Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day!

I am sooo very jealous of every girl out there who can spend this day with their sweet man.
Who can hug them, and kiss them, and cuddle with them, and giggle with them.
Who can get ready, do their makeup, and their hair, look for a cute outfit, and go on a date with their handsome men that will tell them they look beautiful.
Take advantage ladies.
You have a man there, love him!
Never take any time with him for granted.
Cuz there are those out there like me. Who wish so badly they could be with their mister, but because of some 100 miles, cant. 
So when we get our flowers, chocolates, we cant kiss them and squeeze them thank you, and share our chocolates with them, we do it alone, and send a text/call thanking and loving them.
I hate this. Not fair little ladies! Not fair!
I say all this because my "best" friend peeves me.
She has a boyfriend.
She texts me today complaining about him. Out of all days she chooses to be a brat, she chooses today.
 Love day!
I ask her whats wrong, she says she wants flowers. I ask her if hes gotten her anything. Se says well ya, he got her chocolates and a gift card to the spa. I ask her what the problem is? SHE WANTS FLOWERS! Insert her pouty face here, then Insert my fist here. 
hahahahha! Is girl crazy?? I think so! Shes complaining cuz she got chocolate and a gift card to get a massage and her nails done?! Thats every girls dream! Perfect girls gift! Dontcha think? I do! But no, she wants flowers. I understand. Flowers are always a staple. Everygirl loves them. Every girl wants them. But oops! He didnt get you flowers, but he did get you a sweet pricey gift cuz he cares. And your complaining? APPRECIATE HIM! Go and give him a squeeze or two, smooches, and lotsa love! Use this day to tell him how much you adore him, love him, appreciate him! You brat! haha! Id die to see my mister right now. To spend time with him! Screw flowers and chocolates, and gifts! Give me HIM! Id rather spend time with him, then get any gifts! And she can! And instead of hugging on him, shes throwing a fit. Poor guy.
I dont get girls. Ridiculous.
Anyways, sorry for the rant, it just peeves me when people take for granted their time with loved ones.
I wish my mister was here!!
He got me a box of yummmmmminess thats sure to show in the middle once im done with them!

A cute teddy bear that i have nick named Bubba Bear, cuz the mister is my bubba, and i now do all my cuddling with Bubba Bear! Im cheesy, i know.
And BEAUTIFUL red tulips. My favorite flowers ever! They are just gorgeous! They opened up today, and look stunning! :D Love Love Love them!

Arent they gooooorgeous?

He was soooooo ecstatic when he opened my present to him! Like a little boy!!! He loved EVERYTHING, and i thank yoooou my little ladies, for all your fantastic ideas that i definitely used for his goody basket!

I love my boy! LOOOOOOOOVE him. LoOoOoOoOove him! haha! Obnoxious much?
He is my world. He really is.
He takes care of me, is there for me, makes me smile daily, i do not deserve him, but id never be able to live without him! 
He is the sweetest, most caring, thoughtful, honest, respectful, goofy, loving, funny, sexxxxy, hard working, good good man i have EVER met. Honest to God. 
He treats me like a queen. And not a morning goes by that i dont wake up to a beautiful sweet goodmorning text full of love. I go to bed every single night with the cutest wish of sweet dreams a man can ever write. He is there for me when im sad, mad, furioussss, embarrassed, distraught, and happy. Hes seen me at my ugliest, stupidist lol, silliest, sexiest, happiest, and angriest. And hes alwayssss been a gentleman. 
I can honestly say he truly cares more about me than himself. Hed do anything for me. And id do anything for him. Id give all my time, my money, my life for him. He makes me selfless. And hes my better half.
I have more respect for my man, than anyone else i have ever met. Hes incredible. A real man.
And most importantly, hes my best friend.
I always thought that term was over rated. And it is. But he is truly my best friend.
I never understood the real meaning of best friend until i met him. Now all my other "best friends" seem silly in comparison to him. He IS my best friend <3 
I love him.

I hope all of you ladies have a sweet man to love this Valentines Day.
And if not, i hope you single ladies ENJOY this holiday with your girlfriends! Its fun being single on Valentines just as much as it is with a man. Its what you make of it. Go out and have fun! Get into trouble :p

Be my Valentine ladies? 
Who says you cant have more than one.
Im making you all my Valentines this year. Whether you agree to it or not. haha!
Happy Valentines Day!

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Sophia Caris said...

Hey girl. I know how you feel, I really do. My bf did a year long deployment in Iraq. I really missed those moments that most people who are together take for granted...getting dressed up, having him hold the door for you, having him tell you that you look nice...all those normal, daily lovely things! I hope you two will be together permanently very soon. I hate to see ya in despair. Happy V-Day pretty lady!