Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What im Loving and Pinteresttt!

Hi ladies,

I haven't done a link up in quite a while so i thought i'd do two today!
Lets start with what im LOVING today!!

I am LOVING my boyfriend. He is truly my rock. My best friend. Every single day i love him more and more, and appreciate him more and more. He is the sweetest, most caring, patient, and loyal man i've ever met. & i feel soooo blessed that God gave me a truly GOOD man.

I am LOVING that its fall! Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. & im so excited that its starting to get breezier and cooler here in my little part of the golden state! And i hope it stays! The weather man isnt giving me much hope...

& I am LOVING all that comes with fall! The weather, THE HOLIDAYS, the delicious food, baked goods, cute cute cute clothing! I love layering, so fall is deff my time of year! Is it crazy that ive already decided to start shopping for Christmas?! woopie!

I am LOVING that i finally got my insurance check from my old new first car that i never even got a chance to drive before it was totaled at the car shop. Now i can go get a new one! Sanity, please hang in there!
I am NOT loving that i just heard this morning that the guy who totaled my car passed away last night in his sleep :( He was in his early thirties...and they dont have a cause yet. He just went to sleep and never woke up :( I didnt know the guy at all, but it seriously breaks my heart :'( RIP stranger.

I am LOVING that God has given me 23 years on this earth, that im healthy, & that im alive <3


interesting combo, love it!

YES please!

Different, but deff fun if you can pull it off right!

Love this look for a casual fall outfit!

Im definitely doing this on Christmas Eve! 
because no doubt, ill drink gallons of hot chocolate during the holidays!

Yay! Sister agreed to make this soon! omg...i die.

and those are just a fewwwww things im loving on Pinterest lately!
To see more & follow, go hurrrrr. 
I promise, i don't disappoint ;)

xoxo Inna

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Kristina said...

I love my engagement ring but I would trade it in for that stunner any day. Shhh, don't tell my hubs.