Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

Hi ladies!
Im probably one of the last ladies doing a post on my wishlist, but better late then never, right? :) 

This year the family decided we'd try doing something different. Everyone we know seems to be doing a Secret Santa gift exchange so we thought we'd give it a go and see how we like it! & we set a limit of around $50. So far, im not liking it so much..I think not buying as many gifts, and shopping and wrapping gifts for all my family, has taken away from the whole Christmas experience..It just hasnt felt like Xmas AT ALL so far this year :/ so depressing.

Anyways! I drew my moms name out of the hat, along with her wishlist.
My mom sucks. All she had on her wishlist was "Macy's or Loft gift card". LAME!! Moooooooom.
Forget that!
I decided to do something more fun!
I scheduled my mom and i a 1 hr massage, followed by a nice long lunch at a nice restaurant called Roxy.
We neverrrr have time to have a fun girls day, so this is gonna be reallllly nice, and much needed for the both! Im excited to spend time with my momma! Deff not in the $50 range, but im not good at staying within a budget :p
I also got her a box full of makeup, from mascara to lipsticks to liners to blushes to etc! <---thats my kinda gift! I know she'll love it! We're such girls :)

Moving onnnn..
Here's what i put on my wishlist!

Lordy knows i need it!! I havent had a facial in agesssss, and its showin!!

I swatched this on my hand in Nordstrom's and about died! What is this miracle cream?! Its a foundation?! But i cant even see it! 
I swatched it on my hand, blended it out, and it went on so smoothly, and blended so well, you couldnt even tell i had anything on my hand! It was that smooth and amazing! BUT it had great coverage! So odd, but so lovely! I NEED IT!

I was in Ulta, wasting money of course, and tried some of this on my hand. It was amazing! So soft, went on like a light primer but once you blend it feels more like a sheer powder. It filled in all the tiny little wrinkles in my skin, and made it look flawless! I knew i needed this! The reviews are fantastic as well! Wear it over your makeup, under, whatever! Helps minimize pores and makes your skin look flawless!

A massage.
I have been wanting and NEEDING one for months. So i guess i took care of this myself! ha!

I also put a Sephora Giftcard on my list.
Thats about it.
The older i get, the less i want for xmas, is that weird? It will take me days to figure out what to put on the list. And thats all i was able to figure out. haha. I prefer being surprised!

But ill be happy with any one of those & im excited to see what i get!

Have you ladies tried any of the above products?
Happy Thursday!
xoxo Inna


Jamie said...

Sounds like a perfect Mommy daughter day!

Anonymous said...

I got a gift card for a massage and facial. I'm lucky if I get either once a year. So excited!