Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Im the worst blogger ever.

No seriously, arent i?
Im sooooooorrrrry girls!
I just get so caught up with things i need to get done and am trying to achieve, i forget to blog regularly.
I've been hunting for a NEW JOB like a mad woman the past few months with no real luck. Things pop up here and there but nothing thats worth leaving the job i have now. I get paid pretty well for what my job actually is and its a VERY stable job, so im looking for something that i know is going to be secure.
But im excited about a new website i just found that is great for random odd jobs here and there just to make some side money while i continue my job search.
Ive also been busy saving every penny i get for a new car and am in the market to purchase on THIS MONTH!!! yay!
Cross your fingers i dont blow all the money by the 31st. I seem to be very good at that...
Here is a small collection of phone pics of my random happenings!

Late movies, Pinterest, & Dino Nuggets with best friend. Who else s Friday nights look like this lately? haha

Best friend also has THEE cutest Christmas Tree! haha. Hobby Lobby people.

MY Christmas Tree! Miss it already :( Honestly, it came and went SO FAST that it feels like it never did... boohoo :(

What i found under my tree this year ;) IN LOVE!!!! Thank you sissy <3

 What i gave to family & friends!! They were a HUGE hit!! Fun little gift to share during the holidays and cheappp to make!

Best CHRISTMAS PRESENT SURPRISE EVER!! My brother and SIL are expecting a little boy! Baby Levi is going to be VERY spoiled & his momma is already setting limits for me and my credit card. haha. Im excited to finally be a real auntie!

& i hope he looks like this little munchkin!
cuz hes THEE cutest! Look at those chunky little teeth! hahaha! & thats chocolate he was eating...<3 him with all my heart!

I took him to go see Christmas lights & that earned me brownie points with him! He was just awe struck with it all!

(birds on stilts)
I went to the zoo with family and friends on my birthday! Yes, it was my choice, and no i didnt turn 9, but 23! haha. I love the zoo! 

OOTN from a birthday dinner & drinks night with my cousin <# shes theee best!

I made my own coasters & they turned out amazing!! Seriously, a ridiculously cheap project!

& because ive been eating complete crap to my body but not my taste buds liek this, i am TRYING SO HARD to get back into the gym! Id like to go on a summer vacation this year and not hide behind a towel. Ive put on more weight than im even close to being ok with!! :(

 Ive been sportin' red lips weekly this past month! I think it adds such a nice pop of color during such a colorless season! Its fun & classy and works well with pale skin ;)

Anyways ladies, im not even gonna bother promising a bunch of posts coming up cuz i know your just gonna roll your eyes, go ahead, do it, i know i would! I suck. zee end.

ta ta! 
<3 Inna


Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

i'd love to know the color of that lipstick!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the red lips! I need to find a great shade for myself.