Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long Overdue! I missed yoooou!

Ya Ya, so im 2 weeks late, shoot me :p
Here are some pics from Vegas.
We didnt take a whole lot, just cuz i was too busy either shmoozing on ma man or staring at all the lights and buildings in awe! Or limping in my stripper size heels like a fool...Ya, you read right, limping. So one of the nights the bf decides hes gonna take me to a nice steak dinner on the strip, and i decide to give up my trusty wedges for a pair of 5 inch heels..that i hadnt noticed but somehow the left heel was walked on or sanded down by the pavement wrong the last time i wore em, but it was completely crooked! I literally could not walk straight on em with out my foot giving in to the side on felt like spraining my ankle over and over, so pretty much i had to put most my pressure on the one sturdy heel on the right, and fake the left step lol. Does that make sense? It felt liek i was wearing one heel, cuz i couldnt support myself on the left heel. I tell ya ladies, that gave me such a work out, i was sweatin beads and cryin in pain by the time we barely (& with 3000 breaks) made it to the Steakhouse. But i did it like a champ! On the way back i decided to give into it and just limp the way back like a trooper (picture this please) but not before we got one shot in!

Boyfriend was a sweetheart and encouraged me to take breaks and even fetched the car to save me the extra painful steps!

Alot of our trip was spent off the strip actually. We did alot of eating out, cuz we both enjoy this very very much lol, a little shopping which i thanked my boyfriend for sticking through with me, he was uncomfortable in Forever21, i cannot tell you how many times he got hit on by the gay men working there. We went to Red Rock Canyon, watched some of the outdoor shows on the strip, and walked the beautiful hotels, drank wine at a jazz bar, played in the casino, tons and tonssssss of cuddles, and he even made me breakfast in bed! I remember waking up to him getting up early after a late night but i was too tired to ask him why and went back to bed. I woke back up to the best french toast ive ever tried!!! bacon, eggs, and strawberries :) and hes got some mad presentation skills! :) I could get used to that!!!

Here are some of the few pics we took :)

 I love how at every direction you could see the mountains! beautiful!!

 Red Rock Canyon! Beautiful!!!

We were staaaarving after, and decided on a local pizza joint called Metro Pizza! By the time we actually got our pizza we wernt so hungry anymore. We ordered a Large, each had a slice, paid the $35 tab, and decided to take the rest home. That is until boyfriend had the brilliant idea to prop it on top of some random stuff in the backseat! We hadnt even pulled out of the parking lot before it fell over face flat onto the floor, $30 worth of pizza smashed into the rug. Yes, my boys brilliant :D haha.

 BF washing dishes haha!

 BF showing me his nifty childhood spear head collection! hahaha! Hes really big on the indians :p
 BIG collection!
& his vintage mitt

 Ice cream and pretzel at Serendipity!

<3 HIM!

It was SOOOOO good to see the bf! You ladies have no idea! I missed him to pieces, and not seeing him for 4 months is NOT okay! I totally cried going home. The airport security was look at me like i was crazy. So much that i was asked to step to the side for a second search...



Anonymous said...

ive been waiting for these! WOOOHOO! you look beautiful (can we please trade hair?!) and he is adorable...but most importantly, yall are beautiful together! :-)

Fash Boulevard said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. Great pictures. I am just a short drive from Vegas and never get around to visiting. Loving your blog. And your header is seriously amazing. :)

I would love if you could stop by my celebrity style and fashion blog sometime. xoxo

Also follow me on blog lovin.

Amy said...

Awww looks like you had fun. I LOVE Serendipity!! By the way I just found your blog and I love it. I'm in California too! Southern California though. :)