Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday!


Im just gonna jump right in and start with todays loooooves..

I am LOVING my boyfriend, as always. Its getting extremely extremely hard for me, to be away from him. I miss him so incredibly much, that any tiny lil thing hurts me when it shoudnt. at all. My emotions are running wayyyyyyy high these days ladies.
It. Kills.

I am LOVING my awesometastic (ya, i just made that up, so what?) followers, and the amazing girls III follow! You guys are amaaaZING! Im really loving one follower especially, Megan, at Suitcase and Stilletos, and all the emailing back and forth the past few days. Shes HILARIOUS! Oh, and we both rock crooked lips. if your confused, head over to her blog, and you shall be confused no more...

I am LOVING this song. Adele is amazing. Thats all i have to say about that!

I am LOVING that my friend Veronika is back from Seattle for the summer! We get into a lot of trouble together! lol. I will be watching the sunset with Jack in the Box on the bridge tonight with her! Sounds prettttty good to me! :)

I am LOVING that im gonna be getting a gym membership this week through work. I might actually excercise.

I am LOVING that its Wednesday, which means 2 more work days and then the wknd!

I am LOVING my boyfriend. I know i already said this, but i wanna say it again. He tickles my pickle! .....or maybe its the other way around...hahahah JUST KIDDING! Calm down ;) Ill keep it family friendly for your sake :p

I am LOVING that this video the old people were watching is now over. The music was torturous.

I am now going to pop the video out of the player.

xoxo Inna :)

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Anonymous said...

aggghhhh im just now blogstalking and my day is freaking complete after i saw you gave me a shout!!! that made my day!!! thanks!!! and heck yea for crooked lips! i loveee it :-) have a great day girl!!! <3