Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Part 2 of Celeb Plastic Surgeries...

Here's a part 2 to this post.
Can you tell this fascinates me? Haha.

Tyra, i liked your old nose better...

She had her jaw line redone, and some chin work.

I dont think she can move her face anymore...

She looked a lot better to me before!! I actually loved her old nose.

Omg!! Its like looking at a timeline backwards!!

WOAH!! Plastic surgery gone wrong!!! :/

Lay off the lip injections honey, you look like a blowfish!

Omg!!! He looks like an elf now! Or a cartoon!

I like her old nose!


She just looks older and sick now!

Well hellooooo there Zac :p

She was so gorgeous before!!! yikes!

Hope you enjoyed these!
Im gonna leave you to your Tuesday with a plea.
PLEASE ladies, if you have a blogger or google account, UPDATE your email info!
Nothing worse then replying to a comment email with a whole paragraph, hitting send, just to realize it was sent to "nonereply-comment@blogger.com" never to be seen again! Id really LOVE to reply back to you, even for the tiniest two word comment, but if your posting without an email attached to your profile, i have no way to. Ever wonder why bloggers dont reply back to your comments? Thats probably why.
GO! Do. It. Now!
Thanks :) <3
xoxo Inna


Elle Sees said...

i like it best when i get comments rather than emails, but i know whatcha mean! or when i go to check out a new follower and they don't have their blog listed.
i think rose had to have surgery after a really bad car accident she was in, but it still looks bad.

Miss K said...

i'm still blind to some of these. LOL. i just don't have your eye! or i can tell they definitely look different, but i'm not sure how. but that's how i feel about my friends too who have had work done when i look back on old pics.

Anonymous said...

I saw pics of Lara Flynn Boyle recently. I just don't get it. Awful!