Thursday, October 18, 2012

Its Friday, Fridayyy! Letters :)

Dear work, please hire some interesting and fun coworkers for me to work with. i really want a "The Office" atmosphere. Although my boss does at times remind me of Michael, i dont have a Pam, Jim, Dwight, etc. & Id really love one of each! Dear boyfriend, your phone was stolen two days ago, so i have hardly talked to you the past 2 days, and its KILLING me. You finally got a new one today, and im sooooo excited im gonna cry. Just like i was going to earlier today when i missed you. I love that we talk every single day, all day. Like from when we wake up and go to bed. Text ofcourse. Dear new car, please hurrrrry and get finished! I know the guy fixing you said you should be painted all new and shiny and ready to go beginning of next week, but because of how last time went, i dont believe him. And im readyyyyyy! Dear healthy lifestyle, i really should be starting you again soon! As soon as my car is back! Its going to be ridiculously hard with all the baked goods going on at my house now that its fall, but im determined to try  my hardest to resist...not all..but some of you. Dear fall, speaking of you, id really appreciate some appropriate weather! WTF!!!!!!! 88 degrees is not okay. You teased us a week ago with 60 degree weather, and that was cruel. Im over summer, the heat, the clothes, the sun. I want rain! waaaaaah! (insert hissy fit here.) Dear bank account, at the end of this month, you are going to be pretty much empty. After i buy my car, pay registration ,insurance, car etc, Thanksgiving airline/hotel tickets, gym, phone, and other etc bills, so id appreciate if there was some kind of undetected computer glitch and youd be thousandssssss richer!

k, thanks :)

Have a WONDERFUL Friday pretty girls!

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Dale JaneƩ said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back Inna and this post is so funny, lots of great letters. Hope your bf gets his phone issue fixed and that's so funny about your desire for an "Office" atmosphere. I think the weather is starting too cool off for fall now. :)

Thanks for stopping by and sorry about the bank account blues. Those are the worst :)