the bag! Cheapos!

I came home and snuggled up in blankets up to my ears and watched Law & Order.
At some point i crawled out of my cave to devour this yummy goodness!

A Smore Brownie! ITS DELICIOUS! I always inhale it!

All in all i had a great night! And im sooo glad to be home! I LOVE home! Im deff more of a homebody now ive noticed. I was telling The Mister tonight how funny the change is from just half a year or so ago. He used to tell me i needed to relaxxxxx. I used to go out every chance i got. A social butterfly. I was never home. Never. Now, i cant wait tooo get home! Going out isnt the same. I always just end up thinking about how i wanna be at home in my comfies half way through the night. haha. Am i getting old? Im only 22. I think the old people at work are really rubbing off on me.
The first thing i do when i get through the door is go straight to my room, strip all my clothes off and snuggle into my comfies and then head straight to my bathroom to take my makeup off. Then ill have dinner or what not. Seriously, it goes like that step by step every night. I cannot relax until im freshly scrubbed and in my sweats. Are you guys the same?

Sweet dreams pretties :)


Sophia Caris said...

I had a great night too.. I went to the ballet downtown and afterward had a warm fudge brown sundae so yummy! While I enjoy going out, I would just LOVE a day doing nothing. I am like you, I LOVE my sweat pants. I wish I never had to take them off!!

Anonymous said...

I love Red Robin. Mmm!

Annie said...

what a jip on the chips! i would be one unhappy lady!
i love red robin! i must go there soon! ;)
and where is that smores brownie from?! i want one!!
can you tell food is my favorite?? ;)