Sunday, January 29, 2012

Am i going corporate?

Hi pretty girls!
I hope your having a great weekend! Mine was supposed to be productive, but is turning out not to be..

So let me jump right in to my post today!
Thsi last Monday i was contacted by a company about a resume i had submitted to them back in October when i was a mad women hunting for another job! I think i sent out my resume to about 30 companies a day! With no luck. I wanted a new job so bad i even applied to jobs i was under qualified for. Cuz you never know, and it doesnt hurt to try, right?
So when i get this call from this area code i dont recognize i let it go straight to voice mail, and Google the area code. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
I listen to the voice mail and return there call.
The HR girl says she wants to do a phone interview with me and we jump right in.
& at this point, i still dont even know what im interviewing for haha. I dont remember applying to it, the salary hours or position it was for. 
She gives me a few details and after the phone interview (which went surprisingly great!), i Google the company and look into details of the position on their website and quickly realize that this was one of those positions i was way under qualified for. So im thinking, they saw my resume, why the heck are they interested in me? I cant believe they even contacted me! BUT ILL TAKE IT! hahha no complaining hereee :D
The HR girl tells me that she will pass along our phone interview and resume to the regional hiring manager in my area and i will be hearing back from them in a week IF they are interested in me. NEXT morning i get a call from the hiring manager and they are interested in an in person interview with me, so we scheduled it for this upcoming Thursday, the 2nd.
So today was supposed to be my day to quickly teach myself how to use Outlook, PowerPoint, and brush myself up on Excel. I already use Excel at my current job but i wanted to teach myself a few more things. 
But that isnt working out too well haha.

Anyways, PLEASE SAY A PRAYER for me on Thursday so i land the job!
It will be a HUGE step up for me! Actually a few steps up for me! Its gonna take me to a whole new level!
Its a salaried job, which ive never had! Ive only had hourly jobs, which i like cuz your getting paid for what you work, but for the salary theyr offering, im willing to work hard and overtime if need be!!! Ive never came close to making that amount, and itd seriously change the way id be able to live! Im soo excited!
It will be a challenge, and take hard work, but im ready for it! and im ready to go out and work hard and move up the ladder!
This job would allow me to buy a new car, move out, shop if i want to, etc! & if you knew what kind of tight budget ive been living on the past few months trying to save for a new car, youd know how much this means to me! To be able to actually buy something i want, not need haha.
The job would also include traveling about once a month, which im actually really excited about! Im excited about having that real job, corporate job. & i know i might regret saying this after about a 2 months of  travel, but for now, im for it!
So this week im planning on working hard on teaching myself these programs, and finding a perfect interview outfit! Im thinking i will use some interview outfit staples, but keep it still youthful, maybe some black long pants with a flowy button up top belted with a blazer or something along those lines.. Im gonna leave with you a few inspirations, and please keep me in your mind on Thursday! Thanks girls :)


Michelle P said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!

Dale JaneƩ said...

Inna CONGRATS! I was reading through each paragraph so excited for you...good thing you googled it and decided to check the VM right away and everything. It shows your hard work sending out your resume so much paid off, I will definitely wish you the best of luck with your interview later this week! And eventhough it's on the fun, wearing a corporate business outfit couldn't hurt heheh

Have a great night too,

Stylish By Nature said...

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Dale JaneƩ said...

I will definitely say a little work prayer for you Inna, that is so exciting and I think it would be so great for you to get it so you can buy some of your fave clothes. Oh yea, good luck learning Outlook and PowerPoint, I think you'll have an easier time with those because I think Excel is the hardest so it's great you already know that!!!

Thank you so much for letting me know about my post too...fixed the video. I appreciate you telling me :)

Style-Delights said...

Although it seems you have not updated your blog for some time, I love it! I just found out your blog and I am now following you and would appreciate if you could follow me back! Hope you are having a wonderful day! (and hope your job interview went well!)
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