Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Im SO stoked! That tomorrow night IIIII will be flying to Las Vegas!
For 5 DAYS with the mister!
I get in late Wednesday night, & unfortunately he HAS to work Thursday from 9-3 :/ oh well, i sleep half of that anyway haha.
Then hes free till Monday ngiht when he sends me home! :)
Omgsh Omgsh Omgsh im so excited!
Ive never been to Las Vegas, so im excited to explore the city, the food, the people!
If you guys have any recommendations for Resteraunts, Buffets, Shopping, Sight Seeing you think i should have him take me see,

Im excited to just walk the city and look at all the beautiful lights!

One thing i am NOT excited for is the whole FLYING PROCESS! Im scared of flying, ive never flown alone, and airports make me nervous! So much that i dreamt THEE ENTIRE NIGHT about just being lost in the airport. I dont wanna fly alone :( Ive flown quite a few times, once even internationally for 16 hrs! but never alone :( So i feel like i dont even know the whole process. What the heck am i supposed to do once i get dropped at the airport? I never take care of that! Everyone else does for me! I just follow. lol. Knowing me, ill prob wander in circles, getting lost over and over, and have a nervous break down, cry, and live there for a year like that one movie...

xoxo Inna


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You will love it! The plane ride is so fast... no worries girl! Those things are safer than cars!

Lindsey said...

Excuse me, did my ears deceive me?? You've never been to VEGAS??? WTF!!!! It's my favorite place ever, you are going to have soooo much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Sigh...where do I start????

First of all, just put your iPod on during the plane ride and sleep! It will be over before you know it!!!

Secondly, even though I have been to Vegas 20+ times in the past 3 years (unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration), I do weird things when I am in cities, so I am a bad recommender for someone who has never been. But, what I can tell you is:

My favorite nightclubs out there are XS, Haze (in City Center...it is hit or miss though). I'm more of a lounge person and really like to go to the more low-key places and not so much nightclubs. If you need someone to get you in VIP in places, contact these two guys:

"TomKat": 702-328-8051. He can get you in VIP to Palms and some other places.

"James D": 210-388-1020. He has hook ups everywhere, but I mainly use him for Wynn/Encore, Palazzo, Venetian. He can get you in to Encore Beach Club too VIP.

Just send either a text at anytime and ask to get put on to guestlist or ask of what is happening on certain nights. They are nice. I won't even go into shopping because I break the bank everytime I'm out there!!! <3

Hope you have a blast and I better see TONS of pics! <3

Michelle said...

VEGAS is my favorite place ever! I love it all!! W

What happened to the title of your blog? It comes up on my readers as .???

Have a great time! XOXO

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Love vegas!! Hope you had a smooth flight and a fabulous time! xo

Fash Boulevard said...

i've yet to experience vegas the way it should be enjoyed. mostly because i go whenever i am broke. lol. love this so much. amazing post. would love if you could stop by and check out my latest post. xoxo

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