Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another deal for ya ladies!

If you like to eat out like me, this is a fantastic deal for you!
Right now if you go to you can get $25 gift certificates for $2!!!
Go to, type in your zip code, choose a restaurant that interests you, and choose the $25 gift certificate and purchase, when it takes you to check out, type in "krazy" in the promo code box, and voila! discounted to $2!! 
Most restaurants have certain rules and guidelines you have to follow, such as dinner only or a minimum purchase of (usually $35), but if you plan on not dining alone, this certificate is HANDDDAYYY, cuz i know when i go out w the girls, our bill always totals more than $35 fo sho!

I stocked up on 8 of them and only paid $16! boooya!

I also got some for Vegas, since when i visit me and Honey looooove going out ;)
Some of my picks were:

Rare 120 @ The Hard Rock Hotel

Mood @ The Artisan Boutique Hotel

Sedona Restaurant & Lounge 

and Capos Italian Steakhouse

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Chelsea said...

Oh, wow... I want to go to each of those restaurants!! Rare 120 looks gorgeous!